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FranD on September 5, 2018. Reply

I hate it when I cannot choose to opt out of a bonus and here you are stuck with the playthrough before you can cash out your own money. This is not good and should not be allowed IMO. It is not the sign of a good casino and I will not be depositing again.

Johan on May 20, 2018. Reply

I am in South Africa and won USD 5 500 playing on Europa Casino. My first request to be paid out resulted in a request for personal info and documents which I sent. Since then I have received no further answers to my emails and no money. I am also unable to access my account as they will not update my log in details.

Dora on May 10, 2018. Reply

I also transferred money to the account and played for a while and then my account was blocked as apparently i put the incorrect password in 3 times. When I tried to fix it, it said my email does not exist. I have emailed support a few times with no reply. I have my own money lying in the account and they do not get back to me!

Miss G.C Jackson on February 6, 2018. Reply

No problem making deposits. I won some money, made a withdrawal all good. 4days later when I followed up they said I had spent it on play??????? I don’t think so!

johnshort on December 11, 2017. Reply

when you deposit they will force “bonus” on you and you can’t withdraw that money and will tell you to x20 times before you can withdraw that, which is impossible!!!

Unhappyrippedoff on November 27, 2016. Reply

The games at Europa are interesting and dirrerent. I had built up my winnings and withdrew $8800.00. They say on their website it will take 4 days to process it, but after day 4 they asked me for a copy of my cards, which I did (blanked out of course). 2 days after that they declined it, as my account had my name shortened, and wasnt the same as on my cards. They fixed that issue, now it is day 8 and emails are going unanswered.

tracy on November 23, 2016. Reply

I won 2.1 million euros here which as I was playing in aud at the time of win would equal a little over 3million the casino hasn’t or won’t acknowledge this and also will only pay it in 10k per month there four it will take them roughly 9years to pay me Wat a joke

Unhappyrippedoff on November 27, 2016. Reply

That is a joke, but it does say on their website that they can only pay out 10K per month. Thats why I dont bother with their huge jackpots. Have they been stalling you?

Matt on March 12, 2016. Reply

Before depositing contact support and ask them to not add any bonuses to all of your deposits unless you ask otherwise then you will have no problems with withdrawing. I have won approx $20.000 and all my withdrawals have been processed within 7 days I have never had an issue once the bonuses were stopped

KEVVIE on November 25, 2015. Reply

Payouts are small or not at all. Unable to withdraw money after I made a deposit when I decided not to play after a few games.

Jenni on November 19, 2014. Reply

This site is an absolute scam & you have no way of ever getting the money that you have won. They say that any bonus money is not paid but there is no way of seeing the bonus money as opposed to what you have invested. Stay away from this site

Michelle on November 4, 2014. Reply

Have had no issues with this casino – won a tidy sum of a few thousand earlier this year and payout was processed within a week. Yes, had to provide all ID docs beforehand.. But no issues whatsoever once this was done.

Brenda Franker on August 28, 2014. Reply

I requested a withdrawl of $1000 that i had won. It was only processed 5 days after i requested the withdrawal. I was then informed by e-mail that the withdrawal had been processed on the 04 August 2014 and i was given a reference number. 4 days later, when i had still not received the funds, i contacted support and no response…so, i logged onto the casino (as if i was going to play) and lo and behold, a consultant came online – so, i queried my withdrawal…only to be told that it would take up to 14 business days from the date that it was processed…so, i am waiting. Is Europa Casino scamming people out of their money and then refusing to pay them when they win?
And they are never helpful in any way! I have requested a proof of payment – still waiting! I have requested a detailed player account report – still waiting!
Guess, they won't respond! Best thing to do right now is to STOP PLAYING AT EUROPA CASINO as they are all a bunch of CROOKS! And we need to warn others so that they don't fall into the same trap as we did!

leontina padureanu on April 22, 2013. Reply

i was playing on europa casino,i pay with mastercard from bank,but they don t want to pay back my winnings(about 200 euro,not much)-cause-the card is not good to withdraw-i think is a big scam.NEGATIVE MAXIMUM for this casino,AWARE!

frank b on November 19, 2012. Reply

this casino might be legit but again hardly any player base so your really wasting your money here

mrs.fart on October 10, 2012. Reply

based on our experienced about this kind of F—–G site ,we won and we tried to transfered to our bank account what we won but it says it takes 4 days the processing fee but when we checked they just said that what we won is not valid because part of the money of what we played is the bonus what they send us after we deposit money to the casino.thats why we never recieve money of what we won.grrrrr only i can say this is a f— site:(….

Lotte on February 2, 2011. Reply

My experience is, that the game is being monitored and controlled by a person or machine. I have played roulette, and every time I was "too lucky" suddenly all the winning numbers were eg. red or suddenly the numer 34 was the winning number 4 times in a row. How likely is that. And the opportunity to receive your prize is exceedingly small, as you must wager an unrealistically high amount before you can make a withdrawal – and it's not all games that counts.

Andrzej on June 6, 2016. Reply

I agree with you. I know they have some kind of anti-winning algorithm which turns on after certain period of playing. Sometime ago I played the roulette. I increased my deposit within less than 40 minutes or so(about 120 bets). After that, strangely, the statistical 49% red or black ceased to exist. I was betting on black, but somehow with each bet I got zero and reds all the rime. Chance of getting zero is exactly 1% – 1 in 100 bets, yet within 8 bets I got zero 4 times, from which twice in a row!? What are the odds for that? No need to mention that in between zero’s the were only red’s, conveniently, as I was betting on black. Look at the screenshots: and Something like that may happen once or twice if you play for months consistently. I was assured about the casino cheat after a weekly pause. Yet again I increased my deposit substantially(double or so). This time I was betting on reds, I got 3 times black in a row(which happens quite often), then 0 – might happen, as I was playing for about 40 minutes (about 120 bets), then after zero another 6 times in a row black. Look at the screen: This is 10 consecutive bets without red. You know what are the odd’s for that? In this particular case, after black 35, I had 99,99X% chance that I will get my red. It didn’t happen. You could bet 2000 times or more and you still wouldn’t be able to get so much of one color in a row. Statistically there is 49% chance of getting one color. Unfortunately all roulette games are showing only 8 last bets – chances of getting opposite color after 7 consecutives of one color are 99,6% – after 300 bets you may not get your color – twice. When you see zero wins two often, stop playing – this is the sign that algorithm turns on.
In real casinos, when you are winning using statistics, in worst case the guys in suit will come to you, and kindly ask you to live the building(with your winnings). In internet casinos you will be ripped of due to usual cheating. This in not the only casino where the statistics are off, but only when you’re winning.

Marilyn on March 18, 2010. Reply

Please be careful about Europa Casino.

They promise a lot of bonuses so that you can't withdraw due to wager limits. They will keep bugging you during your online play to deposit more. But if you need to contact support by email, no one answers ever.

Anonymous on September 9, 2008. Reply

as a lawyer i have founfd this site to be of an untrustworthy and unhelpful casino.i advise you use casinos based in the EU and avoid the kind of help which is only available for deposits and when a complaint occurs there is not response

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