Russian complaints about online gambling continue to mount

News on 11 Nov 2018

Russia’s telecomms regulator Roskomnadzor notes in its latest quarterly report for the three months ended September 2018 that online gambling is the principal source of complaints that it received, vindicating its heavy-handed use of banning strategies that have seen over 100,000 sites blocked this year (see previous reports).

The regulator reported that during the reporting period  63,215 complaints related to online gambling were received, far more that those submitted regarding drug trafficking (19,415) and child pornography (10,105).

The latest figures represent a 5,000 complaint year-on year increase, but are lower than the Q1-2018 stats released earlier this year which recorded 86,329 complaints associated with online gambling.

The latest numbers brings the total of gambling related complaints in 2018 thus far to 206,000…again significantly higher than any other category of complaint.

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