Pixiu Gaming to develop  first ever Accessible Gaming casino game

News on 31 Aug 2023

Pixiu Gaming to develop  first ever Accessible Gaming casino game

Pixiu Gaming, the developer of high-quality online gambling content, is looking to drive awareness of accessible gaming with the industry’s first accessible slot game, set to launch with a major Canadian lottery operator in mid 2024.

Pixiu prides itself on having a corporate culture centred on Meaningful Change for disadvantaged people, so the opportunity to develop the first ever Accessible Gaming slot is perfectly aligned with the company’s philanthropic ethos. Pixiu prides itself on the support it gives charities, in partnership with multiple Canadian lottery operators, to support and provide donations for local communities in their regions.

The market-leading keno developer will develop an extensible framework that will underpin the first ever accessible casino game.

For Pixiu, accessible gaming is about opening up online casino games and experiences to all players, especially those with disabilities who cannot easily play traditional games due to difficulty with motor abilities, and a range of other physical challenges. By allowing these players the ability to use voice control, a joystick, or even eye motion sensors, Pixiu is playing a critical role in allowing millions of players the chance to play games they love in a safe and player-responsible environment.

Aligning with the lottery operator’s commitment to accessibility and the rights of people with disabilities within the province is a core tenet in Pixiu’s ongoing drive to create Meaningful Change.

Both Pixiu and the lottery operator believe the launch of the accessible game will help to inspire other developers to do more to provide those with disabilities with a fun and entertaining experience.

Edgar Hernández, Product Specialist at Pixiu Gaming, said: “This is a really important project for Pixiu; our company culture is built on the desire to be a catalyst for meaningful change and with our first accessible game we are doing just that.

“The provincial lottery operator that we are developing the game with is a global driving force in the accessibility and improving the rights of people with disabilities, so it’s great to come together on this project. The first title will be a fully-featured slot open to all players, irrelevant of their physical limitations, a genuine step-change in the iGaming industry’s ability to reach a wider audience.

Jenny Lu, Strategic Consultant at Pixiu Gaming , added: “This project has been going for some time and is a material milestone for Pixiu and for the wider industry, furthering our commitment to accessibility and driving real change.

“This is baked into our company culture and we already do things such as donating to charity instead of sending corporate gifts and supporting projects that give back to communities including giving a portion of our profits to the Dan Marino Foundation.

“I can’t wait to see the game launch and for it to lead to further progress in the area of accessibility and inclusion.”

Source: Press Release

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