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Thanh nguyen on March 9, 2018. Reply

I used to be a roxy palace biggest member spending over 7k a week for 2years i withdrawed from them over 100 times between 10k and 55k but one day i won big $446,136,00 and they refuse to pay me locked my account and that was the end of it neva seen that amount again and not even the support team would reply bak 2months later my lawyer got in contact with them they called me and told me because my account has been locked for 2months they cant do nothing about it but they can pay me 5k max at the end i agree but wen the cash came through it was only $1000 i laughed.. i cried and went on with my life …

Denise Sauve on September 8, 2016. Reply

I tried to withdraw and they reversed the amountbinto my account and there seems there is no way to reach them

Andy Arnott on April 7, 2017. Reply

How did you get on with your withdrawal in the end?

Tommy on May 31, 2016. Reply

Excellent online casino very helpful staff available 24/7 by email it seems.
Any questions I had they where quick to help me with clear and polite answers, as for anyone upset about the whole bonus thing it clearly states it all in the terms and conditions!
Having a break from gambling but if I ever want to return this will be the site i come back to. Thanks

terry on November 7, 2015. Reply

I made a deposit after opening an account a long time ago and noticed that the email I was using for the account was one that no longer worked so I updated my email address. The result was that I was locked out of my account. I tried several times with support to solve the problem and they “couldn’t” do it so they had to pass it along. I contacted them a day or so later and they asked me to be patient. I contacted them a week later and they haven’t responded in a couple days. My assumption is that they have simply taken my money and saved themselves the trouble of having to come up with an excuse to not pay me later. Good luck trying to get your dough out of this place.

Szymon on September 3, 2015. Reply

Huge variety of games, great & fast software.
Very friendly, professional customer service.
Withdrawals takes a while, but they always reach
your account without problems.

ps. Wagering requirements are little high, but no
wonder as games payouts to player are very high.

JJ on October 28, 2016. Reply

Which withdrawal process did you use, I am trying to get paid out with no success. I scanned them my passport, driver license, ulitiltly bill, and they keep making excuses that it was not readable, they said I have to pay back my visa for the deposit. No sure what to make out of the situation and it is a lot of money they owe me.

FLint on August 28, 2015. Reply

They tied your money down with a sly deposit bonus you didnt ask nor sign up for, opt-into or request. If you desposit £200 you have to bet 50 times that…..thats £10,000 before you can take out any money. Yes, basically your money is gone the minute you join these scammers. Not many games count towards the bonus clearing, so your wasting your time. The games constantly cut out. So much so, that my aim was amazingly to get rid of my balance so I could get rid of this disgusting site.

Jack Earl on June 19, 2015. Reply

Played last week at roxy palace, deposited £10 and got a bonus. I know wagering requirements are usually high on the bonuses but only depositing £10 I wasn’t expecting to win. Had a couple of nice wins and got up to £500. Went to withdraw and I hadn’t wagered enough so I continued to wager and eventually got up to £700. When I tried to withdraw I had wagered enough and the next day received a withdrawal confirmation at this point I believed I had met the wagering requirements and money would be on its way! Stupidly I went and booked a holiday paying with my wages that I had just been paid. Three days later I receive an email saying that as i had wagered more than 25%of the bonus on one spin my win was void and the money had been wiped out. I have contacted them on several occasions now and the replies are absolutely appalling completely disregarding what I am saying and no help whatsoever. There are well over 100 terms and conditions for this site and as a player I genuinely find them confusing and not very clear. I have contacted watchdog, the gambling commission and The Sun newspaper who are currently very interested in running a piece about the casino and their unscrupulous terms and conditions. Currently I’m £700 down and don’t know how I’m going to pay my bills this month as well as having a holiday that I can now not afford. This site will end up putting me into debt and the customer service I have received is disgraceful, play here at your peril!

