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A Nemaric on December 27, 2009. Reply

If I have an issue with my local casino I can always go down and see them personally, or I can call the police, or I can sue them. However, if I have an issue with an on-line casino in the Virgin Islands, or South East Asia, or somewhere in Europe it is far more difficult. Even if one made the journey, the address is either hard to find, or the address is bogus. In essence, if you can't pin them down, then their obligation to pay you your winnings is purely optional. And we shouldn't be seduced by the casinos saying they are in St. Moritz, or Isle of Capri, or Venice, Rome, St. Tropez, Vegas, etc, but consider that they may all be in the back room of some slum in Manila or London or Detroit, and merely masquerading. In fact if a casino operates in some place like Dublin or Durban, and calls itself the Belgium casino, or Paris casino, or Amsterdam casino, then it is wrongly using the good name of the Belgians, and Dutch etc, and therefore, is practising a deception. Once they start with one deception, well you know what happens next.

Gab on September 25, 2006. Reply

I have been a VIP player with Carnval Casino for about a year. I deposited over $40,000 not including bonuses. I have never made a
withdrawal. Someone, without authorization blocked my account. I have been cranky with them. I have called, emailed, etc. for over 3 weeks and my VIP manager has NOT once responded to my inquires. I feel as I was a dedicated player who spent a LOT of money and ended up being treated like dog poop on the bottom of your shoe.
If this is how they treat VIP’s, I would be leary of how others would be treated.

mr ryme on June 17, 2006. Reply

I´ve been playing for a while at carnival online casino and made 4 deposits and 2 withdrawals. I can´t say that I won a lot but at least I did win. It took me a while though. Can´t complain about the support staff either. Of course the deposits were handled without any problems but so were the payouts.

Chica on May 20, 2006. Reply

This casino is a scam!!! When you transfer money for the first time they do not allow you to proceed without agreeing to receive their bonus. However when it comes time to withdraw your money (I had no winnings, just part of my original deposit) it turns out that when you got the bonus you automatically agreed to wager at least 8 times your original deposit + bonus, which is ridiculous. And, on top of that, all the table games do not count towards that wager. They basically scam you in the snall print. In addition, when I trid to transfer monet from my credit card it did not work out and the online agent told me that they were having difficulties at the moment and to try Epassporte so I did. However, now I know that the reason for that was that if I used my credit card I can call them to do a charge-back, but with ePassport I cannot so that, so I’m basically fucked. Do not play this casino and do not believe the other reviews. Read the small print and find a better casino.

gary on February 24, 2006. Reply

If you lose playing at this casino, you lose. If you win you still lose. I had opened an account and recieved the bonus. I didn’t want to have to make betting requirements or only play certain games, so I had them reset my account to it’s orginal deposit without the bonus. Now I’m playing the games I want to play and when it’s time to withdrawl some of my winnings i found that they were declined. I thought it might have been an oversight due to my recent account reset and emailed them back. They replied that everything should be ok and that I should be able to withdrawl. Declined again. I then in turn wrote them another email and have yet to hear back from them, unable to withdraw any of my own initial deposit. If you lose, then you lose at Carnival; but if you win, then you still lose! Choose another casino!

fernando sanchez on April 7, 2005. Reply

I have played in many online casinos but this place really was so much fun that I will surely come back and since I told my friends about it, my bankroll has grown in size thanks to the cool bonus they give for that. Thanks Carnival!

solomon lyttle on April 7, 2005. Reply

There are some really cool games here which I played but I had the most fun playing with the live dealers. I mean there I was sitting at home, yet I saw my blackjack cards being dealt right in front of me and I could chat with the dealer too. Really good times.

Gloria on April 7, 2005. Reply

After visiting another few online casinos I can honestly say that the games and rules here are really straight forward. If you win you win and if you lose then too bad. I did win some but I hope to win some more.

beatrice price on April 7, 2005. Reply

Being a slot-machine fanatic, I found that carnival casino has a good range of slot games. My favorite part is the big cash bonus you get just by entering. Great place!

William on August 3, 2004. Reply

The support mananager is named Karen.
If only all support managers were the same.
After 3 years playing on the internet,mostly everyday,she is the only LADY,that was polite enough to phone me,without request,just to conrirm I understood her reply to me.
Its the only time,I felt more than just a number to the casino’s
Well done Karen…love William

borbastic on July 11, 2004. Reply

If you give them your email, you will never be able to get off their spam list. They lie in each email and say that they never send spam. They ignore any request for it to end.

Carnival Casino on July 11, 2004. Reply

Carnival Casino never send an email without an unsubscribe link. This link is automated which means as soon as a player clicks it, he is directed to an unsubscribe page where he confirms he would like to unsubscribe. Once confirmed the players email is removed from the mailing list automatically

Ema on May 24, 2004. Reply

Excellent casino, good music and good games although I have seen them in other places.
I won, maybe that is the reason I liked this casino !

emerald on September 11, 2003. Reply

Bonus sounds great but in reality it is basically for slots players only. The list of restricted games is so long that I decided not to bother.

Carnival Casino on September 11, 2003. Reply

As in all other online casinos a number of games do not count towards the wagering requirements to fulfill bonus conditions. Carnival has over 70 games with only a handful of them not counted towards wagering

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