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BLACKLISTED Unpaid affiliate commissions coupled with lack of communication and will to resolve this issue. Rumours circulating and signs of business closure.

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Tenesha Naidoo-Kleingeld on March 28, 2021.

This is an extremely long complaint which i an just going to try and keep as short as possible. In september 2020 i or slightly before i signed up to the casino. Shortly after i won R1900. It tooks months and months to verify as everytime they kept asking for the same details over and over and they do not come back timeously, you have to keep requesting and sending the same items. They delay the process out so long that you just get so tired and frustrated. Then eventually months later in about December or so the account was eventually verified. At that time it took so long that it said there was a system error and i had to redo the withdrawal process. But now once i clicked withdrawal, it said that i needed to make a deposit before i could withdraw. I found this very strange considering i had already deposited funds numerous times so why do i have to deposit again just to withdraw my winnings. The next problem was because they took so long to verify my account, i could no longer deposit money via EFT, it kept declining my cards, i tried various methods and still it kept declining, i spoke to their support team numerous times to rectify the issue which they could not and then eventually again months later they finally said oh no its because the eft option is no longer available in south africa and i must try to use a different card. During that time i just got so frustrated and then just played the money out and lost and then during January this year, my sister was staying by me and i said maybe we should try playing this casino but it keeps declining my card so she said its fine i can use hers so i transferred money to her card and then from her card onto the casino which worked perfectly. Eventually i played with the R500 which i brought up to R 5000 and decided i wanted to cash out then when they required the proof of deposit so in that initial email i sent the details i also along with it sent my sisters details and her ID and a written consent to say that she allowed me to use the card which they came back and said that the deposit was made by a third party, i said yes i know which is why i originally sent you all her details and i was the one who told you that it was to her card so then they sent me a form to complete to fill in her details from a third party declaration which i sent and which again took weeks and months requesting various documents which we did just for them to decline it anyway!!! And then they just refunding my R500 and the R150 that i put in via net teller because again i had to deposit money just to withdraw. So i had R650 in the account. Then i withdrew the R500 and they came back and said no i cant withdraw it because it needs to be put back to the card that it came from so i tried to do that then all of a sudden the minimum amount needs to be R1000 to withdraw so i said now how am i able to withdraw the funds if the minimum is R1000 and i only R500 and they said i must deposit money and i said they how can i deposit money if i am constantly saying that my card keeps declining which is why i asked my sister if i could use her card then they said no i must use swifty or something and i said but whats the point in adding another wallet when i already have one and also that contradicts what they said of depositing the money into the original account that it came from so im just going to do it through net teller since i already had to pay all the charges and extra fees just to deposit again in the account to withdraw what was already my money and now i check my balance and my pending withdrawals and its R0. I am now in April 2021. This whole problem started last year in September 2020. And i have no money since just losses of time and energy spent on them. I have even asked for all my chat history with their support because i am going to put this over all social media platforms so that no one else gets scammed into loosing money. I have all their emails apologising for their system error but i believe theses things are done intentionally so that they never pay anyone out. I want to expose them to the scam artist that they really are! I would not be in this situation had they not advised me to use a different card and just paid out the original R1900 but due to their constant system errors im the person in the wrong!

DearMrSlots on May 23, 2020.

I have been playing here since they opened years ago and they hardly gave me anything to complaint about. However, I consider myself a very experienced online gambler and know how to get out of the way of “trouble”. Just read their T&Cs, specially the bonus T&Cs and stick to it. Otherwise they will show now mercy.
The selection of games got better and better over the years. Also the support staff was ok when I contacted them.

Diababy on November 17, 2019.

I deposited and never took any bonuses etc. I won and was unable to withdraw. Apparently I did not meet min requirements. So i contacted customer service via live chat and it was like speaking to a 200yr old person. They never understood what EFT was I had to explain it to them and at the end of everything they forgot what my problem was!!! OMG
Then I was back and forth with this person clearly not educated to have this job. I was so upset I took my winnings and played it all. I requested my acc to be closed and they have the nerve to tell me that they don’t see I made a deposit!

aaron ravenhill on January 30, 2019.

