Top Netflix TV show to feature in NetEnt game

News on 21 Sep 2018

Online gambling software and games provider NetEnt has issued a teaser advising that a top Netflix TV show will be the theme for another major game release following a licence agreement with Gaumont Studios earlier this year.

The Narcos series – now in its third season – is loosely based on true stories of several Colombian drug cartels including The Medellin Cartel headed by Pablo Escobar and the Cali Cartel headed by the Rodriguez brothers. A fourth season is to be released soon.

The popularity of the show can be gauged by the 27.2 million audience that tuned in to the first week of Series 3.

NetEnt expects to launch the new game early next year following the November release of its next blockbuster Vikings, based on the successful TV series so titled, according to some reports but at present there is no pre-publicity or vids other than the advance advisory.

However, there has been speculation that an earlier release for later this year may be in planning to complement the start of Narcos season 4 ‘Mexico” due to screen in November and featuring the Guadalajara cartel and its infamous leader Felix Gallardo.

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