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poduction1 on August 1, 2015.

It was so sudden…I was playing and put in for a cash out oextn July 19,2015.
I was able to login on the 22nd or 23rd it was still waiting for approval.
Mine had always been approved in 3 days.
Next time I attempted to login……..and never got an email or my money.
I tried their phone number in the us and it just rings or says all circuits are busy.

Linda Vaughn on July 30, 2015.

Slots of jungle closed without paying my 1500.00 that really sucks
Anyone know their phone number ?

Betty Belton on July 27, 2015.

Why did slots jungle go out of business it was the best casino I love it will ever open again it help me take my mind off the. Cancer I have and I always got my withdrawal on time I will miss it Thanks

australia1960 on November 7, 2014.

Ah here this one that just closed my account for nothing I am not a thief I am an honest person,
do you think they will answer me hell no i have never had trouble and always use my visa since they have done this I highly recommend you close you visa account.
what the hell is happening here does not make sence

Amanda Turner on November 4, 2014.

My experience has been very good. The bonus's are great and customer service is always so nice and helpful. I only play at this online casino.

Tim on May 24, 2014.

After successfully depositing, playing, and losing an initial deposit of 125.00 — I deposited an additional 99$ on slotsjungle. I used a promo code that included 10 free spins on the game, "Aladdin's wishes". The game would not properly load, which led me to contact customer service. I continually noted the error code I was receiving and that it requested I contact customer service, however, I told issues were related to my browser, not beign logged-in and other random issues that did not make sense. After receiving no help, I took it upon myself to uninstall the program and re-install it. After uninstalling it, I returned to the slotsjungle website to download the software. At this time, the website kept returning error messages when I would attempt to download it. Trying to resolve the issue, I re-entered customer support chat. I continued to receive no help — and it was becoming clear that my issue was not being paid attention to. Despite me confirming with other players that similar issues were occurring with the SlotsJungle website, the staff continued to tell me it was problems with Flash or my browser or computer. Even after sending screenshots of the issue to "Molly" the customer service rep, as she requested. Finally, I gave up hope with the online chat — telling Molly, "This is poor customer service. I'm going to call in and ask for a refund."

I previously had experienced much better customer service via the phone, so it was my intention to call in and see what could be resolved. At that point, if I couldn't be helped, I would opt for a refund since I couldn't play with the money I had already deposited. Before calling, I tried to log-into the slotsjungle website to get the account information I would need on the phone. At this time I was informed my account was disabled and I needed to contact online chat again. When I did this, I was treated very rudely by the shift manager. Without my consent, or my knowledge, a refund was processed and my account was closed. When I asked if this was in the best interest of the company to close my account and issue a refund without my consent (despite my consistent revenue stream) I was threatened that I would no longer be able to play at any online casino because of this. This threat was from the shift manager that Molly transferred me to. He referred to himself as "James".

James continued to treat me very rudely, not trying to resolve the situation whatsoever, and delayed when I requested contact information for a complaint. He claimed to have called me and gotten a voicemail — which was his reasoning for issuing a refund and closing my account within 5 minutes of the online chat. He then refused to give me direct contact information (only the company line and email from the website).

I have all chat logs saved. I still have not received the refund at this time. I have not been contacted or offered any resolution. Apparently, it is in their best interest to treat customers poorly and threaten them when they have issues with the software.

In addition to this, I have now noticed several of my deposits have been double charged. DO NOT PLAY AT THIS CASINO!

K V on November 30, 2013.

I have been a loyal and high spending customer of Slots Jungle's for 2 years. I was the highest tier VIP and received gifts all the time. It did turn dark about 6 months ago. I was told I could no longer use bonus codes anymore and that my VIP level would drop. (Which is stated nowhere in their terms.) So after winning they will do everything in their power to regulate you. Also, have this I was only able to withdraw $500 at a time instead of the $3000 I was supposed to be; which I don't believe anyone has been able to. Recently, I was charged double on my credit cards and the transactions being purchased were also being masked as something else which really drew the attention to my bank. As of today, I am treated like crap by every member of their staff, have no bonus or VIP rights, and sometimes get charged double. This is coming from a person that has made roughly 25k in deposits to this casino. That's how they treat their loyal customers, think how they'll treat you.

Christian J Sharp on August 22, 2013.

