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Raquel Webb on February 21, 2024. Reply

i been waiting since 1/06/24 for a lil $50 withdraw …my documents been accepted 3 times now i gotta wait 12 more days and i just got another email telling me to submit my documents again …i think they doing it on purpose…online support in casino wont een reply to me its ridiculous really

Treasure Dry on July 14, 2023. Reply

I requested a payout on June 25 asked about my money on 28th was told I had to verify so I did asked about my money a week later was told it takes up to 12 days ask after 12 days they said don’t count weekends or holiday ok so now it’s been 12 days not counting weekend and holidays and now they won’t answer my messages I’ve never had to wait this long for a Bitcoin payout before questioning if they’re gonna even pay me

Emma taylor on December 28, 2022. Reply

I’ve waited since the 10 th of December for a withdrawal still pending in my account it’s now the 28 th December
All I get I excuse after excuse
I’m so upset and angry

Patrice Crouse on December 24, 2022. Reply

New owners took over this casino and all my documents were on file with their 4 casinos. Its states you only have to do this once. Its been 12 days, they asked for documents those were sent 9 days ago, using delay tacttics, exuses and now just plain ignoring me. They owe me 1K . They have 2 means of withdrawels one bank transfer the other bitcoin. I have used this credit card on many sites including theirs and always cashed out with bitcoin. They say it source to source so why isnt the payment source to credit card available online. They said they would make an exception this one time But yet to send me my money. Everytime I play they are constantly chiming in thru chat to get me to spend my money, even calling me at home several times but when it comes to paying me they ignore me on chat. several emails were ignored then finally they just say Ill let finance dept know. They are in no hurry to pay and am left wondering now if they are going to pay. They dont mind taking your credit cards at all but do not offer credit card withdrawels on their site.

Nthabiseng Busa on November 28, 2022. Reply

They are giving me the run around about my money when it’s time to pay me. They asked for my Identity documents and proof of residence. I have done that and they said all is in order but till today nothing coming from them

Matthew moran on November 26, 2022. Reply

Casino reps when i checked about playthrough and cashout completely misled me ..I requested a 700 dollar withdrawal talked to reps and they said everything is good for withdrawal then slow played me about some verification docs. Then never paid me but said they did but I was only receiving 194 but never got it ..they won’t call or contact me they will email only and when I asked for what account they put it in they ignored me and kept quoting something I was not even asking

Mary Goff on September 15, 2022. Reply

Every time I place a withdrawal request, it takes longer and longer for them to process. Their withdrawal limit is $500 each time, so it is very low compared with other casinos. Their policy is payment from 1-7 business days, however I have only paid once on-time. It is getting really delayed now – my payment is now going on 18 days and all I get are excuses from their reps.

Cocoa Casino logo Cocoa Casino on September 16, 2022.

Hi Mary,

As informed earlier, our payments platform has encountered a technical issue with Bitcoin which they are currently resolving.

Your withdrawal will be paid shortly after the technical problem is solved.

Thank you for your understanding and patience with this matter.

Gro76 on September 7, 2022. Reply

Made withdrawal request on Monday 29th august have been waiting 9 days and 7 business days but still not processed even though they state 1 to 7 days.I have verified my account and my ID tried contacting live chat but they seem non existent.

This is my first withdrawal and is not the best experience for a new player to endure. Overall I like the site and selection of games but the withdrawal issue seems to be a reoccurring issue for most commentors on here when it comes to complaints/issues with the casino.

Cocoa Casino logo Cocoa Casino on September 8, 2022.

Hi Gro76,

Congratulations on your winnings!

Your withdrawal is in the final stages and should be processed in the next 24 hours.

Hope to see you again in our winners’ list in the future!

Gro76 on September 9, 2022.

received payment to my crypto account…so i did get paid out, next time i shall be aware of the timeframe, as this was my first withdrawal i was worried because of how long it took.

but happy to report all legit i got paid and i will deposit and play here again

Karl Dibona on August 11, 2022. Reply

Why would this casino get 3.5/5 stars? I would give it 0….

They won’t pay you on time, I’ve been waiting 9 business days for a simple 200$ cashout, there’s no answer why or when they delay your withdrawal.

Cocoa Casino logo Cocoa Casino on August 11, 2022.

Hi Karl,

Congratulations on your winnings!

Please note that we count only business days for your withdrawals as our Finance Dept. is closed during the weekends.

