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Joanne Fulton on December 14, 2017. Reply

Joined today. Had 70.99 left in my account and they told me I had zero! Had to go through many different customer service agents and systems to eventually get them to admit it. In addition to this, I am also self excluded at all Microgamming Casinos and they permitted me to deposit 250 pounds.

Hagen Malloch on December 21, 2016. Reply

I won $19500AUD and they would not pay me due to me using my partners card a month previous .we even signed a waiver so I could use our joint account but then started using my own card and they said they would not pay and will not answer me back.loved the site until I tried to withdraw .

Kylie Coumbe on August 10, 2016. Reply

I’ve had 2 withdrawal issues, 1st- swift code problems, once rectified after cupl weeks I was told future withdrawals wud be fine as my details were now saved. 2nd- I clicked on my saved account bank number and it appeared fine until a cupl weeks later I still hadnt received funds. The casino told me it had been deposited in someone else’s bsb and contact bank and proceed to cancel it myself. The bank told me its up to the casino to reimburse me my funds, and proceed to cancel it themselves. I notified the casino and they still have not sent me my rightful winnings, that was November last year

Michael on October 27, 2015. Reply

GoWild Casino is excellent, playing there for year they are one of the top microgaming casinos today. they have fast payout & very good promos i also pay at their sister casino wild jackpots and i really love both

Jyrki on August 27, 2015. Reply


I really think this one of the worst casinos Where i have played. I dont think customers can win nothing from here. And when you complaint about something, they dont answer nothing. Put your money to some other casino, where you can win something also!

Lily Granger (@wwdd88) on March 2, 2015. Reply

amazing casino! i loved the games here and the support from the employees is just outstanding! i do however wish the game play was a little better. i’ve encountered a couple bugs but nothing major.

frank bayuk on December 26, 2014. Reply

best to stay away here also i won 17000 dollars i waited for them to take it out of my account to process and 6 days later still in there they didnt seem to wanna take my money from my account and my own stupidty i lost it all but these are the tactics this casino uses so you lose it all back

Eric on October 22, 2016. Reply

you cant withdraw in this casino its impossible i have 1200$ and they tell me i can just withdraw 100$ because i implet a bonus of my deposit and ask for deposit more when i just want my money

Alison on September 20, 2012. Reply

Ive been on this site for years -They may give you a few spins but you only get under .50 and the support is very slow and unwilling to give you any free spins or chip.

Kostas on July 16, 2012. Reply

thats the worst casino they ask for documents to give me the 10 euros bonus..there are hundred other casinos to give my m0ney

Gerda on December 8, 2011. Reply

This is the best Casino ever. They give a lot of free spins away. The support is more than friendly and I love to play in the Casino Go Wild. I'm staying with Go Wild and hope they stay on line for ever. Thank you Go Wild for the great playhours.

gerda on December 8, 2011. Reply

I love to play in the casino Go Wild. The support is great and the E-mail support is fast.
They give a lot of free spins as a gift and keep the customer very happy. I love it.
But only one question…. When I do make a deposit, I most of the time forget to ask the livesupport
for a bonus and free spins. Why is it not possible that Go Wild put the bonus automatic with the depositing. Most of the time I do not get the bonus . Hope to get a answer. Thank you Go Wild.
Regards from Gerda vgwr00349106

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