S. Daniels on December 18, 2014. Reply

Here is my experience of Roxy Palace Casino.
I signed up with them after doing my research and reading several good reviews. The main reason was their number and variety of slots. I deposited £100 and received the 100% welcome bonus plus 100 free spins on Jurassic Park.
I played a large number of slots via their website, I didn’t download their application. I was getting numerous ‘error code 0’ messages whilst playing however, I persevered as I was doing reasonably well. I contacted ‘live’ help to report these messages, I was told that the reason for the errors was that I was logged in via multiple browsers, which I wasn’t!! They couldn’t resolve the issue, so they recommended I download their software for a ‘more pleasurable playing experience’.
After a few sessions and playing through their bonus wagering requirements, I had built my bankroll up to £1,300. I looked at their withdrawal tab, which showed that £1,300 was available to cash out. I decided to withdraw £800 and leave £500 to play with. Everything appeared to go through fine and I received an email to tell me that my request was being processed and I should receive a follow-up email within 2 days to confirm payment. Sure enough, I received an email. Here is an excerpt from the message:

First of all we congratulate you on your winnings with us! When playing with the sign up bonus certain conditions apply.
If you have a look at point 13 on, you will see that a limit is imposed to any withdrawal request. This means that your payout will be £600.

Basically, point 13 states that you can only withdraw up to 6 times your initial deposit and the remainder may be forfeited. Furthermore, it states that this is at the discretion of the Roxy Palace management. Therefore, they may have waived this point, but in reality they said that never happens.
Obviously, I was annoyed about this as I hadn’t read all the small print of the T’s & C’s but more importantly, there was no warning message at the time of my withdrawal.
Anyway, I checked my account and found out they had also removed my remaining balance of £500. I phoned Customer Support and discussed it with them. They phoned me back the next day to inform me that following internal discussions, my remaining balance had been reinstated.
I continued to play with the balance and after a few sessions built it up to £2,000. I was looking to cash out some of this so I went to the withdrawal tab which confirmed that I had £2,000 to cash out. I decided to contact ‘live help’ to confirm there would be no issues with this. They explained that I wouldn’t be able to cash out any money and that basically I had to lose it. I could then make a further deposit and start from scratch. Here is an excerpt from the email confirmation that I received:

With regards to your winnings, as per our terms and conditions, this amount was won using your initial deposit and bonus. The remaining balance in your account you may use at the Casino but you will not be able to withdraw these funds.
I would suggest playing these funds and only after that to make a deposit. That way, whatever amount is in your account may be withdrawn.

I have now blown off all the money and advised Customer Support to close my account with immediate effect.

The bottom line here is read all the small print in the T’s & C’s. Btw, I have never had these issues with any other online casino.

JOEYAUS on August 28, 2014. Reply

Problem was fixed and money refunded back to casino account instead of my bank. Then I spent it lol. Have still been playing this casino for 2 months after I posted below comment with no withdrawal issues. The post below was posted 2 months ago but this site only recently uploaded it.

JoeyAus on August 3, 2014. Reply

Please disregard my review below. How wrong I was. After finally getting some wins I have had nothing but trouble and inadequate service from the poorly trained casino employees. I am currently waiting 12 days for a mere $150 to be paid into my bank account only to be told via email today that the money was put back into my casino account and was played. I had requested the money be reversed back into my casino account(because it had been 6 days and the money hadn't even been processed back to my bank account) via a phone call but the inadequate employee somehow "lost" the money in the casino system and told me it would hit my account in around 15mins. I waited 4 hours before again calling the help desk to ask what was happening. I was told there was a problem and it would be referred to there IT people and they could not give me an accurate time as to when it would be processed, "could be days" they said. I told them to put the money into my bank instead. 3 days later and no money in my account so I emailed support. 2 days later they have the hide to tell me that the money was put back into my casino account and was played off. This is just 1 problem. I was told I had free spins in my account, they would not show and was told it was my settings, I spent half a day changing my PC settings and removing and reinstalling casino software only to be told after another call to support that it was a problem on their end. I am currently unable to contact anyone by phone(surprisingly) and live help seem to work when you need to make a deposit, not withdrawal. I would strongly recommend to anyone considering to play Roxy to look elsewhere, no casino could surely be as bad as this. Stealing money in my opinion either by ignorance or on purpose. Will keep you updated.