You are on the 7th business day and I can see your withdrawal is in the final stages. According to our track record, you would receive your withdrawal within the next 24 hours.

Thank you for your patience, please note that we have to pay hundreds of players every week.

Cortneylayne Rudder on August 8, 2022. Reply

So initially I had a great experience with this casino. Won $1000. They cap daily withdrawals @ $500. Or at least for me. So I requested payout and provided all necessary documentation. More than enough. Sort of my staple for online casinos which I am verified at several.

It’s been a week or two with no communication. I understand things take time, but to simply leave a customers queries unanswered is unacceptable. In addition, once I requested a payout. The other $500 went poof. I realize gambling is a risk. But to have a $500 continuous losing streak right after requesting a payout seems suspicious.
I think it would behoove both, the player and the casino, to have some sort of outline or timeline mapping out the process of verification along with documents needed and a timeline for said process.
In addition, same type of thing applies to the withdrawal process. I have read T&C and I didn’t see anything of the sort. I hope this gets resolved in a timely manner. The other casinos I play out. An almost instant payout after the initial verification. I won’t be playing here in the future.

Cocoa Casino logo Cocoa Casino on August 9, 2022.

Hi Cortneylayne,

Thank you for your review. We will be more than happy to pay your withdrawal but first you must complete your account’s verification. You received an email from our security department on August 7th and we still haven’t heard back from you.

The email states that you still need to send your Utility Bill and signed copy of our Verification Form.

Once these documents are submitted and approved, your withdrawal will enter the payment queue.

Thank you for your time and cooperation!

Brittany on July 27, 2022. Reply

I have been waiting on my payout since July 15. Customer service told me several times that there was no issue and I was within their (1-7 payout period). It’s clearly passed 7 days and no payout. Customer service is finally saying that it’s delayed but I am aware. I want to know when I will be paid and I want to be paid. Disappointing customer service as well, just rude.

Cocoa Casino logo Cocoa Casino on July 29, 2022.

Hi Brittany,

Thank you for your review.

I can inform you that your withdrawal has been paid. On very rare occasions, when there are high volumes of withdrawals and summer holidays involved, there might be a couple days delay on withdrawals. Fortunately, we are now caught up and your winnings are in your hands!

Congratulations on your winnings and thank you for your patience!

Erin Bingham on July 8, 2022. Reply

I’ve been waiting for my payout for 9 of their so called business days now. All their support keeps saying is they’ve notified financial support and I’ll receive an email when my payout has been complete. I have deposited hundreds if not thousands there and waiting this long has not made me really want to spend any more money with them.

Cocoa Casino logo Cocoa Casino on July 8, 2022.

Hi Erin,

My sincere apologies for this delay.

I will personally review what happened here and get your payment processed as soon as possible.

I’ve added a $50 VIP Token to your account for the inconvenience.

Cocoa Casino logo Cocoa Casino on July 9, 2022.

Hi Erin,

As per my records, our team has processed your withdrawal on July 8th.

Congratulations on your winnings!

Jonathan Brewer on April 13, 2022. Reply

I have been waiting for my payout. I won on free spins they said I had to deposit in order to receive my payout. So I sent money via big coin. Now I’m waiting on my payout. Still haven’t been told that they have been confirmed, and still haven’t received my withdrawal

Cocoa Casino logo Cocoa Casino on April 15, 2022.

Hi Jonathan,

As per our communication with you, we requested that you send a valid proof of address. You sent a valid utility bill yesterday and we are currently in Easter holidays. Nonetheless, I managed to get someone from our Security Department to review it and it has been approved. Your account is now validated and your withdrawal will enter the payment queue on the following business day. Please allow 1 to 7 business days from then for your withdrawal to be paid.

Thanks for your time and cooperation.

skcrow on December 19, 2021. Reply

I claimed their 5 free spins every day for a year promotion, which was great, until the 1st time I actually won enough money to cash out. During the time I was waiting for my payout I was unable to claim my 5 daily spins. I was assuming that was because I had a pending withdrawal, and that assumption was confirmed by a member of their support staff. However after my withdrawal was delivered my free spins were never returned to my promo page. Nowhere in the bonus terms for this promo does it mention that if you win enough to cash out you will no longer receive your daily spins. I tried to explain to support that this is poor advertising and customer service and that I would have played the money I won rather than cash out in order to have my free spins back, but they were unwilling to reactivate my promotion or compensate me in any way for my dissatisfaction. They told me that the promotion was for customers who were not “lucky enough to win.” I guess loyalty isn’t their first priority.

