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Michael B. on April 28, 2017.

I’ve been playing Club World Casino for several years and truly enjoy the entertainment. I’ve been receiving courier checks from my winnings and never had a problem until last week. I cashed the check on April 18th and on April 27th the bank (out of Canada) refused to pay as they told my bank they had no funds. How can a bank have no funds. I’ve sent several emails to the Cashier asking for the banks or financial personnel for the casino, but no one is responding.

I’m extremely sadden, as I had never experienced any problems until now, which this is a huge problem if the casino is not paying their players when they are making withdraws.

I’m finding myself contacting the many people I referred to the casino as they need to know what happened. I just don’t feel the casino is going to do anything about this and I have no leg to stand on.

Long Time Player

Kathy on May 5, 2017.

You’re not on this ship alone. I deposited my check on the 18th of April as well and mine bounced too. :o(

sue on May 7, 2017.

I deposited mine on April 12th & May 3rd (almost a month later) the stop payment appeared on my bank account. My bank withdrew the amount of the deposited check from my account putting me way under & resulted in fees. I contacted Club World & they told me “I am very sorry that the check has bounced however I can assure you that we have send the funds.”

Kathy on May 9, 2017.

An update… I’m hitting a wall with trying to resolve my issue with Club World Casino over issuing me a bad check. I’m receiving e-mails from the “Cashier” department stating they are going to “investigate” the situation. I have provided them a copy of the refused check as well as a copy of the letter from my bank. I have corresponded throughout the day and I’m getting nowhere. I have played here for years and have never had a problem. I’m saddened that such a reputable site has reduced to stiffing it’s players. There is nothing to “investigate”. I’m assuming that is just their way of stalling. It certainly appears that they are on their way OUT!!! Sad, as they used to be so reputable.

Kathy on May 11, 2017.

UPDATE: Thursday, May 11. I am happy to report that Club World has resolved the issue with the returned check and they have credited the money back to my account. They are sending the funds to me via a wire transfer. I had a second withdrawal that I had requested a wire transfer on Monday, May 8, and, as of this morning, the funds are in my checking account. Emma (senior cashier), and Simon (cashier) were very helpful in resolving the situation.

Todd s on February 28, 2017.

Played club, lucky red and aladdins for years great sites. I hit 187,000 on a progressive table game but the down fall is even with there exception to up my weekly withdrawal limit to 7500.00 per week i was only able to receive about 45,000 of that before I lost it all back. But I guess that’s sorta my own fault. Just wish they had a better pay out option. This is by far the best of the best online gaming offered in my opinion. Although there new software layout sucks in my opinion.but I still win consistently here more than anywhere else.

bcjordan on January 18, 2017.

I have never had any problems with the Club World Casino group. This is the ONLY group of casinos I play, currently. They pay promptly. All others have to be nagged before getting payment.

billie guthrie on November 22, 2016.

Have been playing lucky red, club world, manhattan slots and high noon for several years and never ever had a problem. Won many times, but they say they are happy when someone wins. Alsways my withdrawals are in the bank within 72 hours

Fran on August 18, 2016.

I have always enjoyed playing at Club World Casino. The problem I have is that on my last payout which took only 3 days, I was warned not to deposit the check into an ATM or online. Just thru a bank teller and if the check does not go thru ask the bank to hold the check for 5 to 10 business days. I have never heard of that before. Now I’m nervous to deposit the check. Also, it said make sure if I am asked if this check is from gambling, to say no it’s from a personal transfer. I really don’t want to have to worry about depositing a check every time I win, even though it’s not that often. I hope the check is good.

Barbra p on January 6, 2016.

I have played at this casino for years, with no problems. Several months ago their promotions managers changed hands, ever sincethis casino has been so bad.I deposited over 700 and played through over 5000 and was told I was not eligible for a daily bonus.This has happened over and over for the last few months. The month before did the same..over 600 and 7000 and no bonus, monthly or 620 .. 40 bonus .. thats it.. system wont allow more. Some bs story that bonuses are tight..In the past I have received these with no problem. lately i have notice the wheels spinning then pausing, aftet i lose over and over thoudands. There bonuses play through has also changef from 10x to 20x.On my last withdrawal I was told by customer service just what to do, did it while in chat. My withdrawal was delayed by 9 days.

Sherman Thomas on December 21, 2015.

I agree with most of the reviews on here. One of the lower payouts I’ve come across and the customer service wasn’t really of any help when i was having issues with withdrawing money. The games and layout are just alright.

