Gaming technology firm to acquire fantasy sports firm

World Poker Fund Holdings, Inc. (WPFH), revealed Thursday that it has signed a definitive agreement to acquire Picking Duck.

WPFH has also brought back Picking Duck’s Handicapper Marketplace, where the public can “buy sports picks” from professional handicappers, and has also acquired the rights to develop and produce “Beat the Bookie”, which will initially launch as a podcast and VLOG.

Picking Duck has been an active in the fantasy sports and sports betting arena for many years and plans to continue to operate its website and app across social media platforms, with an offering that ranges from live interviews with players to private Facebook group contests.

To further the sports betting education initiative, WPFH has signed an agreement to develop a program along with Picking Duck’s platform. The program is entitled “Beat the Bookie” which is a rotating talking heads format wherein various “bookies, handicappers and professional sports commentators” will discuss sports and sports betting from the bookmaker’s perspective.

The concept and format was created by Brian Burkhardt, who has produced several well regarded gaming/gambling documentaries.

“Now that sports betting is legal, we expect many novice players to become interested in the game. And with our educational sports betting platform, it makes a great starting point for every sports fan to learn the ropes.,” says CEO of Picking Duck, Kenneth Manubay

Travis Kasper, chairman and CEO of WPFH added: “We believe our community should be comfortable making sports bets and encourage responsible betting. Whether you are new to sports betting or a seasoned veteran, you can learn how to sports bet or test your strategies. It’s time to erase the traditional ways of sports betting. By tracking your stats, following hot players, and competing in weekly contests, you’re able to hone your skills and understand that there may be more than just picking a random team to win the game.”

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