Cocoa Casino logo Cocoa Casino on December 19, 2021.

Hi skcrow,

Thank you for your comment.

The 5 daily free spins are available only for players with full promotional eligibility. This is clearly stated in our terms. Please note that our promotions are designed to help players have bigger chances of winning. The casino reserves the right to limit promotions if a player has won considerable amounts at our games.

Thank you for your understanding.

Hronis on December 7, 2021. Reply

My first ever deposit with a bonus I picked to be able to play blackjack was not honored to me I messaged live chat and was not helped what’s so ever I haven’t even played one cent if my deposit and was treated extremely badly by the worker from the site extremely bad customer service

Cocoa Casino logo Cocoa Casino on December 7, 2021.

Hi Hronis,

Thank you for your review. Please note that you claimed a promotion that is for slots only. The terms of each promotion are clearly stated in the cashier, prior to claiming them. Unfortunately, we cannot allow you to play slots with that promotion, but we will be happy to void the promotion so you can play any game with your own deposit funds.

In the future, we kindly ask you to read the terms of the promotion you intend to claim so there are no unexpected surprises.

Thank you for your attention.

Barrett Paris on October 9, 2021. Reply

I submitted my first withdrawal on sept21 at cocoacasino for 500. I was told it would take up to ten days to process.. shortly after a set of Documents were requested and I provided what was asked even though they try to make it difficult because the files have to be pdf under a certain size which is about 10 times smaller than what the original image was . After submitting I heard nothing. So I asked if that was everything they needed and they said yes. I waited the ten days then they said well that 10 business days . I waited until 10 business days. Then everyday for 4 or 5 days they kept saying it will be soon they have escalated my withdrawal.
After a week and a half of this I started demanding to speak to a supervisor and they stopped responding at all. Sometimes it would say so and so joined the chat but would say nothing. I even went to a sister site because it’s the same customer service reps. Anthony whom I was in the middle of a conversation with on came on and I asked why he could respond here and not at There was no reply on the sister site but in the cc website he said sorry to hear that in response to what I was texting about what was going on. After he would not say anything else. Ever since there are no more responses. They will not communicate with me at all.

Cocoa Casino logo Cocoa Casino on October 11, 2021.

Hi Barrett,

I’m happy to see your withdrawal has been paid on October 10th.

We are resolving some technical issues with Bitcoin payouts that were responsible for the delay. By mid-October, we expect all BTC cash outs to be processed within 7 business days.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Dannika on October 6, 2021. Reply

My verification was completed in two days which was quick, but I’ve now been waiting 12 business days for my payout and still just keep getting told that my enquiry will be passed onto the finance team…it’s getting ridiculous and I’m getting quite annoyed, especially as the casino itself states that withdrawal times are between 1 to 7 business days…

Cocoa Casino logo Cocoa Casino on October 6, 2021.

Hi Dannika,

We attempted to pay your withdrawal but you entered an invalid BTC address. We have emailed you to please send us your correct address so we can successfully process your withdrawal.

Thank you for your undestanding and cooperation.

Sascha depalma on August 16, 2021. Reply

First time I´ve ever won like this online. This is a great casino. Love the games and I love the integration. The games are fun, exciting..these 4 sister casinos.cocoa ..paradise8..this is vegas ,Davincis gold , are by far my go to spots.
Soooo having said that i would like to add that i won and sent in all documents and its going on 2 weeks I´ve been waiting for 2 pending payouts for 9 days. Documents have been verified and now they are rolling me over. I won fair and square. It’s been way over 1-7 days. I´m not even wasting my time on a review seeing nothing in my cashapp bitcoin wallet. But i have hope and its the best casino im rating it a 5.

Cocoa Casino logo Cocoa Casino on August 16, 2021.

Hi Sascha,

First of all congratulations on your winnings! Rest assure we will pay your winnings and within the established time frame.

I see you requested your withdrawals on August 9th and August 10th. Please note that your withdrawal enter the payment queue (1-7 business days) after your documents are approved. Your documents were approved on August 12th.

So your withdrawals have only been in the queue since August 13th (Friday) and today August 16th (Monday) is the second business day.

Nonetheless, I have sent a message to our Finance Department to have your withdrawal in the priority queue. You can expect the first payment within the next 24 hours. Congratulations once again!

