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Skye on May 4, 2017. Reply

I requested a $400 withdrawal. I had to send documents for id a few times. My id was finally verified. When I made withdrawal request I was informed I have to pay $25 for them too use swift for bank transfer. It’s been 2 weeks and I’m still waiting for my winnings. Every time I call I get told their working on processing still. Poor effort when I have too pay $25 just too get winnings..Other casinos have paid between 1 and 3 days via bank transfer and I wasn’t charged for it. I’ll never play at maple again and giving up on checking bank for winnings

sater on March 1, 2017. Reply

What a run around for 3 weeks trying to get my withdrawal. First with documents…wrong color, too blurry, now need DL… this took 2 weeks of back and forth. Now they say can’t debit back to my Credit Card… Ok open online account. They say another week…..
Great Casino to play just don’t count on getting your winnings back anytime soon.

Leanne on January 29, 2011. Reply

Same thing, made deposit no bonus. A window popped up and said 50% bonus on second deposit. Did that, no bonus again. Went to online chat – no reply. This casino sucks ass.

val on August 11, 2009. Reply

I am having the same problem with non-working fax numbers, therefore I cannot get them the documents they require, so they have an excuse not to pay me, but they can sure take your money no problem

Lucille on January 14, 2008. Reply

I would not recommend playing at this casino, as they give you the run around and have to repeatedly send in the documents they say they require when you request a withdrawal. They supply you with fax numbers that do not work and when you phone them, you get to talk to someone who doesnt speak english from India.

Its been frustrating.

Vickie Elliott on September 8, 2007. Reply

This casino is a rip off. I made my $40 deposit and got no bonus. They didn't even have the courtesy to contact me about the bonus, all they did is to contact me and told me I had to send all my personal information to them so I could get the bonus. Which like a fool, I did. After I inquired about my bonus.They told me it was because I made my purchase with a credit card that I couldn't get the bonus. They must think I just fell off the turnip truck because they said if I would make another deposit by an alternative method I would get the bonus…Don't give them any of your money!!!!!

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