Vietnam police break up internet football betting ring

News on 4 Jul 2014

Vietnam police in Ho Chi Minh City report that a major online gambling ring that has facilitated over $47.6 million in bets on international football games has been broken up.

The gambling ring used the website to handle bets from local gamblers, who were required to deposit their money at banker accounts abroad. The money was then converted into points used for betting.

Police arrested 10 people involved, including those believed to be the ringleaders, the state-run Vietnam News Agency reported Thursday.

Also on Thursday, and in a separate police action, Hanoi police arrested nine football gamblers in taking down a major online football gambling ring at the peak of the on-going World Cup in Brazil.

The ring, which was allegedly taking up to $385, 000 daily in bets on Euro Championships and World Cup matches, was led by Pham Quoc Tuan (45) a resident in Thanh Xuan district, Hanoi, a police spokesman revealed.

In another raid, Hanoi police arrested three football gamblers using another online betting ring.  In a case that is still under active investigation.

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