John Fraser on August 3, 2014. Reply

In a 24 hour period I have bet 2200 pounds in these slots and cashed nothing I would like to know how this can be deemed gambling as it seems like just giving money away

JoeyAus on May 24, 2014. Reply

I have found Roxy to be a very enjoyable casino. I've had the pleasure of some decent wins and also the usual bad days. If ever I have a problem I use the "live chat" feature in the bank room and always get a representative straight away to answer my questions and not to mention offer the occasional bonus. The games are fun and graphics full screen unlike some. At first I doubted online casinos but I do trust the people at Roxy and the casino itself. I look forward to getting home and playing those slots 🙂

carol on November 27, 2013. Reply

I had a call from my bank telling me that this site has taken money from my account even though I have not been on for ages . I emailed asking why they say I didn't do any transaction on the date I have asked about . And given me 3 other dates I was. I have not had any game play and neither have I deposited any money the fraud team are looking into this.

Mark on November 19, 2013. Reply

I was very positive on Roxy earlier, it was a client friendly website until I wanted to withdraw my money.

I made a €190 win this week. However, when after I requested withdrawal suddenly my Roxy Palace account is untraceable. My money never showed up at my Neteller account, and my account is nowhere to be found either. Roxy is a scam, and be aware of that.

raphael on July 30, 2013. Reply

checking again with my friend
4 days pending now (reversable)
thats magic
48 pending it is said……..
i am curious to see when it will go in processing status
because processing status take certainly same time
and if they not find any terms or conditions to not pay maybe he can expect to have the winnings (52€) in 2 weeks.
for my part i will never make any deposit on so a lier thieve casino
1) not pay winnings for many player
2) unreasonable pending time. and they lie with 48 hours pending.
3)some terms and conditions are completly abusive

i am curious to see how many time they can make this politic before most playersd stop to play on roxy palace

raphael on July 30, 2013. Reply

48h pending on roxy palace
prompt payouts……

really a friend of me waiting now near 72hours and status pending (means reversible)
maybe now with week end he will have 5 days pending before begin of processing
thats the biggest joke i have ever seen

katie on July 6, 2012. Reply

i have been playing on here few weeks. and i have realised that every time i deposit it has taken the money straight out of my account instantly and then also taken out again a few days later. so it is paying twice. tried to resolve this and they will only investigate once i have sent proper bank statements that i have been sent by the bank. while in the meantime they are daily taking more money out of my account. just get blunt textbook answers in my emails when i asked if they can make sure no more money is taken out in the meantime

Maj on July 6, 2012. Reply

Worst experience ever… I joined this casino a few weeks back after seeing the bonus scheme I was impressed once I had made a deposit of the minimum of £20 which gave me account of £40 new to the site I headed to the roulette tables after making some profit later I found out that you have to wager 30 times your deposit so £600 to make a withdrawal I thought fair enough then told roulette counts for 0% of wager and slots 100%. Luckily I managed to wager over £700 on slots finally once allowed to make a withdrawal I made one for £180 a week and a half later I received an e-mail saying After a full review that was done on the account and after this review your account had been locked as if was found that you had not been playing in the spirit of the Casino due to abuse of the bonuses given. And that your withdrawal has been avoided and that your initial deposit refunded. After e-mailing them back I received an epic reply “Disclosure of any further information in this regard may leave the casino open to risk”. It was a real sham I was gutted and have lost confidence in their site. SO I lost my winnings from gambling after winning how ironic but mainly shameful im guessing the house does always win.