Haven't withdrawn any yet, but I'm interested in knowing What is Slots Jungle response to the previous comments? All are concerning the withdraw process and a complaint board is nice, but not knowing how the issues were handled, actually alot of them surrounding only one issue, is a major concern in itself. I've had a great experience depositing money…customer service was right there. I've had a great experience playing the slots…have won at the highest $3800…played another $1100+…had alot of fun. I'm about to make my first withdraw, but after reading all of these without any response from slots Jungle, I can't saying I'm looking forward to it.

lori price on July 30, 2013.

they do not pay and they lie.. i asked their C S chat person before i made my deposit if there was anything wrong with my account that would prevent me from cashing out if i happen to win.. i was told no there would be no problems cashing out. i asked this twice once in chat and once on the phone and was told there would be no problems both times. i made my dep and won $600.. after i made playthru i sent my docs then requested a withdrawal. After waiting the 4 days i went back to chat and was told my money was on its way and i should have it in a week…i waited 12 days and went back to chat and was told i wasnt getting my money but if i deposited i would be able to cash out NEXT time. they removed the $600 from my account. they lied about being able to cashout and they lied about my check being sent. i was told this was a reputable casino and that they always pay thats why i decided to deposit there but that was not true…

kittyoutlaw1 on April 13, 2013.

I am a vip with slotsjungle. They (Daniel) sent me a Birthday present of $70 with no strings attached per his gift. I played their playthrough requirements and tried to cash out $975.00. They told me to send in all the documents as I had never cashed out. I sent them the documents and they said the credit card I sent was not the one on file. I told them that one was destroyed last year and a new one was issued, both had my photo on them. This went on for about 2 weeks and finally they said to get a note from my bank to back me up, so I did. Finally they said my withdrawal was approved for $350.00. They said even Birthday gifts fall under the rule for no more than 5X the gift even thought their rules and regulations say unless otherwise stated and since it did not state at all on my gift card I felt I should get the whole amount. Never the less I have not even received the $350.00. They said that it was approved and sent on the 21st of March but when I question where it was a week later they made me send them a copy of my bank statement to basically prove that I did not get it. I am thinking what the heck are they doing.Then they said, oh be patience they are having trouble with their wire transfers. still nothing and it is april 1st 2013. I do NOT recommend anyone playing on this site or really any gambling site, they all want your deposits that are made in a split second and yet you have to fight, argue, send 50 emails, bug bug bug to try and get your withdrawals.

Lucinda on April 13, 2013.

Slots Jungle owes me $1,000 and they are late in paying me. I refuse to put any more money into this casino until I get paid. Nobody seems to know where the money is or when I will receive it. I feel like I'm getting the run around every time I call or go to live chat. Beware!!!

Tina S. on January 13, 2013.

My payout for $500 was approved back on December 4, 2012 and I have not received any payment and get the run around on a daily basis. Some story about the wire transfer issues but no one can give me any actual facts such as when it was sent and the details of the transfer. I am even a VIP player so I can't imagine how crummy they treat their non-vip players. Once I get my cash from this place I won't be gambling there again.

jacintababy on January 7, 2013.

well, as I stated, I'm following up on the $1000 payment, it came through today. So I requested the withdrawal on 12/25/12, it was approved on 12/31/12 and I actually received it in my account via wire transfer on 1/4/13. So roughly about ten days total to receive the payment…..I have to be honest they do pay, just a little slow. Best wishes to you all…

jacintababy on January 7, 2013.

been playing at slots jungle for a while and lost some money, but knew at some point I'd win something, won $150 and $250 max withdrawal limits for two free chips, had no problem being paid, however just recently won over $7000 on slots and requested a withdrawal of $2000, only got approved for $1000 and the other $1000 was placed back into my account, now I'm still waiting for the approved $1000 to be posted to my account, it was approved on 12/31/12 and they stated that it'll take 4 to 5 business day to post, they stated that Jan 1st and 2nd are not business days and that Fri, Sat and Sun aren't business days and I should see the money next week. Either way I'm not depositing their ever again and they stated that payouts are approved for amounts according to your player status, so I was approved for $1000. If anyone know of really good online casinos for US players that payout fast please let me know….Thanks

PS felt like I wasn't going to really get paid, so I played the rest of the money back on slots wagering ridiculous amounts to get my balance to zero, it may sound crazy but thats what I did, seems like it doesn't matter when you're not getting your requested payouts anyway. Slots jungle has been a big major disappointment to me,……….

Joe D'Anna on October 29, 2012.

After receiving a 15.00 bonus chip that required a 40X playthrough, I managed to win upwards of 1000.00 over a period of several hours of playtime. This amount setteld back to 500.00 when I decided to stop playing. The next day I decided proceed with a request for a withdrawl only to find out there was NOTHING in my balance. After contacting customer support I was told there was no record of my having won the amount in question. It's obvious this casino is operating as a scam. PLAYER BEWARE!

Jean C on October 21, 2012.

