Positive feedback coming out of PASPA hearing

News on 4 Dec 2017

Initial feedback coming out of the US Supreme Court’s hearing on New Jersey’s challenge to the Professional Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA) is tentatively positive as numerous US news agencies report the bench appears to be “leaning towards overturning PASPA and allowing sports betting in New Jersey”.

New Jersey’s argument that PASPA infringes upon individual state Sovereignty and violates the Constitution’s principle of federalism seems to have struck a cord with the bench.

“This blurs political accountability because the citizen doesn’t know if it is the state government or the federal government banning sports betting,” Justice Anthony Kennedy said.

“This is precisely what federalism is designed to prevent.”

In a press briefing that followed the hearing, proponent State Senator Raymond Lesniak said:

“It’s not quite a slam dunk, but it’s like Tiger Woods on a five-foot putt. This has been a nine-year battle of mine finally coming to fruition. … This time I think we’re going to win. This is going to be the lifeblood of Atlantic City and our racetracks. Both of these industries are dying.”

The bench is expected to rule by the end of June 2018.

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