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Jwoods03 on March 25, 2021. Reply

I have been an online gamer for over 20 years and come from a family of gamblers have a masters degree in IT and have worked with RTG casino developers and management and in none of the dozens of casinos I play at is there such a high disparity of imbalance of casino advantage as what I have seen in these particular casinos. The games don’t seem to use a true random number generator. I had closed the accounts in all three of their casinos (Winaday, Cryspotslots and Slotland) last year due to suspicion of rigged games. Especially after seeing they were blacklisted on some other review sites for this reason. But was wiling to give them a fair chance again after discovering the existence of their Slotland Casino. I say this because after a chat with one of their reps I informed him that I was evaluating whether or not to keep the accounts open across all three of their casinos I wanted to know the total of deposits as compared to the total of withdrawals. To my disappointment over this year I have deposited over $9000 across all three of their casinos and with winnings of only $2000. That is a $7000+ loss disparity which indicates rigged games. Thousands of random spins and over $9000 in deposits yielding a $7000+ loss over a year’s time clearly shows the games are not using a true random number generator but rather are using some proprietary algorithm. Which I later confirmed is the case on other review sites. I also inquired who does their independent fairness testing and was told that I would receive a response to that question which I still have not.

Jason on May 23, 2012. Reply

After having played at Slotland (which I do like but becomes dull eventually) I thought I could give Win A Day Casino a try my luck there too. Graphic-wise this casino has a lot more to offer than Slotland and, more importantly, I experienced the same awesome customer support. It´s by far the best customer care team out there.


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