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Stanka Domazet on April 9, 2016.

I registered today and I was supposed to receive 25 free spins promotion that was advertised. When I didn’t receive it I contacted support and explained the situation took over half an hour for them to say that they need to contact me on my mobile to ask me some questions before they could give me those free spins . My phone was flat and I asked them if they could contact me on my daughter’s mobile and they said no they have to contact me on my mobile. And all this took over half an hour online chatting for me to be told. I then contacted support by phone, and I was told exactly the same thing . I asked for support with us at state on their terms and conditions that they need to contact me to confirm some details before I get the free spins they couldn’t ansa me. I asked him to please close the account that I opened just over one hour a go, and I was told I have to write an email if I’m requesting that . I find it very disappointing and annoying I didn’t even play I was chatting over half an hour with support then I contact them by phone and now they want me to write an email.

glen rauch on March 17, 2016.

I think the website needs to reflect a bit more elegance and overall, it a great casino. The support is friendly and fluent in multiple languages. I would give this casino 9/10.

please don’t get me wrong i have enjoyed playing on your site very much.

just whenever I went to withdraw funds I was unable to. I wish you could just send me a check like everyone so i can cash it

Finn Balor on November 17, 2015.

I’m having the same issues as other people. Payments are slow and the support staff either doesn’t care or has no idea how to help.

I would not play here and try your hand literally anywhere else. It’s a shame because the interface and usability are great but the rest is below average.

nikola Kostov on February 1, 2013.

worst experience ever!!!! customer service rude!! anyone out there thinking of opening an account please look elsewhere!!!

matthew on January 20, 2009.

Jacob, I had similar problems to you. every time i credit my account via credit card and get down to my last $10, i place a $10 bet. Last time i got an ace & 9 (20). dealer was on a 4. i thought awesome only 21 can beat my hand. So the dealer gets a 7 then a 10 (21 in total). I'm pretty sure it's rigged so the very last bet u lose no matter what and tempts u into withdrawing more. I did a tally of 100 blackjack hands i played and the dealer only busted twice! despite the dealer starting on bad hands like 4,5,3,6, etc. also any money u withdraw stays in 'reverse withdrawal' for 24 hours then it says refunded as the status and Your bank has the money 5 days later.

Jacob on December 5, 2008.

I have had a few problems with this website. Whenever i play blackjack and get a 11 or a 9 and double down 8 out of 10 times the dealer would get 21 and i would get 15 or something really crap. I got 21 once when doubling on an 11 then the dealer got blackjack so it was pathetic.

Every time i bet $20 instead of $5 on blackjack the dealer would pull up an ace and ask for insurance. whenever i had insurance the dealer would get a 9 ( making it 20) and beat me, losing my bet and insurance. also when i went to withdraw $900 they refunded $500 back into my casino account instead of my bank account and refunded the $400 into my bank account ( no email explaining this either). I thought this was some kind of bonus credits so i just gambled it away then i realised the withdrawal i requested they had put more than half of it back into my casino account. Also the dealer ended up starting on a 6 then getting an ace making it 17 too so that was quite frustrating happened many times. I noticed the slot machines would pay out $300 then u win not much until u get to $110 then u win $50 then the payouts just keeps getting lower. the dealer barely busts in blackjack even if they start on a 4 a 7 card comes up then a 10 or something ridiculous. My main frustration was with the blackjack it was very unrealistic I'm sticking with brick and mortar casinos. also blackjack only counts as 2% of a wager for the bonus side of things!

Fred on October 14, 2008.

I had been having some problems with the Golden Riviera online casino and I think that I will never play any online casino games because of that aweful experience.

I deposited CAD$50 to play some Blackjack for fun and was later credited $21.5 in my bonus account (my balance: 70.5cash + 21.5 bonus). However I found that I am no longer able to withdraw even my original CAD$50 because I have to meet the wager requirement, which means I have to play through $21.5*30*50=$32250 in Blackjack (according to their rules) just to cash-in my original deposit. I asked the customer service that if I am willing to give up the $21.5 bonus and all the money that I earned in the game, will I be able to get my $50 deposit back? The answer was "NO WAY". The starting bonus seems to be totally a trap. If you didn't read their rules carefully enough and "greedily" wanted to get some bonus, you're tricked and will literally lose all the money you ever deposited! My one piece of advice: read all the rules carefully and thoroughly before you pay any real money to these kind of games.

Debra on July 9, 2006.

I have had a wonderful experience at this casino. I don’t always win, but I enjoy playing their games. Their software is updated and customer service is very good. Not life some casinos, where you have to email them with a question or leave a message and they’ll get back to you. I don’t waste my time playing at those casinos. Keep up the good work, we customers appreciate it.

malia m arkangel on October 19, 2005.

