ESSA 2018 report 

News on 14 Feb 2019

International betting integrity body ESSA handled 267 alerts in 2018, 86 percent of which were generated from the tennis (178) and football (52) sports disciplines and mostly from in the European (148) and Asian (48) regions.

Khalid Ali, ESSA Secretary General, said although Tennis and football continue to lead the pack in terms of alerts, new patterns are emerging, particularly an increase in the eSports sector.

“Given the multi-jurisdictional nature of match-fixing, regulators around the world are now beginning to make it a requirement for operators to be part of an international monitoring system, which we fully support.”

The full text of ESSA’s 2018 annual integrity report can be read here.

In related news, Betway’s global head of trading, Jon Russell will become Chair of ESSA, succeeding Heike Mayer.

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