RAWA stealth amendment still a threat?

The past week has been one of conflicting rumours on the intentions of Pennsylvanian Republican Representative Charlie Dent, with initial rumours suggesting that he was about to try the stealth attachment of Restoration of America's Wire Act language to a large must-pass Congressional spending bill.

Then on July 13 online gambling legalisation supporter Michelle Minton tweeted that Dent had pulled back from his plan:

“RAWA rumor mill update: Dent reportedly is no longer planning 2 offer his anti-igambling amendment due to push-back from industry & members,” she tweeted.

The very next day, the situation appeared to have changed again, with a Friday tweet from Minton advising:

“Rumor-mill: Dent still plans to intro RAWA language as an amendment *next week,* circumventing regular order and bringing directly to floor.”

The uncertainty of Dent's intentions notwithstanding, pro-online gambling and states' rights observers will be on the alert for his next move.

RAWA supporters have previously tried this sort of political sleight of hand by attaching amendments to unrelated must-pass bills before… thus far without success.

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