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Larissa on August 22, 2019. Reply

I requested my withdrawal a month ago sent all the required documents instantly as i know the drill! They got approved as they should. And then i waited a week wondering whats going on? No one in live chat said i need to email 2 different email addresses to receive my funds so i have emailed the payments team and they still haven’t approved my withdrawal because they want my name??? And i have literally given them my name in every email?? Not happy i have spent nearly $400 with no winnings just waiting for my withdrawal. I just want my winnings so i can move on with my life

Michelle Brewer on August 18, 2019. Reply

I requested to withdraw my winnings of 2grand & was sent emails to confirm they had received all relevant documents 10days ago, I was assured someone would be contacting me within 5days, I haven’t heard from anyone, I speak to those in live chat & you get the run around that sometimes there’s a delay but someone will get back to me. I am sick of the run around.

Jennifer on July 31, 2019. Reply

Ok I got 45 dollars and 10 free spins I played up to and over the amount required it was said to be 100.00 max cash out but when I tried it would not take me the entire way to put in my banking info for the withdrawl. So i went back to games and deposit. Wow, took me right to the deposit several times but when trying to withdraw again it would not complete going to that page waiting and i tell ya, I waited a long time for it not to take me but took me right back to games. Kinda funny don´t ya think so why would I deposit if i won? would i get the money? I doubt I could get to the page and omg live chat is for depositors only and the toll free number which got my number to phone me back never did. It’s been days so no way i play here unless you send me that 100.00

Patricia A Wattson on June 14, 2019. Reply

I won $1400 on March 5th. I sent all my documentation and it was all approved. They said my winnings was sent to the place where it would be sent out to me, that was in April. Now it is the middle of June and I have received nothing. They keep telling me to be patient, but I think waiting 3 months for the $1360 is being very patient. It is $1360 after all the charges were paid. I am 71 years old and living on a fixed income and could really use the money. This is a very unreliable casino and I just wish I had read the reviews before I dealt with them.

lindsey peeples on June 12, 2019. Reply

I hit 46,000 in january with Raging Bull it is now Gene and I’ve only received one bank wire transfer for 2455 I keep being told that my payments are being under review they are horrible with answering the phone and horrible with withdrawal process long awaited

Oscar de la Rosa Jr on June 9, 2019. Reply

I win the jackpot of fire dragon for 54,645.04 and they dont want to give my winning. I dont know what going on. I have the copy of my winning. I do screen shot it just to prove that i win the jackpot

arthur burkhardt on May 23, 2019. Reply

I join the list of players not paid. approx. 7 weeks ago requested withdrawal nothing but run around asking for info several times. told withdrawal approved 3 or 4 times but still not funds.

Wayne welsby on April 16, 2019. Reply

I to won over $2000 and quickly setup a withdrawal on the 30/3 on the 1/4 I was sent a text message stating my verification was complete so all was good. I should have known by the 5/4 if they were going to deny it and by the 9/4 if it was approved. On the 15/4 I get an email saying denied with no explanation.

James Wilhite on March 12, 2019. Reply

I currently have a withdrawal pending now for approximately three months. I have filled out all the verification forms that was required. In fact I have sent them about five times. I spoke to them each time to make sure I have everything they requested. Every time I send the forms they come up to some lame excuses they are not correct. I am still waiting on my withdrawal of 2000.00.

Paul on January 31, 2019. Reply

Why give a 1800 number out, and when called im being charged a fee, and only being told it was 018 directorys number. Ive called 5 1800 numbers that ragingbull casino told me to call and each says they’re 018 directorys and my ph. Bill has been billed for each . I to have a complaint that I will not be paid my winnings from them cause they cant put my money n2 my bank acct.

Angela Walker on January 13, 2019. Reply

I made the playthrough on a VIP chip, provided the proper documents approximately 3 weeks ago. Still haven’t been paid and they won’t respond to my emails.

Kelly Smith on December 20, 2018. Reply

I have a payout of $160 AUD and they keep requesting my identification documents and bank wire transfer details. I have provided these numerous times now but they keep asking for them. I have been waiting for over a month for this measly $160 payout.

