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Dannielle VanHagen-Marr on March 12, 2019. Reply

I have been waiting for my withdrawal since the 1st of March and they have asked for my bank details twice, not sure what they did with them the first time. I then needed to provide more documents for validation which took about an hour of arguing because apparently security could not read the clearly printed address on my phone acc. Was then told will take up to 5 business days. Then I noticed that the money is back in my casino account and they have apparently chosen me randomly for more validation. 12 days later I still can’t have my money.

toan nguyen on October 22, 2018. Reply

I created a new player account on Tangiers Casino. I reached approximately $120 using their welcome bonus, and after playing a while, my balance was at $80 when I decided to contact customer service via chat to ask where I can view the status or progress of my wagering requirements. Chat told me to contact their security team, whereby my account was locked with no explanation. This is my first time registering on their site. I do not use multiple accounts, etc. I think I reached their playthrough, but they didn’t want to pay me, so instead they locked my account for “inconsistencies”, which they did not provide nor could point out.

FranD on September 5, 2018. Reply

A quality establishment that sems to have been around for ever. I have been playing Tangiers for 5 years and there is never any surprises when I cashout, even if they take a bit longer for my country. Liking the new Races promo which allows me to compete at slots with other players for cash.

Panayiotis on December 1, 2017. Reply

1. I deposited on 30/11/2017 75EUR (25EUR and 50EUR).
2. I asked from the Live Chat to remove all the bonuses before I play which they nicely did.
3. After I lost on my first deposit, I deposited 50EUR and again the same as point 2 occured.
4. I played roulette and I accumulated a balance of 108.4EUR .
5. Once I exited the roulette, my balance went down to 58.40EUR
6. I called the customer support but unfortunately, the guys on the phone where at least not capable of helping me and they started saying that I used the bonus and thus my bonus went down. But when I asked him to check the audit trail of the forfeit of bonus and the actual time that I played they could not and they told me to speak with Live Chat. During my second time that I called they hang up!!!
7. I spoke with the live chat and a guy named Tom told me that my balance on their screen showed 108.4 and he asked me to clear cookies/cache because that might be the reason (I found it strange but I tried and my balance was still 58.40EUR).

Tangiers Casino on June 7, 2018. Reply


We know that we discussed on this matter at the moment when it happened, but we happened to find this post as well and wanted to make sure that everything is clear.

We have checked your account and found that on the 30th of November, the balance you left on your account was indeed 108.40 euros.

On the 1st of December you found the same balance in your account and you started playing from it as well. You played Roulette and your first bet on December 1st was 58 euros, leaving you with a balance of 50.40 euros. If you check the screenshot that you sent us via email, you will find that the line where you can see the 58 amount is marked with Casino Buy In, which is the name we are using for Casino Bet.

We also noticed that our colleagues on chat recommended you to clear cache and cookies, as they could see the correct balance on our end. We understand it might be a little frustrating, but just to rule out any connectivity issue that might delay the update of information on your end, it is necessary to do this as well. Just as well you can try the site from an incognito browser.

Just to make sure that there was no visual desynchronization, we have added the 50 in cash to your account, and should you decide to give the games another try the amount will be there, cashable, waiting for you.

For any concerns you might have or any other questions, please let us know and we will look into it right away.

Kind regards,
The Tangiers Casino Team

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