Russian regulator moves against Google

News on 27 Nov 2018

Roskomnadzor confirms it has lodged a case against search engine giant alleging failure to comply with local requirement to purge illegal Russian gambling domains.

The fractious relationship between Russian telecomms watchdog Roskomnadzor and search engine giant Google reached a new low this week when the regulator filed charges against the search engine, alleging that it has failed to comply with local requirements to purge information on what the Russians regard as illegal online gambling domains and companies.

Roskomnadzor is insisting that Google must connect with the federal state information system and take action against the companies and domains blacklisted there (the numbers soar ever-higher by the month and now number in the tens of thousands).

The watchdog’s filing follows months of talks and threats at the highest levels of Roskomnadzor-Google management in attempts to get Google on-board the Russian initiative against operators accessing the market without a licence.

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