Dean on December 17, 2015.

refuses to pay out been delayin my payment for days with excuses of they are awaitin finance team to contact them no exsplanation why my 2000 withdrawal has been well pendin over a hour try more 100 jlhours

Bruce on July 10, 2015.

This place is absolutely horrible in terms of customer service. Payout are actually good. I’ve played through so much money with very little in terms of comps and bonuses. I have taken my business elsewhere along with my friends.

xanto on July 8, 2015.

I accidentaly entered wrong phone number at the registration – so I was unable to withdraw – I wanna send documents and everything, nope – phone verification needed…. soo I lost 90 bucks.

Jamil1221 on December 16, 2014.

Of all the casinos I’ve played at, this one gave me the least amount of payout. Over the past couple years I’ve deposited a ton of money here. Not really worth the ROI in my opinion

I also had some issues with the deposits. Kept saying I didn’t have enough funds and kept hassling me to deposit more even though I had a ton of money already in my account.

Nothing about this casino was so great that you can’t find a better experience somewhere else.

Overall rating 4/10

peter north on December 5, 2014.

Wow, I admire you guys that think this is a good place. They really do just want to hassle you if you win until you give up. They stole more than $100 from me on the very first day by saying I didn’t provide the required information for a pay out (which I did provide every single item). They ended up refunding my original deposit but none of the winnings and continue to give me the run around about it saying they closed my account, reported me, I can’t play anymore and so on. I simply requested my winnings and they refuse to pay out. I keep asking what they would have done if I had lost my original deposit, no answer of course! I expect if I lost they wouldn’t have required any additional information and would not have refunded anything. Please stay away from them and tell everyone you can that it is a total scam.

Tina on November 4, 2014.

I can't believe the negative comments on here, I have been playing with Club world for at least 7 years and never had a bad experience, whenever I have won I got my winnings within a week and sometimes its even been approved in less than 24 hours if I sent an email requesting it be processed right away. Their customer service has always been nice and helpful, I wouldn't suggest playing anywhere else besides here or their sister casinos. They are simply the best in all aspects.

Robert on September 17, 2014.

***HORRIBLE EXERPIENCE**** I made an account and of course my deposit went through with no problem. I played my deposit out and went to re-deposit to my account. Upon trying to re-deposit I realized there was no option for my original deposit option anymore. I then proceeded to call Club World Casino online and spoke to a gentleman with a thick accent that I could not understand. I had to ask him a few different times to repeat himself. He was asking me about my college degree with no information as to why I needed to provide this information. Apparently, I answered him with a yes I am a college student, even though I haven't been in two years when I finished my degree. I was then told because of my age I have to go through a huge verification process in order to re-instate my account. I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND THIS CASINO TO ANYONE. If I can deposit once and they charge my card, but, then I can't deposit again because of a miscommunication that is absolutely ridiculous.

Norma Linda on February 28, 2014.

My experiences with Club World Casino have all been positive. I have never had a problem with depositing or cashing out. The Customer Service team is awesome. If you make sure to read all about the wagering rules, and the information on the terms and conditions page then you shouldn't have issues because there will be a mutual understanding on both ends. You only have to fax in your documents one time and they will be good for all of the Club World Group casinos, which is very convenient. I have been a Club World member for about 3 years and would not even consider going elsewhere. I highly recommend this casino and it's affiliates.

Barbara P on February 28, 2014.

Very tough to win big at this casino. I am a US player and have been playing at Club World for a few years. I have made only a few small withdrawals. They were both under $200. I have deposited way too much here as we all know to be a fact !!
The reason I decided to withdraw such a low amount was I had deposited way too much money both times and needed to recoup some of my money!! Well I went to make a withdrawal yesterday of $288 which was big for me and new rules state withdrawals must be $300 to $350 depending on which option you choose to withdraw!! And they charge $45 for processing fees! They have these withdrawal rules only for US players. Check out the rules for other countries and you will see the amounts for withdrawals are very low starting at $50 and under. Also other countries are charged little to no processing fees for withdrawing!! I would say they really don't want our business!! Hopefully the US will have online gaming soon. A few states have been approved but you must reside in that state to play online!! The US does realize the billions they will make if online gaming is made legal in the US and also know how much they are losing to these other countries!! They need to get the TEA PARTY MEMBERS OF CONGRESS to agree and there lies the challenge!! I do have to say customer service is excellent at Club World and I had no problems withdrawing after my documents were approved. I am pulling the plug here as of today !! Not worth playing here for what little I have made and the thousands I have deposited!! Good Luck to the rest of you who play at Club World. I do hope you will send them a message and also decide this Casino has too many rules for US players that make it almost impossible to win and for that matter enjoy the experience!!

sophy liv on February 21, 2014.

i have made a withdraw of $909.00 and was told to send all document which i did ..and then i got and email saying withdraw was decline because i disnt send identification document , which i have done , after speaking to cobie , and jon online chat cobie has said the document have been recieve..thwn jon told ke it was the weekend and that all document be decline until approve..i kwpt telling jon that the money has been decline and sent back into my casino account..can anybody tell me why? am i being scam

Don on January 27, 2014.

