IWG announces progressive jackpot e-Instant games

News on 15 Oct 2020

IWG announces progressive jackpot e-Instant games

IWG, the leading supplier of digital e-Instant games to lotteries worldwide, announces the launch of the lottery industry’s first progressive jackpot product for e-Instant games.

The engagement of e-Instant games combined with the excitement of progressive jackpots will significantly boost the broad player appeal of this fast growing lottery category.

Launching in the Fall of 2020 across several lotteries in North America, IWG’s progressive jackpot functionality is fully customizable for each Lottery market and can be added to any IWG game and mechanic.

Jungle Jackpots is set to be the first title to feature IWG’s new progressive jackpots product. The base game features the company’s popular symbol cluster mechanic and incorporates three in-game jackpot prizes – a mini jackpot awarded frequently, a medium size jackpot prize and a large jackpot.

The progressive jackpot functionality is completely managed within IWG’s Remote Game Server (RGS), and does not require any new integration at the iLottery platform level. This means that progressive jackpot e-Instants are immediately available to all IWG’s customers worldwide.

Further, IWG’s jackpot solution API enables real-time display of jackpot values across lottery websites, mobile apps and email campaigns.

Rhydian Fisher, IWG CEO, said: “We’re so excited to be bringing progressive jackpot capabilities to our lottery partners. The beauty with our solution is that it’s contained entirely within our RGS, ensuring lotteries don’t need to invest in resources on the platform side to offer progressive jackpots within their e-Instant games.

“Each progressive jackpot is completely customizable for each jurisdiction, ensuring the odds to hit prizes are optimal no matter the activity level for each lottery. Jungle Jackpots will make history later this year by becoming the first e-Instant game to feature progressive jackpots in the US, proving once again that IWG has set the standard for bringing innovative concepts to the iLottery industry.”

Source: Press Release

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