Customer service absolutely shocking they don’t stick to times given for withdrawals and verifying account I won £140 off £3.50 which i won on the 55free spins iv met all wagering requirements sent all i.d and all I get is someone will contact u soon still waiting 3 days later

Themba on September 16, 2019.

Seems like i have the same complaint about the casino, withdrawals take forever to happen its been a week. All im promised is that my concern has been forwarded to relevant department…

Madison on November 2, 2017.

I made a withdrawal of 615 on October 19th, same day it was processed and was told the money would be in my bank account the following Monday, as it was a Thursday. On Monday, still no winnings and was told they would be in my account on the 25th, that Wednesday, come Wednesday I was told it sometimes takes 7 days and it would be in my account on Friday, can you guess what happens next? Right you are!! Still no winnings. Another week of being told my case is unique and the security team is dealing with it and will be in contact and still nothing, security team never even got in touch. Turns out my winnings were deposited back into my casino balance, and I had to withdraw again, of which I did two days ago and have been notified that they have been processed. Live chat says nothing about the previous two weeks and just says the money should be in my account soon.

Flynn on September 13, 2017.

I sent an email in April asking to be blocked from the site due to a gambling addiction but was still able to open an account. Despite saying they had received this email will not give 5000 refund. They did not ask for verification documents within 72 hours as they are supposed to. Customer care realllllly unhelpful. Refusing to give copies of online chats.

Jane do on September 17, 2017.

I can recommend you to file a complaint at thePogg!
He is a good independent ADR for free.
He is handling my case as we speak on the same kind of issue. I asked for multiple permanent closures but was able to open every time without a waiting period of 7 days. The casino cruise people are professional though and they will give you the chat records if you ask again! Good luck.

Brenda darnell on February 17, 2017.

I won 400 pound took 2 weeks to get documents variefied then told they had confiscated my winnings unbeknown to me said I had had previous account a year ago with them how was I allowed to open an account play deposit money no problem but cannot now get my winnings

Dave on February 3, 2017.

I have been asked for documents twice. And on each occasion you have to wait 72 hours for a response. Were they tell you the documents are not accep table . So far it’s been 12 days and my documents still aren’t accepted even though they are perfectly viewable. Maybe I need to rent a photographer. I wait for baited breath for the next excuse and me being unable to withdraw money I’m owed.

Robert on December 30, 2016.

I like the casino and the games are fine.But when I made deposits there the link said That I would receive free spins but I never got any and when I asked the first time he offered me $15 instead with playthrough restrictions.I made two more deposits and still no offer of spins.I don’t think this is a good way. To say something and advertise free spins . I am a new player and I joined this casino because of the free spins .

Stef on December 4, 2016.

Wouldn’t pay out due to duplicate accounts as me and my partner both registered from same IP address. They decided to put my deposits back in my account and offered me a bonus if I continued to play. Obviously this contradicts what they are saying and I refused. They then decided to close my account but my partner can keep his account. Funny how they close the winning account? Oh and to top it off the amount confiscated was £10,000

Damon Moffatt on October 9, 2016.

Iam also having trouble getting my 3 withdrawals for just over £1000 and have posted various bank statements passports debit card photos bill statements you name it and iam still waiting for my 3 withdrawals.Great site great promotions just need to sort out there withdrawal system.

paul briggs on October 19, 2016.

Yes am having trouble with this at the moment for £300 owed to me, seems they want a professional copy of documents although other websites have all accepted these previously.
You got any resolution yet?

Helga Akitt on October 30, 2016.

Im having the same problem. I sent everything they asked for so I could withdraw the £2000 I won. They then asked me to send photos of a debit card which I used many many months ago. I explained that I have not used that card as it was replaced a long time ago.
I can not understand why they would need that card as I have been using my new card to deposit. Luckily I found the old card and sent photos but im still waiting to hear back. It seems they are trying everything to prevent me getting my winnings.