I am having much trouble with the casino cashiers accepting my account verification form, id documents, and credit card copies. I utilize the same scanner that I used with other online casinos and have never had a problem. My opinion is this is a delay tactic in processing a payout. I need to find their license holder if any. I would not recommend patronizing Club World. Too much of a headache dealing with their system. Any suggestions?

laurie on December 15, 2013.

I have played loyally at all Club World casinos for about a year now. I have had some success however not even close to what i have put in. ugh I wouldn't think about going anywhere other than a Club World casino however lately it has been very boring not even close to withdrawing. I have not played on bonuses lately as that even harder to get through. The customer service is definitely FIVE STAR. When I did have with drawels they were seamless. Either my luck has gotten soooooooooooo bad or the recent big hits at Allladins has tighten all the brands up. I think it time to move and try some others! Thanks Club World for a crazy year :)

tracey zale on November 30, 2013.

I have been a vip at all club world casinos since 2006. Always received a free b-day bonus regardless of my recent withdrawals, deposit bonuses and deposits. This year no b-day bonus at any of their casinos and for the month of November no vip free bonus as use too regardless of my many November deposits without 1 withdrawal. What a scam.

DARREN Z on October 15, 2013.

I play mostly at Manhatten Slotts…I have won a few times 1,800 and 3,500 and then 980.00.They did i wire and i got paid..Lately though there is not a wire available and it has taken a little longer.Customer servise is real good .i have been playing there for about a year i would say so far so good

teresa on April 13, 2013.

i have been playing with club world group since 2008, yes there have been a few delays with ach, processing in the past for US and maybe others.
but, all in all , they are the best group in my book….
i have always been paid in a timely manner, and customer support is great
my only con for them is i wish the cashiers were available 24/7.
they are the BEST !!
you won't have to wonder "will i get my withdrawl" .!!

Sergious on April 13, 2013.

I want to tell you my experience.

I wont 9.000$ at the 3 casinos
LUCKY RED ( Went I want to WITHDRAW, They told me " Moneybookers is not working "
Forcing me to had money in my account for day's.

As you know it's not easy and at some point I was in a rush, Gambler rush lol
I open my account and play with the 2700.

All this to say that Yes I was stupid, but all those casino online always find tactics to delay payment, so the money stay into the account.

It would be easy to give you a PRE PAID CARD that they can REFILL IN A INSTANT.
but nooooooooooo But don't want you to withdraw.

A REAL CASINO would make a prepaid card that they can send you, went ever you want to withdraw, they can simply DEPOSIT the money into the account and you can withdraw at any ATM, re deposit or use it to pay some stuff.


But we've got more chance to win at RTG then Microgaming were they show winner at some slots that it's nearly impossible to win like " Break the bank again "
Have you notice how low payout this slots is….We never see 5 in a ROW, Specially diamond.
And went you get free spin lol IT'S SO RIDICULOUS !!

Ryan on February 15, 2013.

Horrible experience. Card was charged more than I deposited. Over the course of four deposits they got me for an extra $50+ from what was deposited to my account and what was charged on my credit card statement. Won early, made a withdraw, was never paid, by the time they finally got ready to pay I had lost my deposit back. The "cash out curse" must be programmed into their software.

ROADFOOT on February 7, 2013.

Well let me tell you they are hving credit card vender problems too. and winning anything lately has been non existant ,,i won some when i was a new player now they seem to b running off customers ..
What is the best one to play online???

Alexandr on January 17, 2013.