I was amazed for not even depositing not evan 1 time for 4 years after signing up. I fanally a few years later recently logged in and checked my loyalty for my flash and non flash accounts and WOOOO!!!!! around 7000.00 loyaly points to turn in and I dont know what i got those for, but thankgod for errors!!!:)

just wanted to say I am very thankful for getting and turning in those in, I got like $70.00 free money to play inb both accounts so thats$70.00 X 2 = $140.00.

so i made a first deposit of all i can afford $23.88 is alot too gamble to me since I never won enough to have a purpose to actually cash a huge amount of winnings out.

p.s.Maybe I will win big somewhere big someday. but to me it seems like the casinos are the ones too win very biggggg jackpots.

Tgrr00121286/ and i forgot my flash account login name..


Anne on March 2, 2005.

I am now having further problems with them. Even though my credit cards have been charged with my purchases, I just got 12 e-mail messages yesterday stating that due to processing delays, my card would be charged at a later date. See below for an example:

Dear Anne

We are writing to advise you that due to short delays in our processing procedure; your transactions having been made between the dates 27th January and 2nd February 2005, will only reflect on your card statement at a later stage.
The late billing will be for the following transaction: 645*** for the following amount: 300
We will assist you with any further queries which you may have with regards to this.

Accounts Department

It seems to me that either I have just been unlucky as far as problems go with them or that these people have some serious problems and I wouldn’t recommend that anyone play until they get their problems cleared up.

I also got multiple messages for some purchases, I don’t know what is going on.

Anne on February 26, 2005.

I spent $1500 playing video poker one day and left $300 in my account to play at a later time. They now have my account locked and will not let me play and have not, as far as I know, refunded my money. They say I need to fax a copy of my driver’s license, copies of front & back of 2 credit cards used, copy of a utilities bill and a copy of a banking statement. In light of the identity theft problem in this country, I don’t feel comfortable doing this so I have $300 in my account that I cannot gamble with and cannot get refunded. I have been told the money would be refunded but they have not responded to e-mails asking if money was refunded. Casino was very fun to play with good graphics but my problem with the money situation has runined a good experience.

Golden Riviera Casino on February 26, 2005.

Due to problems experienced with one of our processors, all purchases were delayed.
This affected all players during this time, not only at our casino, but various other casinos,
We apologize for the inconvenience caused.

Best Regards
The management at Golden Riviera

basar coskunoglu on September 11, 2004.

hello i have played at the casino they offer great bonus but their terms is tricky i called they told me that i can play any game with bonus if i win i have to wager at the correct games to cash out and i asked my friend he told me as he played before at that casino it was forbidden to play those games i wish they could explain the bonus rules well like in some casinos they say play any games you like but to cash out you have to wager x times on these games or you can only play these games with bonus

Norma Street on March 3, 2004.

I refered a friend and my friend deposited 150.00 and I ask casino for my referal bonus of $25.00 and they said my friend had not wagered enough they needed to wager 1600.00 more!!! I re-read the refer a friend bonus terms and conditions and I seen nothing about my friend having to wager so much before I got my little 25.00 bonus, I wrote them and ask them if they had additional links for terms and conditions and they said they never, a major casino and they can’t even apply by their own policie for a little 25.00 bonus which I would’nt take now anyways (they would more then likely set it for me to lose fast anyways) Vivien explain this to all please

Golden Riviera Casino on March 3, 2004.

This is the first I am hearing of Norma’s situation, so please could you ask her to contact me directly at and I will be happy to look into the matter and assist her to get it resolved.
I do apologize to Charles if he felt that he was treated unfairly by Paul, our Accounts Officer. I will chat to Paul to ensure that it does not occur again. I would also like to confirm that Charles was paid last year. His complaint was within one week of his cashin and he did not follow up in the forum to say that he had since been paid. If there are any other issues, please feel free to contact me directly!

CR Manager
Golden Riviera Casino

Charles Williamson on November 19, 2003.

I cashed in and it was according to the terms and conditions. I have received four different days as to when my money would be paid. On all the formus I’ve read about this casino the cash in is the biggest problem. I called this morning on the day I was given that my money would be available, and the customer service person (Paul) got extremely rude. I suppose he would noy have been rude if it was his money he was waiting on.

Lillian Johnson on July 5, 2003.

I had great regard for this casino until this week. They reversed my cash-in of $100 saying I did not wager enough, going back to January of this year. I was paid 2 cash-ins this year and now even though I wagered the proper amount for the $100 cash-in, they are saying I owe them from the 2 previous cash-ins? Has anyone every heard of such a deal????

Jason on April 11, 2003.

I think the website needs to reflect a bot more elegamce and overall, it a great casino. The support is friendly and fluent in multiple languages. I would give this casino 9/10

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