I won $21,000 @ SlotsJungle and they took it all except for $121!!! They said I played forbidden games. I'm new at this and didn't know that you have to play either slots OR table games. But even before this happened, I had trouble with the live chat people and it felt like I was being scammed. Now reading all your complaints I know I'm being scammed. They don't want to pay out such a large amount. They told me if I played more money that I could then withdraw all my winnings. That didn't feel right to me so I declined. I asked for my first $3000 and then I saw that they took all my winnings with an excuse that they looked over my playing and came up with only slots OR tables. Has anyone else been told this? I've written the Vice President and Finance and will tell anyone who will listen. That money is mine, I've won it fair and square. I'm NOT going away!!!!!

Juls on September 25, 2012.

I won off their free chip and of course you can only withdrawal 5 times the free chip. So the payout was a simple hundred bucks. So I'm not really tripping, however, I have yet to receive my payout that was approved on 9/13/2012. Customer support said it was sent fed ex although the request was for a wire transfer. I asked customer support how come I wasn't notified that the payout method had changed. Of course no answer… I then went to ask for the fed ex tracking number, and she couldn't provide me with that information either. She said that the finance department would email me the tracking number, however we are working on day 2 and still no check and no tracking number. I refuse to play at Slots Jungle until I see a payout. I mean really a hundred dollars. wow.

sobsy on September 20, 2012.

made a withdrawl request after all ID documents been approved it was for £1,020…after 4weeks i have been locked out of my account and they have now closed it.

I would advise fellow online casino players to stay well away from slots jungle and not to be drawn in by their large bonus offers!!!

Diane Scribner on September 7, 2012.

Just curious as to why this casino has not responded to any of the complaints posted. I have spent thousands of dollars with this casino and their sister casino and now in the process of getting my forms verified. I too am leary of a jackpot I won and then kept winning. I have played online casinos for many years and have not seen anything like it. I won a 7 thousand dollar jackpot…but the word is mum on the sparse 500 dollar payout at a time. They say to contact finance which might as well be on mars.

mary on August 25, 2012.

I have no complaints with the gaming, only with their financial policies.

No matter what the Finance section of their website states, they continue to ‘adjust’ their payout process to reduce and/or delay payouts. I’ve played at SJ for quite a long time. I’ve managed to actually received a few payouts (with much struggling and patience on my part). My player ‘status’ has elevated twice, which should allow me higher payout limits, which it does show on their Withdrawal screen. Yet when I request the max payout amount , they approve only half of that amount. And instead of a 2 day approval & then 2 days for wire out of funds… the approval takes from 4-5 days and the wires don’t go out for another 3-4 days. They simply don’t want to payout any more than they have to. I just finished sending off another email to their VIP cust service manager about how upset I am ‘again’.

Albert on July 24, 2012.

Just like many of yoy guys, I am having same wire-transfer issue with Slots Jungle these day.
I request a winning withdraw of 2,500 dollars, My request was approved on 7/5/2012. Then I was told that I will received it in 5 business days maximum. As of today, I still not received yet.
Last week, I try to commincate wth their finance department by email in and try to find out "WHERE IS MY WINNING", The aswers were not very prductive. all I got are from "Not to worry, I will receive..", "thewire transaction was sent and verified successfully" to "We are investigating your issue..", Not very encouraged, and remind me "Where is My Refund" in our IRS website this yeat. Isn't it?

Tamera Dyer on July 10, 2012.

I withdrew 900 and of course 500.00 SAYS it was approved and the 400.00 put back. Here is my issue, they said it was sent by Fed X on 07/05 today is 07/09 and I still don't have even the 500.00. I of course can't get a response for the tracking number and when I called Fed X they show nothing for me or for my address. So is anyone even getting the 500.00 paymetns?

Harold on May 15, 2012.

I have played at over 20 online casinos, I have a decent number of friends that do as well, I will def be making sure not one plays at slots jungle. Here is how it works. Lets say you win 3000. You must fill out a faxback form which takes 4 days. Then you must request the winnings which takes 4-5 days. After it is approved, they say it takes 5 days to get the first 500.00 installment. and you have to repeat this process EVERYTIME for your next installment. SO in order to get your 3000 out, it will be 6 requests at around 10 days each time, so every two weeks basically you get 500 till its paid. DO not play at this casino, there are so many better ones out there.

parkerdebbie on April 4, 2012.

Slots Jungle said I would have my money in 10 business days. and it was done I didnt have to call them . they did what they said they would do. and they have a freindly staff. I would reccommend this casino to anyone

Thankyou very much.

MitchRR on March 16, 2012.

Lona, while I agree with you that casinos take their time to process withdrawals (as opposed to payments INTO your casino account) I think that calling it a scam is way too much. They a based outside the U.S. and they take ‘shady’ ways to send you the money because they are forced to. Online casinos would be more than happy to send you the money directly.
Besides, you can’t blame a casino for luring you into spending more money. That’s how it works online AND offline. Hell, I get free drinks in Vegas as long as I’m gambling there. You don’t call that a scam too?
I’ve been playing at online casinos for many years. I had to wait for my money a few times but I’ve never been burned. I visit popular gambling portals like this one and rely on what they have to say about a casino.