May56 on November 10, 2016.

I also had the same challenges with sending the identifying documentation. It took so long before they finally said they got what they needed. I resent it several times. This along with trying to get your withdrawals is very painful. Have not received any of my $ yet.

Paul on September 28, 2016.

Like many other punters here withdrawing from casinocruise is a nightmare ive sent so many documents all of which have been accepted by other casinos but they keep saying daft wee things like picture abit blurry,still trying to get my winnings.

Will robinson on July 16, 2016.

Took 5 days and multi pics of same documents. Said couldn’t see number. Couldnt see all four name it they came back with excuse. Then on the Friday I was told 3 to 5 days for withdraw. Chased them.several times to be told money sent .not their problems it’s the banks. Then on 5day told some story about issue with payment have to wait even longer. I feel and have emailed them several times asking why I was lied to and why still no money.

Éimí Nic Roibeard on September 16, 2016.

Did u get ur money?

Meow on June 29, 2016.

Having a bit of a nightmare withdrawing from Casino Cruise. I bet fair and square a lot of money. Thought i would cut my losses and withdraw what i had left (£250). I requested it 2 days ago and they kept rolling it back to my account saying they are having issues with Skrill.

I still don’t have my money and it is still in pending so we will see.

Great customer service and a guy actually contacted me directly to say he is dealing with it so i will keep you posted.

Éimí Nic Roibeard on September 16, 2016.

Did u get ur money?

pete on June 6, 2016.

played on casino cruise recently with the welcome bonus offer & won £3800.00 and then I was betting over £5 in certain games to meet the wagering requirement and lost £3800.00 due to it being confiscated….and breached T & C’s …. but they left my deposit amount in the bank roll…..
Not happy about this rule don’t bet over £5…..if you do you will lose everything.

blade997 on March 18, 2016.

must say, i have been a customer on mostly all casinos i know of, but casinocruise has been the most complicated ever to get my account verified, my driving license is old and a bit damaged, but casinocruise is the first one ever to not aprove it….and when you send them documents, it takes up to one day to get an reply about send more documents, so getting verified and your withdraw takes days! if ever, they even at one point said at suppoert i wont get the money!!!! but hey taking mine is okey?
well, its not the end of this story yet and hoepfully i one day will get my win, but for now im not feeling very sure about it, so no i cant recommend you casinocruise at this point, im sorry,everything is too complicated and takes too long

blade997 on March 22, 2016.

well, i got my win afterall, but was complicated if you compare to other casinos…and for me thats a dealbreaker,so many casinos out there so i do not feel confident trying them out again..make sure you are verified before you play, think that way you will save yourself alot of stress

thomas on March 3, 2016.

It took 3 Days Before casino Cruise even said that they wanted photos of my card i had paid with trustly so they wanted a screenprint of my bankaccount. and then they sent back that my photos was not good so i took Another and again the day after i got mail said the back of the card was not good then i talkt to chatt and they found it and it was good. feels like they staling as much as they can I have been sending and chatting for houers this week i give up soon

James Mcnair on February 28, 2016.

Very good place to place your bets . , i must disagree with my fellow punters here. I started playing in December and lost about 1k. Then in mid January i started hitting it, and i posted a withdraw of about 2k, unfortunately, they informed me that due to an issue with their tech supplier checking my eligibility for withdraw, it will be delayed a bit. I was sure i was not going to get my money but eventually it was resolved in about a week. I thought ,well,i got payed but i am not going to take the risk and play with them anymore. For some reason , i found myself playing with them a couple of weeks ago, and eventually won 2.5k. I started feeling, well, maybe i am not going to get my money . But i was wrong – i got it in about 12 hours + an apology for the delay last time. i played again a couple of days ago and won 1k – got it within 4 hours. And the staff is very friendly. I played in over 30 casinos in my life, and currently with about 7. They might not pay as fast as Guts or Bet365 on average, but they do offer much better promotions and bonuses, which increase my chances of winning (i actually win there, which i cant say about the others) + their support is much more personal and friendly than the other casinos i am playing with. i highly recommend this casino.

