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Linda on February 28, 2014. Reply

Lucky Red is a wonderful online casino, which is part of the Club World Group. All of my experiences with them have been positive. I have had a few cash outs with no problems. I can say they are one of the fastest paying online casinos. The customer support is excellent. They are all very kind and helpful. I highly recommend playing at this casino. In fact, all the casinos owned by the Club World Group are honest and fair.

Brenda on November 24, 2012. Reply

I have been trying to deposit for almost a week. They, the casino, say that their processor is down. I am also waiting on a 400.00 withdrawal. I usually have no problems with Lucky Red. They are slow on the withdrawals though. I am wondering if something else is wrong since the deposits are not working.

KENNY on January 27, 2012. Reply

i AM a PLAYER AT lUCKY RED AND ALL THE OTHER CASINOS THEY OWN clUB WORLD Manhatten ETC I notice when I PLay there they will let you hit lets say $ 60.00 and then you may get $20.00 but after that They take it back and the other money you had before you git the $ 60.00.The free spins on any of the slots rarely come up. I have spent 2,0000 Dollars in there Casinos in one month And Never Never Never Won Enough to cashout cause they Have it set up that thet give you a Littl and Bam They get ya

jane on November 17, 2010. Reply

I feel like I am being scammed by them. I requested a $3,000 withdrawl yesterday after I was informed that my account was fully verified with the required documents, and I made the required verbal verification call yesterday afternoon and was told to go ahead and request my withdrawl-which was rejected this morning because they "have no record that I called" (even though I got an email saying I was fully verified). I was told yesterday by the cashier that it would be processed this morning, but I logged in and saw that it was rejected. I'm very upset. I was already mad because the website terms & conditions/cashier page say ACH withdrawl takes 2 days and the reps I spoke to now say it takes up to 5 days. I feel like I'm being given the run around. I wouldn't be so upset but I was counting on this money to clear quickly according to their posted guidelines.
Since my withdrawl was rejected I had to call today to verify my account all over again (the person I "verified" with yesterday did not enter the verification in the system according to the person I spoke to today, she had no record that I had called in) and now my money is being held up another day because they said they can't process my withdrawl until tomorrow now. I guess we will see if I ever get paid-maybe it was a one time glitch. If anyone else has any payout experience with them, please share.

Peralis on May 12, 2009. Reply

Hi Teesh, yes.. this is starting to become a trend, which we welcome, as it saves the stress of this happening when a withdrawal is actually made. Most people get frustrated at this point and this way, it saves time for the withdrawal to be effected.

Teesh on May 11, 2009. Reply

Is it normal for casinos to request you fax them photo id and utility bill information before you even make a withdrawl as lucky red has with me?
he casino seems normal but I was a bit thrown off by the request within 1 min of making my 1st deposit!

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