Joanne on June 4, 2012. Reply

I joined Roxy Casino last night and intitially tried to deposit £500. This came up declined and could not understand why. I then tried again, came up declined again. I knew that I had enough money in the bank but decided to try a lesser amount of £400 which was then accepted. I was quite happy.

When I went to play, I realised my credit was £1160!! I had a few shots and then I realised they had given me a bonus. I am aware of the huge wagering requirements for bonuses so almost immediately asked for it to be removed. They refused and said I had to wager all of my required amount. I was really upset by this as I am not a gambler and did not know what to do.

I then emailed again about half an hour later and another customer service assistant said it was too late they could not remove it. I was angry by this point and asked to speak to a manager. No manager was available until the next day. This customer service assistant even told me via chat "don't worry, im sure you'll reach your wagering requirement soon, especially on the slots!"
Now, if a customer makes it clear to you they don't want the bonus, they feel they have gambled enough and want to make a withdrawal then the last thing they should be doing is encouraging you to gamble more!!! Particularly on a game that you had not been playing!!! I feel duped.

Anyway, so it went on and on with the chat that I needed to wait till next day to speak with someone senior. I really panicked about this and thought oh no, I really want my money out. I didn;t plan on gambling £23000 as they said the wagering requirement was. No chance, I only wanted to deposit £400!!!

Anyway, I ended up trying to (as advised) play the wagering and lost every penny of my money!! I am not happy. The advisors ( yes more than one) should have told me not to play or put a block on my account until the managers could speak to me.

I had requested a bonus removal and withdrawal after a few spins. They refused. Absolute robbers. The manager said the bonus could have been removed if credit had sill been on my account. Why could this not have been done when I asked ?? Incompetent staff who make the rules up as they go along. In addition, someone senior should be available to make these decisions at all times. Keep away.!!!

Graham on September 7, 2011. Reply

Sadly I'm not impressed. I was to begin with but having recommended the site to my partner she played for a while and then had her account 'suspended' since it was apparently linked to the one I'd created. She was asked to pass on some form of ID (which she did) but they then demanded that we both scan and E-Mail copies of our passports (I think not!!) – they won't give out their physical address (their registered address is some villa in Malta) so we can post these documents to them and won't return my partner's money even though she's already given them ID vertification. I would earnestly advise everyone to avoid these guys if I were you.

jeff on December 3, 2010. Reply

Ok.I play bonus deuces wild. £1.25 for 5 coin bet. I have communicated my complaint to the support team on two occasions and to be fair they have deposited some money baCk into my account but. the last time I actually had a bankable win was the 11th OCTOBER it`s now the 2rd of December – and I play most days. I just do not have faith in their software anymore and have have removed it from my computer.

Lee-Ann on November 2, 2010. Reply

Hi – Im very glad to see that you are all enjoying our casino and will certainly feedback on the information you've provided to improve our services further.


Jeffrey C on March 22, 2007. Reply

I enjoy the site and find the software very fast and fair, but I'm having trouble with a payout of $3700 that was originally requested on January 19. After the usual security checks, they sent me a check within 2 weeks.

So far so good…trouble is, I got a notice from my bank a few days later that the check bounced! So I call Roxy and they apologize and promise to send my payout by bank wire. Well, here it is March 21st and still no money on my account. I've called them every week asking what's going on and each time I got an apology and an assurance I'll have my money within a few days.

Well, I'm at the point where enough is enough and I'm at a loss as to what to do. I'm hoping my case is an exception because others seem to say good things, but this huge delay is making me think they might be having financial problems.

Roxy Palace Casino on March 22, 2007. Reply

Hi Jeffrey C,

Our sincerest apologies for the problems you have been experiencing with getting your cash from us – believe me, we share in your frustration.

The reason for the problem and delay is not due to financial difficulties on our side, but rather that we, as well as many other operators out there were experiencing problems with a new bank that was being used to pay players there appears to be a backlog in their processing and unfortunately we have no idea when the backlog will be resolved – we don’t even have an estimate, making it extremely difficult to deal with these kind of issues.

