Mr Green CEO recognised in Sustainable Gaming Industry award

News on 16 Dec 2017

Business magazine European CEO has awarded Mr Green online casino group chief executive Per Norman the title Best CEO in the Sustainable Gaming Industry.

He was awarded the title for the long-term, strategic sustainability work Mr Green has demonstrated since the company was founded in 2007.

The most important sustainability issue for the gaming industry is risk behaviour and making sure that sound gaming conduct is not turned into unhealthy habits, the company notes revealing that Green Gaming, or responsible gaming, is one of the cornerstones in Mr Green’s business strategy.

In September this year, Mr Green launched its new Green Gaming Predictive Tool. The development of the tool took more than a year and has involved world leading experts in psychology and addictive gaming. The tool is unique and provides Mr Green Casino with completely new opportunities to support customers demonstrating high risk behaviour.

Thousands of players have already tested the tool and have reacted positively to its availability.

“The award is an important acknowledgement for Mr Green and the determined efforts by everyone to make our customers experience a safe gaming environment,” said Norman.

“Green Gaming is not about giving us a good feeling, it is also crucial for our business. Like every consumer company, we want our customers to be loyal and return to us. Through Green Gaming, we build consumer confidence, which is important in order to create long-term customer relationships.”

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