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Panayiotis on December 1, 2017. Reply

1. I deposited on 30/11/2017 75EUR (25EUR and 50EUR).
2. I asked from the Live Chat to remove all the bonuses before I play which they nicely did.
3. After I lost on my first deposit, I deposited 50EUR and again the same as point 2 occured.
4. I played roulette and I accumulated a balance of 108.4EUR .
5. Once I exited the roulette, my balance went down to 58.40EUR
6. I called the customer support but unfortunately, the guys on the phone where at least not capable of helping me and they started saying that I used the bonus and thus my bonus went down. But when I asked him to check the audit trail of the forfeit of bonus and the actual time that I played they could not and they told me to speak with Live Chat. During my second time that I called they hang up!!!
7. I spoke with the live chat and a guy named Tom told me that my balance on their screen showed 108.4 and he asked me to clear cookies/cache because that might be the reason (I found it strange but I tried and my balance was still 58.40EUR).

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