Chinese online gambling operators sent to jail

News on 8 Jan 2014

The two former “Panda” hackers arrested late last year for running an online gambling operation in China have been sentenced to stiff jail terms in the Liandu People’s Court sitting in Lishui, Zhejiang province.

The Chinese news agency Xinhua reports that Zhang Shun and Li Jun were sentenced to five and three years Wednesday as well as fined 200,000 and 80,000 yuan (about $33,060 and $13,224) respectively.

Despite criminal records arising from their prior imprisonment in the infamous “Panda” internet hacking case, the two embarked on a criminal enterprise involving online gambling, offering virtual card games that allowed players to gamble online using virtual chips.

The business grew and generated up to 76 million yuan in revenues before it was shut down by the police, who arrested its two founders, along with 24 other individuals employed by the company.

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