So you want to win at roulette

The first thing to do is to remember the cruel facts of life. No casino is set up to let you win. I mean lets face it, they are a business like any other business. They have over- heads and are there to make a profit. So before you even walk inside, I strongly recommend that you leave your credit card at home and only carry the amount of cash that you can afford to loose. Nowadays casinos are so nice that they even have cash withdrawal machines that will allow you to withdraw just that little bit more. You need to have self-control and not be tempted by the fact that you may win a lot of money.

Your winning strategy should be to win some money not break the bank and pay off that bulging mortgage that never seems to disappear. Remember that each time the roulette spins it is a new probability, one based on chance and luck. But that doesn’t mean that there aren't some helpful tips to let you enjoy the game and maybe take home a small stake.

Now it is time to begin with some helpful hints on how to beat the odds and win that small fortune anyway.

*Aim to stay ahead at all times. Be realistic about how much money you can logically win. This is a game of chance. Don’t rely on probability. Each spin is a new chance. If the last four outcomes were red it doesn’t mean that the next spin will also be red. The Roulette wheel unlike a human has no memory. It is a machine that is operated by a human and therefore does not remember the previous scores. Unlike a poker player sitting opposite you, you can't look into their face and try and read behind the sunglasses.

Decide beforehand if you want to play safe or adventurously. For those who like to play the odds there is the classic bet which pays off 35-1 if you can guess the next number. The split bet is when you select 2 numbers so your rewards are less, only 17-1 if you can guess the correct number. For those who like to play it cautiously there are the outside bets where you bet the ball will land on red or black or odd verses even and in accordance the payoff is 1-1. Lower risk so lower rewards.

*You need to be able to walk away, in other words know when it is time to quit. For instance if you have been loosing consistently, for the last ten minutes, then it is time to take a breath of air and leave the table.

*Another tip is to play a few numbers every spin. But before you begin playing the game, choose your table carefully. Make sure that you find a table where you feel comfortable. Then before you actually join the table  watch a few games to get the feel of the atmosphere.

However you decide to play, remember it is a game, so enjoy it and be smart.

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