Krystal Christie on October 28, 2018. Reply

I’ve unfortunately experienced a reasonable win finally only to be robbed from me by the manager at withdrawal. My win came from my ‘insurance cashback’ i made sure to read the term’s and condition’s before getting to excited about my win.
After reading the weekly cashback requirements to my understanding i had wagerd the required amount! Then i checked the withdrawable amount and proceeded with my request. Only to find out i get nothing and no explanation of why. So after contacting a number of customer support they simply said i wasn’t eligible for the winnings due to the terms and condition’s but agreed that they understand my confusion and acknowledge the weekly cashback terms and condition’s need to be more specific .
I find this casino misleading, decietful and purposely layout the terms and condition’s in order to make players believe they have won. I simply would not waste my time to play for a $4500 win if i knew i could only withdraw the maximum of $100 and no more. It does not specifically outline or state this in the term’s i read. It only states the minimum withdrawal of $100!

bryan rupe on April 9, 2018. Reply

I’ve been trying to contact someone about the verification process I have sent the documents and still not verified…. I had 400 dollars in pending withdrawals and won’t give me my money…. Since then I have zero money and they banned me from the site and they won’t tell me why. And if I try to call their number theres never a live operator and the live chat just kicks me out

Kimberly on March 21, 2018. Reply

I have only started playing on Raging Bull in the last couple of day’s. I figured it was a good site, til I had an issue on Cash Bandits 2. During the feature, it would skip 2 or 3 safes. I contacted live chat, I was informed that my phone doesn’t support the software, seeing the name was familiar, I asked if they were affiliated with Planet7oz and they are. I was having the same issue on that site as well and after pumping far too much cash into it, I stopped playing. I have played the exact same game on a completely different site and never had an issue…
I took the $30 bonus, knowing I wouldn’t win anything and again I played that game, it done the same thing, however this time it allowed me to select all numbers and still not crack all jackpots, I managed to get a screen shot of this and when confronted, they told me there was nothing wrong with the game, it’s an issue with my mobile, I continued to plead my case, only to have the chat ended. I strongly advise everybody to stay clear of both site’s.

Jason mcdowell on March 16, 2018. Reply

I won over 1 thousand dollars on a no deposit free play I continued playing then all my money disappeared off the screen and my balance went back down to $100 from $1,030

Adam on December 18, 2017. Reply

Hi there, I have been playing with raging bull casino for a while now, I have made a lot of deposits and I have finally won some money which I tried to withdraw last week, iv sent all my documents to be verified and had an automated response to say they will get back to me within 48hours, after this time has passed I spoke to them on live chat who said if I haven’t heard from them within 10 days to call back after this time, I’m sorry but 10 days to verify docs seems ridiculous, my withdrawal for $3000 has been pending since last week and I logged on today to see they had canceled the withdrawal and was back in my available playing funds? I’m trying to get in contact with them again but every time I get to the front of the cue on the chat they just disappear and put me to the back again, they are giving me the run around and making it hard for me to withdraw my winnings, can someone give me advice on what to do from here please

Jeremy on December 8, 2017. Reply

Hi i have been using raging bull casino i had some good wins got a jackpot and then some big feature wins on full credits had $10000 waiting in cash out and about $2000 in my account still they said they needed all this id and other stuff before they could do the cash out then they deleted all my funds and. I contacted them about it and they where saying that it didn’t count and they would put my deposit back into my account and did i want a bonus on it i said this was not exceptable and they said thats as good as it gets now i cant even log in to my account i have all screen shots of my winnings and pending withdrawals but don’t know what to do from here really

Roger Lucas on July 18, 2017. Reply

Failed to received two separate $100 withdrawals won by free chips since November, 2016. I have a $500 withdrawal that is over a month old that has not even been approved yet.

Rich on February 23, 2017. Reply

I don’t care if it takes 10 weeks to get me my money. I would just like someone to assure me that Raging bull will legitimately payout. The reason I say this or ask this rather is because I can’t get anyone on the phone for customer service. And if you’ve messed with the live chat support then you know it’s pointless really. I would just like to get someone on the phone that can confirm all my documentation was received. With this said I have no reason to think they will not pay me. I just think they need to do a little better with customer service phone answering.

jamie on February 14, 2017. Reply

Yes, I have been waiting since Novemeber 11th,2016 for roughly $500. Escalated and call/chat/email every week if not daily. No response or action taken to date.

