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Allen on February 19, 2016.

Crazy allocated a VIP manager to look after my account after the had noticed I like to play. The Quintin the VIP manager took his time getting back to me on how I go about collecting my $108,000 winnings
Then all of a sudden I had account managers and risk assessor telling me that I was a high risk player and that they would not payout my winnings with no explanation as to how they made there assessment seeing I have never had any problems with other online casinos. I had emailed them several times and they took forever to get back to me advising that I was now locked out and mind you they were the ones begging me to play there. I would not recommend anyone to play at Crazy Vegas and for those people who do win big, withdraw you winning bit by bit.

Claire on September 20, 2015.

i was very content with my visit here. the games were decent and i’ve had no trouble so far. i’m going to try to withdraw my winnings soon so let’s see how that goes.

Gordon macdonald on August 28, 2015.

i used to play at royal vegas (fortune lounge group) i played mega moolah jackpot, then after the jackpot went over 9 million all of a sudden i wasnt getting any chances at it. I played 6 days with no try at it… This told me they control the jackpot wheel. So i stopped playing at their site.

Mandy on August 9, 2015.

the games could have been better but otherwise i was satisfied. it’s a very average casino in my opinion.

Grzegorz Rocki on March 29, 2014.

I do not recommend this casino because it uses unfair practices such as the fixing of new terms and regulations after the player wins and wants to withdraw your winnings. The Finance department of the casino and the Pit Boss Abigail and Natalie have difficulty with the simplest mathematical operations – not able to calculate the required rotation. A confiscation winning is translated by administering a variety of different being that are changed by the hour.

Anne Robinson on January 27, 2014.

My experience with Crazy Vegas Casino has been very negative. They took my credit card payment right away without any questions asked but when I won money and asked them to put my winnings into my same credit card then the troubles began they started to demand proof of ID and front and back photocopy of my credit card and utility bill to be forwarded to them if not they will not give me my money. I sent to them the documents warning them that its not easy for me to do this because I am disabled person and I do not have the necessary tools to provide them with these documents that I would need to go to a business that would provide these tools so I can supply them with the documents so as hard as it were I went to a business place and scanned the documents and credit card and emailed it to them now they are coming back at me that they need more documents so its obvious to me that this is a big scam they stole my money probably stealing my credit card information doing fraudulent acts with my sensitive information that is in their hands now. This is known in my Country which is Canada as cyber crimes and I am contacting my bank fraud dept and police that handle online misconduct. So needless to say this has been very negative and I will let everyone know what Crazy Vegas did to me how they stole over $700.00 from me. Very disgusting indeed!

frank b on November 24, 2012.

vegas partner lounge group and fortune lounge group why to void these groups of casinos , well as legit as they are i've played them enough to realize they don't have the player base to produce that many winners hence you lose 97 percent of the time. If you had a look at my game play at these casinos on playcheck you you'd see on a full page one win of 20 dollars and the rest either nothing or 30 cent wins based on around dollar 50 cent bet .This goes on for almost every page so yes i won[20] but never enough to with draw and that goes for every account at these group of casinos. If by chance you win a hundred dollars at these casinos withdraw it because 97 percent chance that'll all you get every time. winning a thousand well aliens might be comin for you before that. One other note you should know about fortune lounge group little over a year ago there winning list showed winners winning around 800 dollars ,1200 couple about 5000 ,i asked them why their winners are so low ,i look a months later and all of a sudden theirs lists are showing 20000, 35000 15000 and so on weird all of a sudden they must have gotten a huge more players . Right ok fortune lounge but yet when you play real money their you get 1000 to 5000 thousand spins of nothing or 50 cent pays.My problem is that most of these online casinos say there legit and maybe they are but their forgetting onething to pay their customers once and a while.

Low on April 10, 2012.

Downloaded, played with using the $3k freeplay and won total $3,201 in less than 60mins. Deposited the required $50, but did not receive the $200 bonus from the winnings. Should i stay, or go elsewhere?

Calvin on February 16, 2012.

never had any major problems with them. Though one downside is that the web version of the casino does not support all the games that are available in the download version of the casino. Other than that a solid online casino.

Jonathan L on September 29, 2011.

Crazy vegas has been my favorite casino for a long long time. Then I had a dispute regarding a bonus and its wagering requirement and the admitted (back then) that their T&Cs where not clear enough. They edited their T&Cs, paid what was rightfully mine and even put a few bucks on top to play with.
I don’t play there anymore but can honestly recommend it.

Debra on February 15, 2006.

Never did received the no deposit $11.00 bonus they advertised on their site. Many emails went unanswered. I contacted live support and 1st time was told I would receive it when I made my first deposit (duh~), next time they did not respond to my live chat but left me hanging without a response once I posted my question. Stay away, if this is their idea of soliting new customers.

tincan on December 21, 2004.

while playing poker slots the collect key goes grey and i was unable to collect.cotacted casino but was never able to collect lost monies.

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