We don’t want to promise our customers something we aren’t able to deliver and we are doing everything in our power to prevent exactly what has happened here going forward.

Your case has been brought to the attention of our senior Management and Directors who are in turn on the bank’s case to get the outstanding payments hurried through.

I believe our Customer Service Manager has also mailed you personally and will keep you informed of the situation’s progression and should you have any other comments or queries, please feel free to discuss them with her.

Thanks in advance for your patience and understanding.

Best regards,


Bonnie on February 15, 2007. Reply

your comment I joined Roxy Palace last weekend. It is the first and last time I will ever join a casino. I am an expat that is currenlty living Romania.I am a Canadian citizen and my banking is done in Canada through my Canadian bank account and visa card. When I signed up I deposited a hundred dollars -the money was taken directly from my account. I then deposited another 50 dollars only to have my account frozen. I was told- after the fact- not before – that Romania can not participate in the Casino. I said fine then give me my money back. I was told that the money would be mailed to Canada – amd not even directly to the bank account. The problem is I was never told in advance there was a problem and then I was blocked the second the money was taken from my account. When I contacted customer support I was just given the run around. They wanted more and more personal information from me …which seems a bit odd since they already have my money and I have nothing —and then I am expected to give them more information …. hello …. they have my money …. and I have no way to get my money back and no way to access the site.

It definatley seems like a rotten Casino to me

Roxy Palace Casino on February 15, 2007. Reply

Hi Bonnie,

Thank-you for posting and bringing this matter to our attention.

After liaising with our Customer Service Team I have been informed that this matter has been resolved to your satisfaction? I have been told that you will be receiving the full purchase amount back to the Canadian Bank Account, and that we have e-mail confirmation that you are happy with this and with the manner in which this matter was handled. If this is incorrect, please let me know.

For the record, you registered a Canadian Address with us and your initial Credit Card transactions were rejected because you are in a blocked country. You then proceeded to deposit via an alternative method using the Canadian address (it took a short period to pick up because the IP address didn’t correspond which is why you were able to deposit and then your account was locked and you were informed that we could not allow you to play because of your country of residence). Our Terms and Conditions clearly list which countries we do not accept players from and going forward I would like to recommend that you read these at any casino before playing.

If there is anything else, please don’t hesitate to contact either myself or a member of our Customer Support Team.

best regards

catrina on February 1, 2007. Reply

I played a few times, when I won the payout was fast and customer service responded very fast. I rate them an excellent place to play.

angi cranmer on December 21, 2006. Reply

Hello been a flash player for some time and love Roxy.Won here and there nothing big but keeps me playing and the payout is fast.Keep up the good work.I will play as long as i have some money left

Randy on November 27, 2006. Reply

Unfortunately, I’ve had nothing but bad experiences with Roxy Palace’s customer support. The casino itself is great, but unfortunately the customer support is very sub-par. Payouts are also extremely slow and involve a lengthly “security check.”

After having been a member for over a month and playing consistently, and after numerous deposits, I decided to make another deposit (for $100) by Western Union. I made the deposit and proceeded to give Roxy Palace the MTCN control number so that they could pick up the funds.

I got a message back from a support representative who said that they could not pick up the funds because “the MTCN was already used.” The representative also stated that I should contact Western Union about the problem. I called Western Union, and they assured me that the funds were available, and that the MTCN I provided was correct.

I went back to Roxy with this information, but then received the standard response: the MTCN was “already used” and that I should contact Western Union. I called Western Union again, and they were very helpful in diagnosing the problem. They verified that there was no problem with the funds and that it was ready for pickup at any time. They also mentioned that I could get a refund at any time, but that my transfer fee ($15) was not refundable. Western Union also requested that Roxy Palace contact them directly, so that they might be able to assist with receiving the funds.