Dominic on January 18, 2016.

Waiting 10 days for withdraw 6800 $ , just the time to invent a new rule that other casino dont have they do a confiscation they rollback and zip no money in my account for a stupid rule : they email me and say that :

In order to fulfill the wagering requirement, you cannot place a wager which (i) for slots and video slots – is more than (€5, 50 NOK, 50 SEK, $5, £5); for any other currency, you cannot place a bet which is more than the equivalent to 5 USD; and (ii) for any other game – is more than (€30, 300 NOK, 300 SEK, $30, £30); for any other currency, you cannot place a bet which is more than the equivalent to 30 USD. This rule also applies when using any double up/gamble feature in any game. In case of a breach of this rule, you agree that your Bonus Balance will be forfeited, apart from the original deposit amount, to the extent that it was not wagered and lost less 10% administrative fees and bank charges.

Playthrough requirement was done before my withdraw, after 5 days i go on live chat to ask agent why it so long they say it a techical issue and apologies.. 5 days after i receive the email confiscation.

stupottaylor on January 17, 2016.

I have to agree with others, Casino Cruise is not the site to be at, machines are playable and a great selection until you get to withdraw, I am at 6 days now and still pending, verified my account with all the documents they requested.

Carol on October 3, 2015.

Dear Sir,
I am a VIP customer at casino cruise and am not very happy to say the least… My problem is they payout is much to slow and to be honest I am wondering if they are actually going to pay me ( I have taken photos of my winning transactions)!
I have spoken to VIP manager and he tells me that my winnings have been processed but it is still not in my bank account…
Other casinos I am a member of pay in one or two days…but not CasinoCruise it has been a week now!!! Watch this space…

Casino Cruise on October 6, 2014.

Please note this issue has been fully solved to Carol’s satisfaction.

Jyrki on August 27, 2015.

I didnt like casino, coz winnings were quite small. Customer service was ok.

Alan on August 26, 2015.

I have to agree with the rest here, I won £1300 from my £20 bonus and a week after trying to withdraw they say my money has been confiscated as i bet £10 a few times.. This is basically like stealing from you, as they purposely con you….and i would advise everyone never to take them up on any bonus as they will find a way of not paying you out if you win…Try other sites as much much much better.

Petepetite on August 25, 2015.

I played there and won fair and square. After that I was able to withdraw with no bigger problems except the usual proof of ID trouble. But I did have to read the terms (twice) first. As long as you play by the(ir) rules you should be able to enjoy it there.

Chris on August 23, 2015.

I would just like to echo Robert’s comments and give a warning to users of Casino Cruise. I also wagered a series of £6 bets (amongst other lower bets), which was in excess of the casino’s unusual £5 cap on any wagering when playing a bonus. I won about £950 over my original deposits, which was confiscated from me when I made a withdrawal. It’s not a lot of money for them but it is for me. Really poor from the casino.

Robert on June 27, 2015.

Be really aware of their bonus terms and conditions. I won a nice pot of money and got it accepted as an deposit. So after like 4 days i decided to buy myself some new stuff for the money that i won.
But after a week i got a e-mail that said that my money was roll-backed because i’ve bet to high with the bonus money. No warning or nothing, they just took away the money i won (even though i was done with the x40 bonus and everything.
I sent them an e-mail trying to explain that i didn’t know, and maybe get an warning because i hadn’t read the terms to full.
But their answer was just strict no.
So, as far as my experience i think this casino blows, because i think we all need a second chans and there were no possibility for this. They WON and i LOSS, as it always will be in this world.

JBob on March 31, 2015.

I gave Casino Cruise a try and so far I don´t regret it. Sadly I took only advantage of their normal welcome bonus. Didn´t see this one here on this site early enough :-(
I´m currently up 50 bucks and almost met my playthrough requirement. So hopefully I will be able to withdraw soon.