Zynga’s new social gaming product increases player engagement

News on 10 Oct 2015

The in-house development team at social games provider Zynga has come up with a feature that they claim will bring about more player engagement with in-game advertisers.

Branded SponsoredPlay, the product rewards players as they play a game if they engage with sponsoring advertisers. Brands are charged each time a person plays their sponsored level and can offer players a reward in exchange for playing.

Beta testing of the new product on Zynga’s popular Farmville game in conjunction with selected advertisers has apparently generated positive results that include a double-digit increase in player time in the game, along with significantly more opt-ins compared to more traditional and conventional ads.

Zynga spokesperson Amy Gershkoff said the launch of SponsoredPlay had enabled Zynga to deliver a player-centred advertising experience, simultaneously assisting advertisers to connect with the right consumers, in the right games at the right time.

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