I went back to Roxy Palace again, but got the same response (“MTCN already used, contact Western Union.”) I called Western Union again, and verified everything again. I then mailed Roxy Palace again and stated that if they wouldn’t contact Western Union, and that if they weren’t going to assist me any further, that I would simply close my account, cashout the remaining funds I had in there ($600), and take my business elsewhere.

Unsurprisingly, I received the same response from Roxy Palace. They were very unsympathetic and not willing to help at all. Heck, even if they were willing to comp me $15 for my transfer refund, so that I could deposit with a credit card instead, I would’ve been happy. The transfer even showed up on Western Union’s site as available! Unfortunately, Roxy Palace was very unyielding in their opinion that the transfer problem was my fault somehow.

But, the nightmare was only beginning. When I went to close my account and cashout the remaining funds, I was presented with an option to have the funds refunded to my credit card. I chose the option, and then received a confirmation that the funds would be available on my credit card within a day or two.

Then, I received an email that stated that I needed to “change my withdrawl option” and that the credit card option was “no longer available.” So, I then chose cheque, and for it to be sent by International courier.

Then, Roxy Palace’s “security department” required that I send in *fourteen* personal documents (including ID, passport, bank statement, credit card, birth certificate, etc) before the funds would be released.

After the funds were released, I was informed that it would arrive by “regular mail” as opposed to the International courier that I chose.

All in all, it took two months from the time the Western Union problem started to when my cheque finally arrived and cleared.

Needless to say, I now do my gaming elsewhere.

Roxy Palace Casino on November 27, 2006. Reply

Hi there,

Thanks for posting and bringing this issue to our attention. The head of our Accounts and Customer Service Department has investigated this matter thoroughly.

Our payment processes very rarely take this long and we apologize for any inconvenience and frustration this caused you. The findings of the investigation into your complaint are pretty lengthy, and I have arranged to have the full version mailed to you. In summary though, the delay can largely be attributed to the problems with Western Union on your side which were out of our control (our customer support team did everything they could to help rectify the problems and kept getting the same answer that you should contact Western Union directly), and then again by a discrepancy in the payment address, although you were contacted immediately and this was confirmed and resolved quickly.

As for the security check, this is a standard procedure to ensure safety and security when playing at the casinos and you will encounter it from time to time at any casino, and is stated in our Terms and Conditions.

Unfortunately, you have requested that your account be locked. However, should you wish to have it unlocked we will be more than willing to comp you the $15 you mentioned as a gesture of good will. Please feel free to contact me directly should you have any further queries and I will be happy to assist you.

Thanks and regards,


Maniaco on November 12, 2006. Reply

Haven been treated very well at this casino. I cant say that I´m a pro online player but they gave me a great first online gaming experience. thanks

Mike M on November 2, 2006. Reply

I know what a bad run is at a real casino. Your blackjack is good in the practice mode, which, I think, that’s what you send to your auditors for auditing. I played solo at a private table, and there is no need to chat with other players who could be members of your group. My chance of winning after I played over 200 hands was 10%. I have never heard or played in a real casino where the dealer’s edge is 90%. This is blackjack, my friend, and the chances are 50-50 (like flipping a coin), but the dealer has a slight edge (usually plus or minus 1%) because you play first and bust first. Your lecture is for naiive people.

Mike M on October 26, 2006. Reply

At Roxy Palace, the blackjack dealer is a magician. You win one time, he wins 10 times in a row. Here, you are not experiencing losing streaks as you would once in a while in a real casino. Here, you are experiencing continuous, non-stop winning streaks in favor of the dealer. Try and play 200 hands (if you are rich and can afford to lose money.) Chances are you will win a maximum of 20 hands and the dealer will win 180. Unrealistic in a real world casino. The dealer here is a devil, just beware! He will kick you ass in no time. The software is demonically designed in favor of the casino. Never play blackjack here. You will become very frustrated and your blood pressure will rise. (Oh, I forgot to mention that when you play blackjack in the no-money practice mode, the roles are switched: you become the magician and the dealer becomes the big loser.)