I want to write about my negative experience with club world casino. I deposited $120 to my account from two debit cards,
mine and my wife's. After few days i won about $236. I requested a withdraw and that's when delay started…
Club World Casino requested a verification form with copy of my id, address bill and debit card picture. I sent it.
After 4-5 days i started online chat with cashier because i did not received any letters , but withdraw is still pending.
They said that verification form must be signed by the hand. I printed form again, signed and sent. After few days i received a letter, that i deposited money from 2 cards and they need a second card holder id and address bill.
I sent them…After few days i started again online chart and they told me that they have not received any mail from
me with documents. Then they told me to send another verification form, signed with the second card holder.
How could it be-two verification forms on one account?! But, ok, I did everything that they asked for…
Few days after i received a message that the address on mine and my wife's bill(the same address) if different from another one on the account. I told them that my present address is on the bills that i sent them and i do not have
approve of the address on my account information. On every website is normal to edit your personal information.
For security user (me) has login and password, and personal email,nobody except me can not know this information.
So why do they need my previous address bill if i sent all my documents, they know who i am,bills with my new address,
confirming that now i'm living in other place. Club World Casino has everything to consider me verified. Now when i try to ask for help in online chat they tell me that they still need copies of my ID and card…which i sent long time ago, for many times…or they just say that can not help me…
There was no problems, when they charged me. Now, when it's time to pay me – it's a problem. All what they do looks like a SCAM.
A read a lot of reviews about Club World. A lot of people have the same problem with withdraw.
It looks like casino delay withdraw, hoping that people will start to lose what they won.
Now they just closed my account…
I do not recommend to become a Club World Casino player, if you take care about your money.

Very Dissapointed on November 28, 2012.

I had requested a cashout in Oct it was denied, as all my withdrawals were. Waited a month to get a courier check and it BOUNCED. They have bounced several checks this month, read the forums people. Then was told that the new w/d method was an extra charge of $70 to get an ACH, and my w/d would be split in two pymnts, so I would get hit $140 I emailed stephen in cashier and he said we cannot waive fees for the ACH withdrawals. It is November 24th and still don't have my money. Even though I was told sorry your check is no good we will expedite a new withdrawal, you will not have to wait. They Lied. I am not the only one, they did this to. Customers are complaining that they get no emails for these denials, they just put it back in your account, with no knowledge to the customer who has been waiting for the withdrawal, in many, many cases customers play back the money thinking it is a Managers bonus or whatever, and lose their money all together. If and when you do get a response from them they give you an alternative method to w/d that costs more money, and then you wait all over again a week or a month like myself.

Ted B on November 8, 2012.

I have been playing at several of Club World Groups casinos for a while now and with mixed success. The odds are against the player so I understand that unless I get lucky,I'm paying for entertainment,rather than to get rich.. I have made a good 10 withdrawals in total from all the casinos and have never,ever had an issue that delayed my payout more than an extra day or 2. In fact most of my cash out requests are processed in under 48 hrs and I generally see the money in my bank within 72 hrs after.. I'd recommend Club World to anyone.

LadyLuck11 on September 1, 2012.

I have played for close to a year now, processing of withdrawals is awful, 6 out of 10 times there is an issue always delaying the processing. When they do screw up or delay your withdrawal they offer NO compensation / bonus to appease you. They DO NOT VALUE loyal patrons of their site. Bonuses are minimal and there is always a huge 10 – 20 x play on your bonus before cashing in on a bonus and then there is a limit to what you can cash out on a bonus. .

Zemfira Puzniak on May 27, 2012.

I read and researched Club World Casino. I thought they were reputable.I give them Zero for anything.I sent their cashier dept all my Documents attached to an EMail on 5/18/2012.I sent Emails plus a chat on line.I wanted to know if cashier received my documents.No response.I Chatted them and EMailed them telling them I feel very uncomfortable playing at their casino.I also sent EMail to Lauren in the Administrative Dept at Club World and all she sends me is a promotional opportunity and not even answering my EMail.Well Good Luck To all of you that are attempting to get payouts.Casinos On Line should response to inquiries within 24 hours.My husband is currently playing on line at a reputable casino and has his inquiries answered within 24 hours.He has had wired to our checking account several thousand dollars which he won at this casino. Another Chat with Club World said the cashier can't reply to your E Mail because they are closed on the weekends. So Sorry. They will get back to you in 1 to 2 days.They never did.Let me tell you there are no casinos On Line or Land Based that the cashier is closed on week ends.Again Good Luck everyone to try to cash out winnings.

Stacie Glaholt Kirchner on February 12, 2012.

I too tried to withdraw my funds ($2000.00) from Aladdin Gold Casino and was told my withdrawl was declined. I have sent all the verification paperwork and have not received any reason why they have rejected it. This is sooo wrong!!
Stacie Glaholt Kirchner

Jane on November 20, 2010.

