Ultraplay adds Gwent to its eSports games choices

News on 19 Dec 2017

UltraPlay has added a new game to its choice of eSports  betting offers, taking advantage of the growing popularity of Gwent, the Witcher Card Game which has already recorded over half a million players.

Gwent is a violent but action-packed combination of fantastical creatures, witches and super-humans with tarot-like cards, and UltraPlay claims it is the first online betting provider to deploy the game in the eSports role.

Peter Ivanov, head of eSports trading at UltraPlay said in a statement Tuesday:

“Gwent is a perfect choice for a card game that offers endless fun to the players. The eSports betting brands using UltraPlay’s products will be one step ahead of the competition providing another exciting option to their players.

“We believe that the game holds a great potential to attract many eSports punters with passion and experience in card games.”

The provider reports that it has recorded significant interest in the game, with positive player activity at the first event that the company covered over the weekend – the Gwent Challenger #2 (Dec 16-17), also as part of the official game’s tournament.

Eight of the best Gwent players globally joined the battle for a piece of a $100, 000 prize pool.

Besides the diversified coverage of competitive games, UltraPlay is covering more than 3000 eSports events monthly as well as 1500 In-Play events.

Catch the flavour of Gwent here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5yu7FVZOyAo

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