Kevin Schmid on August 12, 2021. Reply

I won $125 and requested a payout via BTC and was sent an email requesting some security documents. When I try to send them the files are to large and won’t go through. I’ve tried reaching out to them for assistance and haven’t got a response yet, does anyone know what to do in this situation? Thanks

Cocoa Casino logo Cocoa Casino on August 13, 2021.

Hi Kevin,

Thank you for your review. We kindly ask you to note that this is a sister casino. You won at This is Vegas.

We replied to your email from August 12th within a couple of hours:

Thanks for choosing

Please try to send it in PDF format. One file per email.

If you need any assistance don´t hesitate in contacting us.

Please check if our reply arrived in your spam folder.

We kindly ask you to send the documents in PDF or JPG file, one attachment per email. You are welcome to send several emails to us. Please send the files from your registered email address so the documents are automatically tagged to your account.

Thank you for your time and cooperation.

Oliver King
Fab Four Casino Host

Ryan on August 11, 2021. Reply

Been waiting over a week for my payout and submitted all required docs for verification.

I was told my payout was escalated on Monday and will be paid very soon. Still yet to receive anything and stopped responding to my emails.

Who knows if I’ll ever see this money.

Cocoa Casino logo Cocoa Casino on August 12, 2021.

Hi Ryan,

Thank you for your review. We must inform you that your withdrawal entered the payment queue on the following business day after your account verification was completed. Your account was fully verified on August 6th (a Friday), so the withdrawal first entered the payment queue the following Monday (August 9th).

That said, I can see your withdrawal is in the final payment queue in this moment and I expect it to be processed within 24 hours.

We aim at processing withdrawals between 1 and 7 business days.

Thank you for your patience and congratulations on your winnings!

David on August 7, 2021. Reply

They say they have live assistance but they take 2-3 hours to respond and will send you a copy and paste message that has nothing to do with your issue.

Do not Zelle them. they say it takes minutes to complete but will take ab 5 hours. In the meantime they’ll copy and paste things suggesting you made a mistake with transfer. Then it will go through when you’re in bed and done for the night.

Cocoa Casino logo Cocoa Casino on August 9, 2021.

Hi David,

Thank you for your feedback.

We are currently integrating the new Zelle processor in our cashier, so there might be some final glitches/delays we need to address.

I can see in our records your deposit has been credited. For the inconvenience, I have added a $75 Instant Cashback to your account.

Futhermore, I have sent you an email and you can reply there if you have any more feedback for us.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

April Carey on July 17, 2021. Reply

I met all of the wagering requirements and jumped through all of the hoops to get my payout I was told it would take anywhere from 5-7 days in still waiting exactly one month later for my cash out… And now they won’t answer me on the customer service chat! Took 5 min to add to account now I can’t get my money. Figures!

Cocoa Casino logo Cocoa Casino on July 19, 2021.

Hi April,

Thank you for your review.

Our records show that you have not completed your account’s verification process. We emailed you on June 28th with information about the documents still missing. We will email you again with what is required to complete your verification. Once your account is fully verified, we will be very happy to process your winnings.

Thank you for your time and cooperation.

Kaz601 on May 14, 2021. Reply

My verification paperwork was approved 4/25 my payout request was submitted 4/27. Finally on 5/13 I received an email that my payout was processed but the funds are not in my Bitcoin wallet and there is nothing in my transaction history of a payout ever being requested or processed on my account. I contacted customer service and they tell me I must have provided the wrong Bitcoin address. I only have 1 Bitcoin wallet, there is no way I provided someone else’s address. I don’t even know anyone else that has Bitcoin.

Cocoa Casino logo Cocoa Casino on May 14, 2021.

Hi Kaz601,

We have sent you a new email with the blockchain confirmation of the payment made. We paid to the address entered in the cashier at the time of requesting your withdrawal. Please reply to the email and confirm that this is your wallet’s address.

As stated in our terms: When requesting a Bitcoin withdrawal, the player must enter their BTC wallet address in the cashier. We will only pay to the BTC wallet registered at the time of requesting the withdrawal. The casino will not be held responsible if a player enters an incorrect Bitcoin address when requesting a BTC withdrawal. If we complete a BTC payment to a BTC address that does not belong to the player (due to an error by the player when requesting the withdrawal), we will not re-issue the payment.

Thank you for your understanding.

Kaz601 on May 14, 2021.

