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Charity Spencer on July 4, 2022. Reply

In the beginning I actually liked the Paradise 8 casino and thought that they had a good no deposit bonus offer that I did receive on free spins. It was a bit hard to get verified but that most likely was on me and I did get verified. I also should say that I made a deposit to verify my account and spent it but of course I don’t blame them for that. What I will say is that live chat when I tried to use it nobody ever was there to communicate with me. The supposedly paid me on June 6th 2022 and I never received any payment and when I asked for the id for the Bitcoin transaction they will not give it to me! They talk about transparency and tell me to go to my cashier and look there. This back and forth emailing has been going on long enough where I now feel like it’s a scam. They refuse to give me any of the vital information that’s needed to check what’s going on with my withdrawal. Instead they put the blame on me and tell me that if I entered the wrong Bitcoin address that they’re not responsible for lost money when they won’t even tell me what address they used! I feel so scammed by them with each new email I get that never contains the information any other casino would be happy to give their customers. They had no problem taking a payment from me, I don’t understand why they won’t give this vital information to prove that they ever made any such payment.

Paradise 8 Casino logo Paradise 8 Casino on July 5, 2022.

Hi Charity,

My sincere apologies for any misunderstanding regarding your cash out.

Our records show that it was paid on June 6th. As this is Bitcoin, we can confirm this on, where there is perfect record of every transaction.

I will send privately the link to your wallet’s record, so you can see we sent you the funds on June 6th.

Thank you for double checking your records and for your cooperation.

Paradise 8 Casino logo Paradise 8 Casino on September 24, 2020. Reply

Hi Paradise8 players,

I’m the new casino host for Paradise8 Casino. Just under a year ago, this online casino changed management and is now run by a group of online casino managers with more than 20 years’ experience in this industry. We strive to provide the best in online casino entertainment, promotions, games and customer support. I like to be a hands-on type casino host and will be very happy to look into any issue or problem you may encounter while you play at our site. I will also keep an eye on regular accounts to make sure you receive extra free spins and tokens as you deposit at our site.

Thanks for your time and attention. I wish you good luck at our site!

Maya on September 20, 2015. Reply

great bonuses which keep you going and pop up regularly

Annie on April 2, 2009. Reply

Great casino -really good loyalty program- cash out quick and no hassels usually win just to lazy to cash out finally did 880.00 in my wallet in 3 days.


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