Wild Crypto launch new blockchain gaming platform

Wild Crypto has launched a new lottery and eGaming platform built on blockchain technology following its WILD token sale in 2017.

The platform, powered by Twelve40, is the first of the major new cryptocurrency gaming projects to launch, and does so just four months after it raised 10,592 in Ether (currently around $9 million) during a token sale, a presser reads.

The Curaçao-licensed platform promises offers players a range of lottery and casino content, and an inaugural lottery draw offering a jackpot of one million WILD tokens.

William Trentini, CEO, Wild Crypto, said: “Wild Crypto is the first major blockchain gaming product to launch, and marks the beginning of a significant shift in our sector.
“By delivering a secure and transparent gaming platform built upon pioneering blockchain technology, we have a unique opportunity to reach demographics of players who do not currently engage with existing lottery and eGaming products.”

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