UK Gambling Commission imposes another penalty

Independent UK bookmaker Mark Jarvis in Leicester is the latest target of the UK Gambling Commission, and has been handed a GBP 94,000 penalty for failing to interact with a punter who displayed signs of problem gambling.

The Commission found that over a protracted period the bookmaker did not implement and follow adequate social responsibility measures regarding the punter, who is alleged to have spent GBP 34,000 on B2 gaming machines, GBP 11,200 of which had been stolen from his employer.

The Commission ruling requires the bookmaker to review and revamp its responsible gaming processes and measures and better train staff to identify and act on customer interaction codes designed to flaf indicators of problem gambling.

Gambling Commission executive director Richard Watson observed in announcing the penalty:

“This case is a clear example of why gambling operators must have and implement effective social responsibility policies and procedures. All operators, regardless of size, need to ensure they really know their customers”.

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