Surprise move on online gambling in Illinois House

With less than a week left in the current legislative session, the House Gaming Subcommittee mulls amendments to a casino bill.

In a surprise move Friday, and with barely a week left of the current legislative session, the Illinois House Gaming Subcommittee was presented with amendments to a Senate bill (SB 7) originally intended to permit a land casino in Chicago city.

The amendments, crafted by the chair of the subcommittee, Rep. Robert Rita, adds placeholder provisions for daily fantasy sports, intrastate sports wagering and online gambling although there is little if any detailed language, leading to speculation that the amendments are placeholders that will be loaded with detailed provisions at some future stage.

The House Gaming Subcommittee has scheduled a hearing for Monday, where (it is assumed) the amendments will be on the agenda, but whether the proposals can be driven through in the current session, or will be held in abeyance until later in the year, remains to be seen.

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