New Hampshire online gambling legalisation fails

News on 2 Nov 2017

The optimism earlier this year that New Hampshire may become the next US state to legalise online gambling (see previous  reports) sputtered out this week when bill H562 failed to pass as “inexpedient to legislate” on a vote of 23 vs. 0 during a House Executive session.

H562 was a largely empty proposal in content terms, being more of a placeholder that would enable House and Senate to provide content and reach a positive consensus.

The bill was introduced early this year and went through at least one resurrection after languishing in committee, but it lacked sufficient appeal to really gain traction and the project will now have to wait until next year’s legislative season before the process starts again.

Back in July a proposal to take New Hampshire’s state lottery online was approved (see previous  reports) and the success (or otherwise) of that decision may well influence future debate on legalisation.

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