Caesar’s exec urges federal online gambling regulation

News on 26 Apr 2012

Caesars Entertainment senior vice president of communications and government regulations, Jan Jones, again emphasised her company’s strong preference for federal online gambling legalisation at GIGSE this week, stressing that continuing with an unregulated stance leaves the market vulnerable.

“The DoJ ruling leaves the market wide open and it is unclear how offshore operators should be operating in this space,” said Jones, who was at one time the mayor of Las Vegas. “If you care about clarity and protection, then having everyone run in their own direction doesn’t help at all.

“This business is moving online and if we want to appeal to a younger market and audience then we need to move with the times. The biggest failure is the failure of doing nothing.”

Caesars has been consistent in its demand that any online gambling regulation in the United States should be at federal, rather than state, level.

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