Spanish online market continues to rise

News on 28 Nov 2018

Spain’s Dirección General de Ordenación del Juego (DGOJ) released its third quarterly report of 2018 for the period ending September 30 2018 Wednesday showing a 28.86 percent rise in gross gaming revenues (GGR) year on year (YoY).

Total market GGR for the quarter was Euro 181.77 million, representing an increase of 8.74 percent over the previous quarter (QoQ) and an increase over the same quarter of 2017 of 29.86 percent.

Wagering accounted for 53.72 percent of Total GGR (TGGR) reaching Euro 97.65 million.

The wagering segment delivered a growth rate of 11.46 percent QoQ and 27.41 percent YoY.

Growth was attributed primarily to Iive sports betting which grew 15.56 percent while conventional bets grew by 6.72 percent compared to the last quarter.

The Casino segment contributed 33.48 percent to TGGR with an amount of Euro 60.85 million.

Casino delivered 7.74 percent growth compared to the second quarter of 2018 and an annual variation rate of 39.19 percent.  Slots were primarily responsible for this growth.

The poker segment delivered Euro 19.81 million in GGR, now accounting for 10.9 percent of TGGR. Poker grew 1.87 percent quarter over quarter, and 35.11 percent year over year.  Cash poker was the main contributor to growth.

Poker Tournaments GGR amounted to Euro 0.32 million account for 0.18 percent of TGGR.

Bingo declined 4.16 percent over last quarter but grew 11.26 percent y-o-y.  Bingo GGR was Euro 3.14 million (1.73 percent of TGGR).

Total Deposits increased 6.18 percent QoQ and 53.29 percent YoY.

Marketing declined 6.87 percent QoQ to Euro 75.86 million of which advertising was Euro 36.38 million, promotions Euro 28.56, affiliate expenses Euro 7.42 million and Euro 3.5 million in sponsorships, but grew 56.28 percent YoY.

Active users totalled 812,007 implying a growth of 30.71 percent Y-o-Y, however, new Players have declined 13.46 percent QoQ and 1.93 percent YoY.

52 operators are now licensed in the market of which 29 operate sportsbetting, 6 bingo and 38 casino.

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