Lona on March 16, 2012.

First of all, before you game online you will want to contact your bank and ask their fraud department if online gambling is legal in the state you reside in. I do not know the entire list, but I do know it is is illegal in Washington, Arizona, California, Oregon, to name a few.
Secondly, the problem with completing withdrawal paperwork is that you are turning your banking information over to an OUT OF COUNTRY, unseen entity. You are at GREAT RISK to have your bank account cleaned out without recourse. These online gaming sites promise wire transfers for up to $3000 – this is the enticement / scam to get you to fill out their withdrawal paperwork. Once they obtain your information they make you wait and wait and wait – not to mention, the only information you obtain will be when you Ask Them! There is a reason why you are only able to email their finance departments. They certainly don't want people calling them with constant complaints.
In sending you a check (which will only be in $500 increments), they do not send it directly from their country, they must use a US company to distribute the funds for them; partly so they can hide what their doing and to slow the process down. IF you have funds in your gaming account left over from your withdrawal request their hope is you will continue to lose those funds while you wait for your withdrawal money, thus causing you to deposit more funds.
Do yourself a favor: take yourself to a legitimate casino in your area where you know if you win you will be paid immediately. THIS IS A SCAM IN THE HIGHEST FORM!

Susan on March 2, 2012.

I can personally attest to the fact that Slots Jungle will only payout in small ($500) increments and will take their sweet time in doing so. Also, due to the fact that I have complained about their withdrawal policies and lack of customer service, I received an email from them last night stating that my account was no longer eligible for redeeming coupons! Seriously – they are 'punishing' me for making valid complaints. At the rate at which I am receiving my winnings, it will be 2 MONTHS or more before I receive the $4500 I am due. I highly recommend NOT playing at Slots Jungle – unless, of course, you just have money to blow and have no intention of collecting your potential winnings.

Tim on January 10, 2012.

OK after reading the comments I am a little leary of the payouts and the customer service. Is this site for real? In the past week I have won over $10,000 and it seems every game I play pays off in the hundreds of dollars. I have played at over 20 different on line casinos and have never experienced anything like this. This is not a testimonial either way on this site as I have not tried to withdraw any funds yet. I will post either way as soon as I try and either get the run around or endorse this site

Pam on January 4, 2012.

I am having the same exact problem as Scott. I was told they are having tech problems with wire transfers. Its been almost three weeks since I was supposed to get the 500 installment payment. they took it out of my account but are not sending it to me. I emailed the finance department. they were not helpful and did not give me a reason or a time I would receive the money. DON'T PLAY AT SLOTSJUNGLE!

scott on December 19, 2011.

I requested and was approved an 800 dollar withdrawl. was told can only be sent 500 at a time in installments. That was 10 days ago and they keep telling me the finance department is having tech issues. I was told origionaly I would have money in my bank withing 3 to 5 business days. Im starting to wonder what is really going on. I would not recommend this casino to ANYONE

LLM on October 8, 2011.

I have been waiting about 3 weeks to recive my withdrawal. It is only the minimum withdrawal limit. I used a code for "free" money and played the playthrough amount which was $525. Now, I filled out the faxback information and they keep saying that my bank is denying the wire transfer due to an incorrect account number. I checked and double checked with my bank on the wire transfer and the account number and they said that no deposit has been attempted in my name at all. So anyways I recieved an email today saying the same thing and I just flat out asked if they are trying to scam me or do they just not want to pay, then I gave them a different account and routing number and said that if it doesn't go through this time mail me a check and stop playing games! Let's see what happens now!

HenryH on July 26, 2011.

Can you be more specific as to why they refuse to pay?
There ARE things like wagering requirements you know :-/. That´s the fine print a lot of players fail to understand or even to read before playing at online casinos

chico on July 26, 2011.

after about 2000 dollars deposit, i won about 700 dollars, asked for withdrawal, they approved it, and then found excuses not to pay… please help me.

Heather on March 19, 2011.

This was always my "go to" online casino have made many small deposits and was able to play for long period of time. Last week I won a random jackpot and in the process of waiting for 2600 payout. I thought i would look to see if any complaints/issues with withdrawals and was very surprised to find out they payout in installments. Live support told me it could be as low as 500 installments. This was very surprising and diappointing. So winners be aware of installment payments. I havent been approved for withdrawl yet as it has only been 4 days and with first withdrawal it takes longer so we will see what happens. IMO I will find another casino to play at that makes full amount withdrawals.

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