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Da Vinci’s Gold Casino on September 24, 2020. Reply

Hi everyone,

I’m the new casino host for DaVinci’s Gold Casino. Just under a year ago, this online casino changed management and is now run by a group of online casino managers with more than 20 years’ experience in this industry. We strive to provide the best in online casino entertainment, promotions, games and customer support. I like to be a hands-on type casino host and will be very happy to look into any issue or problem you may encounter while you play at our site. I will also keep an eye on regular accounts to make sure you receive extra free spins and tokens as you deposit at our site.

Thanks for your time and attention. I wish you good luck at our site!

Lara on April 13, 2013. Reply

I won their $100000 challenge, then they decided to direct me to another site to show different terms and deny my challenge on the basis that there was a 2 hour time limit. however this was not the case in the original terms. and i have a snip of this, plus every time limited promo i have ever played on a rival casino stops me when the time is up, this did not do thatthus strenthening my argument. Next they reversed my initial 2grand withdrawal and stole thatfromme aswell. They have not answered any calls, or responded to any emails, the only way i found outthey had denied my claim was that i logged onto another rival casino, and found the support that way. they gave me a copy of the supposed email. I have yet to actually have propercontact with them, by my account has been reduced to zero. If the thifs do not returnand deliver my money i will be launchinga campaign so all rival casino players become aware of the tactics of this casino.

Lara on April 13, 2013. Reply

i used the deposit $25 for $10,000 and if you get it up to $100,000 bonus, and double checked if it had time limits (which it did not) then managed to hita royal flush, won, and now they refuse to pay, saying that the conditions have a time limit on it. This is despite the fact that when they have a time limit it removes the bonus and stops you from playing. I have tried over weeks to contact them and have yet to recieve a reply. I manage occasionally to get though on live help, but even then i don’t usually get through. I usually have to go to live help on another rival casino (same customer support) and can get through straight away even whilst waiting for ages and ages on davinci’s gold. Then they transfer me back through davincis, and have even ignored me again. the times i have managed to get through on live help they tell me they have emailed me, but apart from one email to tell me that they reversed my withdrawal of $2000 ‘as requested’ ( i never requested this) and all the promotional emails, i have never received an email. They tell me each time that i contact them that they have marked it as urgent for head office, and they will definately contact me this week, but i no longer believe them. I am at the point now of taking legal action if it is posssible, . They have never answered a phone call on the numbers they have listed on their site, which has change 3 times in the last month and a half. If anyone knows how to actually get in touch with them in person i would love it if you would tellme.

Michele on December 10, 2007. Reply

Da Vinci’s i-slots are amazing. They are not only visual but more interactive than other casino video slots. In fact, they tell a story almost like a video game. If you get a bonus or some other interactive win, you are able to continue the story. It was only a matter of time that online slots became more like a mini-video game. Just be cautious with your spening as i-slots are addictive. I wanted to finish the stories and hence have tried them just to try to see where the tiny plot lines take me.

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