I feel like I am being scammed by them. I requested a $3,000 withdrawl yesterday from Lucky Red, a Club World Casino site, after I was informed that my account was fully verified with the required documents, and I made the required verbal verification call yesterday afternoon and was told to go ahead and request my withdrawl-which was rejected this morning because they "have no record that I called" (even though I got an email saying I was fully verified). I was told yesterday by the cashier that it would be processed this morning, but I logged in and saw that it was rejected. I'm very upset. I was already mad because the website terms & conditions/cashier page say ACH withdrawl takes 2 days and the reps I spoke to now say it takes up to 5 days. I feel like I'm being given the run around. I wouldn't be so upset but I was counting on this money to clear quickly according to their posted guidelines.
Since my withdrawl was rejected I had to call today to verify my account all over again (the person I "verified" with yesterday did not enter the verification in the system according to the person I spoke to today, she had no record that I had called in) and now my money is being held up another day because they said they can't process my withdrawl until tomorrow now. I guess we will see if I ever get paid-maybe it was a one time glitch. If anyone else has any payout experience with them, please share.

Debra g on October 23, 2010.

After depositing $500 into an account I opened at Aladdins Palace casino, one of Clubworld casinos, I played slots and got my balance up to approximately $4,300. I contacted customer service and was advised of all the security documents and fax back forms i needed to send them. They had wire express as a withdrawl option, so I went to cashier to withdrawl money. The next day when I went into account, they rejected the withdrawl. No email or any contact explaining why. I called them about this and then they said I could withdrawl thru ACH. They also told me they approved all the forms and told me to send bank details for ACH. I sent this information and then the next day was told they no longer have this method and the only way to withdrawl was from Ewalletexpress. I told them I had a problem with this company from 2 years ago and wanted to know alternate methods of receiving my money (I'm from United States). They said they had no other way. The next day, I received an email from their manager stating that they closed my account, would not pay the winnings and kept my $500 deposit. They stated that I had a negative history with ewalletexpress from a few years ago. This situation had nothing to do with Clubworld. In fact clubworld was always paid by me in the past thru a checking account. I have proof of this as well. This business justs arbitrarily decides who they want to pay and just close your account if they don't. I told them repeatedly to contact me at home and they use the excuse "they are in a different time zone". I am now in the process of filing a formal complaint with the gambling commission/GovUK to notify them of the unethical practices of this licensed group

Intira on September 27, 2010.

I deposited 40 dollars and received %60 percent bonus. I spent about 1 hr. playing and not once did I get any feature bonus. The biggest payout during that 1 hour was 25 dollars from black jack. I have to say RTG has become so greedy and I am positive they will lose their customers to other group eventually.

Hong Chung on August 21, 2010.

" Of all the casinos I have played at (well over two dozens) I have to say that this is the worse casino. Let me tell you why. I made a request to have my withdrawal in a form of a check. After a few days I noticed that it was redeposited back to my casino account. I made another request and the same thing happened. This time I got an email stating that they do not send checks to Canada. At this point I checked my transaction history and the details of the two withdrawal reversals were "CHECK WITHDRAWAL DECLINED". I then contacted them and asked if they would process my withdrawal to my neteller account. They said yes so I made another witdrawal request. A few days had gone by I opened up the casino to see if my withdrawal was declined since it had happened twice already. I noticed that there was an amount equal to my withdrawal sitting in my casino account. I checked the transaction history to see what this was and saw that it was a "MANAGER's CREDIT" in the description. I also received an email with the subject line stating "MANAGER CREDIT" and the body says that my account was credited $250. I took this as a bonus offer-a sign of goodwill I thought so I played it. I continued playing until I lost knowing that I hadn't satisfied the play-through requirement before withdrawing. More than a week later, I checked my Neteller account to find that my withdrawal was declined by Neteller. Upon contacting them, I was told that they do not accept funds from online gambling sites. Once again I contacted the casino to find out what happened to my money. I was told that it was redeposited to my casino account and that I played slots with it until it was gone. I asked them why the description states that it was a "MANAGER'S CREDIT" leading me to believe that it was a bonus instead of stating "NETELLER DECLINED" which would be consistent to the other descriptions. I did not get a straight answer from them instead I was told that it wasn't a bonus and that I should have contacted them before if I wasn't sure. To me the description did not state that it was a decline from my withdrawal so I had no reason to doubt that it was a bonus. I then replied to the email I received from the manager with the original message that I had received a Manager's Credit asking for an explanation as to why the description was not consistent with the others. I did not expect a reply and I did not receive one. I felt cheated and deceived. "

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