Roxy Palace Casino on October 26, 2006. Reply

Hi Mike,

Thanks for posting.

As far as your comments go it seems that you had a bit of a bad run at the blackjack tables. However, with regard to your claims about the Blackjack odds at Roxy Palace, you will find that all Blackjack games at this casino have a random number generator (supplied by Microgaming Software Systems to all Microgaming casinos), which ensures that cards are dealt randomly to both the player and the dealer. This system is verified by one of the top international Independent Auditing firms and the reports are available on our site.

Also, if you refer to the winners list on our site, you will see that a number of them won substantial amounts at our Blackjack tables.

Chat to players on any one of the numerous advocate sites in the industry (including this one) and I’m sure you’ll find a number of experiences completely opposite to yours. Please let me know if you have any further comments or questions and I’ll be happy to respond.

Thanks and regards,


Oh Kwon on August 10, 2006. Reply

I think Roxy Palace is one of the most honest and hassle free Casino that’s been around for quite a long time. I’ve been playing at this casino for more than a year..There’s a good days and bad days…I haven’t had much lucks here lately like I did in the past, but Roxy Palace is about the only Casino I play almost everyday with total TRUST, worry-free, that I’ll be paid without going through any troubles, And I have won $4000.00 and $2000.00 in the past and got promptly paid. I recommend Roxy Palace to anyone who thinks online Casinos are Rip-offs compared to Land-Casinos.

retired on April 15, 2006. Reply

Like this casino and I feel comfortable playing there. However the bonus could be better. I like bigger bonuses that allow me to play longer.

Tom on May 18, 2005. Reply

Roxy Rocks! I have to admit that these guys know what they are doing and they are doing it right. The two times I had to contact their support they were nothing but friendly and helpful. Thanks.

Claude H on April 10, 2005. Reply

I have hit this casino pretty good. I have to say these people are honest and the customer support is great. Yes I received my winning money. I would reccomend this casino to anyone

cooky on February 4, 2005. Reply

I just have to say how much I really love playing at Roxy!! I\’ve been treated very well there, I\’ve experienced great customer service, FAST PAYOUTS, etc……

Roxy Palace Casino on February 4, 2005. Reply

Hi all,

Thank you very much for all the wonderful feedback. I will be sure to pass your comments on to our support staff. Should you ever have any requests in future please feel free to contact us. We are available 24/7 with toll-free numbers in 12 countries. Our email response time is generally speaking under 10 minutes too.

Once again thank you for your loyalty, it is greatly appreciated!

All the best,
Garth Wilby

Daniel on February 4, 2005. Reply

I went to Roxy to cash in my comp points got a whole $10.00 and I still can’t believe it brought in a $620.00 cash out . I am speechless I can’t wait till it is flushed from my account Roxy is one of the best casinos I have played at .

pam on February 4, 2005. Reply

Excellent casino. Top notch customer service, super fast with payouts.

supereileen on February 4, 2005. Reply

This casino has the best winning percentage for me. I cashed out 3200.00 just recently. They were very fast getting the money into my account. They have all the newest viper games.

jas2587 on February 4, 2005. Reply

they have to be the bomb I love this site they have many ways you can win and they are very fast at responding to emails and with their payouts

Suzanne on November 9, 2004. Reply

I can’t really put my finger on a specific reason,but I love this place! No hassles everyone is nice, games are loose,what else is there? Carry yourself on in you won’t regret it!

Samantha on May 4, 2004. Reply

A simply marvelous place to play at. I love the support team.. and I mean all of them – so helpful and really funny at times.

Sam Neill on April 30, 2004. Reply

Very cool casino. I love microgaming as it is and this place is a true representation as to how a casino should be run.

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