It was deposited, thank you

John Murphy on April 20, 2021. Reply

Been waiting 11 days on a withdrawal. When I asked why my withdrawal was taking so long I was told “fingers crossed”. Could only withdraw via crypto but yet deposited on card. I am in doubts if I will ever see my money. I have emailed several times also but they do not respond.

Cocoa Casino logo Cocoa Casino on April 22, 2021.

Hi John,

Thank you for your comment. You will indeed get paid. Please note as stated in our terms and conditions, your withdrawal entered the payment queue the business day after your documents were approved (Account verification was completed). Your documents were approved on April 13th.

As such, your withdrawal is within the normal processing time of 1 to 7 business days. It is in the final stages of processing and should go out within the next 36 hours.

Thank you for your patience with this matter and congratulations on your winnings!

Dawnetta Tipton on April 6, 2021. Reply

Horrible customer service, they tell you the same thing over and over again. Been waiting for $500 payout that was won on March 14th, payment could not be made to Skrill prepaid so had to resubmit to Bitcoin. It says 1 to 7 business days for payout and im on day 8.

Cocoa Casino logo Cocoa Casino on April 13, 2021.

Hi Dawnetta,

Our records show that you have been paid today. Please note that you requested the Bitcoin withdrawal on April 8th and we count only business days for the payment queue. You have been paid on the 3rd business day.

Enjoy your winnings, congratulations!

Oliver King
Casino Host

Cocoa Casino logo Cocoa Casino on April 25, 2021.

Hi Dawnetta,

Please note that we are happy to pay your withdrawal within the established time frame, once your account is fully verified. My records show that you have not submitted your Security Documents. Please complete your account’s verification, we can process withdrawals.

Thank you for your time and cooperation.

Casino Management

Yakeisa DaGraca on December 6, 2020. Reply

The chat service is horrible, the representatives don’t know what they’re doing. They leave you hanging when they don’t like if they’re being challenged. I requested my bonus funds after making 2 cash deposits and they played dumb. My account will be closed ASAP.

Cocoa Casino logo Cocoa Casino on December 29, 2020.

Hi Yakeisa,

We apologize if you had a bad experience with our support staff. We will be happy to look at your case again and help you in any way we can. Feel free to email us at and direct your email to me, the casino host, Oliver King.

I will be happy to personally look into your issue.

Thank you for your time and cooperation.

billMurry5 on September 3, 2020. Reply

I worry that cocoa is still up to their old tricks. Crypto is not really helping the payment times at this casino and it is still hard to win here. The daily cashback offer is very good though and I will keep playing here.

Cocoa Casino logo Cocoa Casino on September 22, 2020.


Thank you for your feedback.

We will be happy to review if there are any obstacles to your withdrawal. Please note that we do require security documents to be submitted and accepted prior to the first cash out. Feel free to contact me at and I will be happy to personally review your account.

Best regards,

Oliver King
Casino Host

Cocoa Casino logo Cocoa Casino on December 29, 2020.

Hi BillMurry5,

We’re glad to hear you like our daily cashback. Have you tried our weekly 25% cashback?

Hope you get more wins in the future. Keep up the good luck!

Cocoa Casino logo Cocoa Casino on September 1, 2020. Reply

Hi everyone,

I’m the new casino host for Cocoa Casino. Just under a year ago, this online casino changed management and is now run by a group of online casino managers with more than 20 years’ experience in this industry. We strive to provide the best in online casino entertainment, promotions, games and customer support. I like to be a hands-on type casino host and will be very happy to look into any issue or problem you may encounter while you play at our site. I will also keep an eye on regular accounts to make sure you receive extra free spins and tokens as you deposit at our site.

Thanks for your time and attention. I wish you good luck at our site!

George on October 2, 2006. Reply

At first glance Cocoa Casino looked like any other casino. Pretty descend promotions, some nice slot games and pretty stable software. Then I hit the I-slots and I really started to enjoy it. I-slots are like anyother multibar slot game but with a twist, some are interactive others are not. But all tell some sort of story while you play. This is what makes the games really stand out form any other I have played before. From support I could get fast anwsers to all my questions, although haven’t tried the phone support I did try their Live chat and Email support which was easy to use and fast. I have found little negative about this casino nor any of their sister casinos on the web or in forums. My advice is try them out, they got good promotions and great support. Just try the fun games this casino might not be for everybody but it sure was it for me.


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