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Rose on August 6, 2016.

Firstly I made a deposit and wanted to take advantage of there generous deposit bonus of 100% and 100 free spins . I went to make a deposit and normally a drop down box is available to choose bonus however it said no bonus available which I knew was rubbish as I hadn’t made a deposit and in my promotion page it still said available, anyway I made the deposit and then contacted live chat . At this point no operators were available so I emailed
I played through the funds and waited for a reply . No reply was recieved , I then went onto the live chat again and spoke to someone called blue ( apparently ) . I have to say I was shocked at how rude he was and not very helpful , he basically laughed at me ,was rude , unhelpful and God knows how he has a job ,he basically said nothing can do as its my fault I didn’t pick the bonus , this was not true I explained no bonus was available but no wouldn’t listen to me and basically was rude and told me to get lost , I asked for an email address for a manager which he gave me . Although she was politer than he was I didn’t think she was the best
Manager around , again she said that there was nothing they could do and it was my fault and then she offered me 25 spins not starburst but only Actually 15, basically no one will give me the welcome bonus and free spins, rude customer service , not helpful at all .

Kane on July 1, 2016.

Hi Fellow online gamers, players, gamblers and all.
I joined Chance Hill and out off all my online casino experiences…. I have had a lot experiences trust it’s not cheap becoming VIP at 7 now with Chance Hill.
I have to say that Chance Hill by fair is the leader in the industry in both there systems platform layout and most of all there happy Wizard
support agents ( the wizz’s) Green Wiz-Red Des Wiz and Blue Wiz these guys are so amazing in my experience always there to help support and beyond by awesome service….
These are the true pioneers in there industry and support bonuses weekly bonuses and promotions they run is absolutely brilliant thanks guys keep up the awesome casino you got me for life VIP Emanuel7777

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