Melissa Musick on February 7, 2017. Reply

I really liked this casino. In fact I deposited my fare share of funds. So a couple weeks before Christmas I deposited a $100 ended up cashing out at $288. I was really excited. I sent all my documents. I thought. The casino had emailed me saying some of my documents didn’t get received. So I sent them again. And again finally they went through. So I wait and wait. Still no money in my acct. So I started doing live chat for about 2 weeks I kept getting the same response ” our finance dept. It’s in right now but I’ll get the info over to them. I finally start getting emails from a number of VIP managers. I even call my bank to see if my payment was rejected. My bank said no. Raging bull tells me it was so I send an alternative banking account withy info. I wait and wait. Still nothing. I email them again. Asking about my withdrawal and that I haven’t received it. They send me an email saying this is a secure link and to click on it to see that my payment was received. I finally get it to open. It’s not even my name, bank account #, or address. So I don’t know who got the money but it wasn’t me. So I email them saying that’s not me. No response. Here I sit with no money in my account and nobody will respond to my emails. Very frustrated and annoyed. So if you win good luck getting your money.

Serena Brunson on February 5, 2017. Reply

On 1/21/2017, I requested a withdrawal $8000.00. After a few days with no activity on my account from Raging Bull, I cancelled one withdrawal ( four all together) in order to play at the casino. I then requested a withdrawal of $5000.00. By 1/24/2017, Still no activity from Raging Bull to process my withdrawals, I begin calling, e-mailing, and live chatting customer Service. On 1/25/17, I got a response from A VIP manager named Grace. She said she will get in touch with the banking Dept. to see what is the hold up on processing my withdrawals. By 1/26/17, still no activity on my account. I then called again. The same information was given out by another customer Service Rep. On 1/28/17, emailed the banking Dept., No response. Contact Live chat again. Told the same information again. They will contact banking to find out why so long for my withdrawals to be processed. On 1/29/17, I emailed the Banking Dept. again, Stating that I had requested my withdrawals Nine days ago. When will they be processed? Again, I got no response. I then contacted Live chat again. Got the same information again. They will call Banking about the delay. On 2/2/17, I finally got a response from Banking. The response was to let me know that my withdrawal request for $5000. was declined. With no explanation Why! Instead, There is an authorized withdrawal of $709.00! As of 2/4/17, withdrawal still shows authorized, With no further activity. There is no reason for this casino to take my money. I am a VIP Gold member that spends lots of money there. All documents were sent in and approved a few months ago. Used bonus code Nova390, beat play though, and followed all terms and conditions. On my part, all of Raging Bull’s rules were followed. I just want this casino to give me my money. The $5000.00 was won clear and clean.

May56 on November 10, 2016. Reply

Been waiting extremely long for 3 withdrawals from Oct 28th, Nov 2nd and 3rd and have not seen any $ deposited in my bank account even though I have been emailing the Support Desk and they have been responding, but no $ yet.

Tracey lou on November 4, 2016. Reply

I am happy with this site. When I made a withdrawl the only problem was it took awhile to get my id sorted but once they had it money was in my account in few days.

Luke on September 19, 2016. Reply

Finance department have taken 4 days, customer service keep telling they will get to me, all my verification papers were lost when I transferred to American site, was told they would be transferred. Have been waiting since 6th of September, will not deposit till rectified

titeuf676767 on August 19, 2016. Reply

I was ready to play my money in your casino but i am waiting since 10 days to have my payment…Unacceptable.

Alex Melgoza on August 19, 2016. Reply

I lost around $3,000 with raging bull finally I win $1,000 it took them more than 10 days to try deposit the money, they forfeit the money because of two different accounts my wife open an account there too but never made a deposit or try to get a free bonus I’m very disappointed with raging bull will never play there or either tell anyone to play there

Randy Cena on July 13, 2015. Reply

I really love Raging Bull. I am determined to work my way into the VIP Club here because the bonuses and offers appear to be way better (more so than usual).

I wish they had more tournaments but after talking to the support staff they said they’re always updating their game offerings. I come here to play table games and they have awesome graphics and different versions to keep it fresh.

Def check out

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