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Carolyn Cambarare on July 24, 2015.

I have played with Win Palace a few years now. For the most part no problems. But today can’t log in and when you call the phone number it does not go through. I read on one site they have been blacklisted. So I don’t know what is going on.

lori on July 27, 2015.

I myself have played on win palace for a few years I have many complaints about slots, their payouts and the time in which it takes for them to pay if i do win anything. I have not been able to log on since July 22. This is the first blog I have found that says anything about trouble with the server being down. I to have called the 1888 number several times to be told my call can not be completed. I also wrote to customer support on sat and am still waiting for a response.

Dutch Guy on July 27, 2015.

I think there are bad news for you guys. Winpalace and a bunch of other casinos associated have been shut down. Read this:

Maribeth on July 24, 2015.

Just started playing on this casino and deposited $25 with 399% bonus means the total amount came up to $124 but I have to bet 3 thousand times before I can start withdrawals of $100 minimum. The money got up to $250 and I tried to play again but it wouldn’t let me due to failure connecting to internet which I wondered why. Then I tried calling the number they used to contact me soon after I deposited $25 but ain’t working.

Carolyn Cambarare on July 24, 2015.

Meribeth i am having the same issue. Can’t log in and can’t call. I have been with them awhile now.

Alex on June 9, 2015.

Playing Roulette right now already doubled my original balance but still yet to wager the full 5600 they require to cashout as soon as i reach that limit i will attempt a cashout and from the stories above im just gonna take there money if it ever comes and delete the program all together

Mavis Buchanan on May 6, 2015.

Not enjoying this casino. I play strictly slots and have never seen such tight slot machines. Not enough games for slots. – add more games p!ease, these offered are not good ones very, very disappointed. Lost most of my deposit the first day. Will Not be making any more deposits no matter what is offered.

Ali on April 18, 2015.

I only wish i read all of the reviews before signing up and depositing money. The company is a total fraud. Do not give them your cell phone number, they sell it to other sites. I have been getting random texts ever since. I contacted their tech support, they said they removed my number, but obviously, it is too late, and the spam texts keep coming. I deposited money with the bonus code, i played through the amount i needed to play through, and now I cant get my money out. I have tried 8 times now, and have emailed and chatted with their tech support to no avail. After 2 months I am still waiting for my $400. I requested that they send me the contact information for their CEO and they have not responded.

Robert on March 2, 2015.

Thought I’d try online casinos and came across Winpalace & thought I’d give it a shot. Played roulette didn’t really in much and ended up losing $50, but it is a casino so wasn’t really expecting to win much, went to add another $50 & it wouldn’t let me, after trying for about 3 times of adding more money I gave up & got a call from one of the reps saying that it will not let me add anymore money because my bank blocked international payments & they will try from their end. After getting all my info to make sure it was actually me the rep says that I must call because the bank blocked it so I should try calling them, so it was late & I didn’t feel like calling the bank to straighten it out & took it as a sign to call my loses & wait til tomorrow. Later on the next day I get a call saying that their are about 5 suspicious charges on my account ranging from $5 to $50 & that they would cancel my card & send me a new one. Mind you this is the only time I used my card for the day was in the casino website. So either they take your money than screw you over & sell your info to others or their site is hacked & all your card information is also being sent to another party without your knowledge. I have my lawyer looking into this at the moment & will sue if it is found out that they are selling my info or their site is not secured as it says…You have been warned DO NOT sign up for this casino, it is a bunch of bull crap & you will be ripped off in a heartbeat.

Ebony Robinson on February 15, 2015.

I deposit $100.00 and enter a coupon 300% that made my balance $400.00. I play slots only and losted $300 before winning $1,000.00 which brought my balance to $1,100.00. I called and asked how could I withdraw and they told me I could’nt because I habe to pay back the bonus money back 30x! What the hell? I will never spend another penny with these people that can’t even speak English.

Isabel on February 16, 2015.

You should have read the T&Cs. (click the “read more” link). Though in this case the T&Cs are not easy to find and the link should say “Bonus Terms and conditions” rather than “read more”. I guess they don´t want them to be too easy to find.

kevin on January 7, 2015.

I played on win palace a couple years back. Deposited $50 and won back 125 on blackjack. I wanted to test the system so I withdrew my money. It took nearly 3 weeks and when I received my check it came to me from the bank of Canada LOL. I stopped playing right after that. Think about it people, this business is in Curacao, if you are in the US and gambling online ur breaking the law and they know tho so you have no defense against losses. Furthermore if you deposit a couple hundred and win a few thousand do you really think they can pay all that money back, or even want to. The house always wins whether in LAs Vegas or online, but at least in Las Vegas there are fair rules and if you honestly win, you get paid. Winpalace is a black hole for money

Lisa Moore on November 4, 2014.

I won $4000.00 two months ago. Played with my own money and didn't use their promotion code/bonus. It took forever for them to accept my documents for processing payments. I have only been approved for $500.00 and now they are saying that my most recent request for payment has been denied and can take up to 90 days to process. Another too good to be true story. I highly recommend not playing with this casino…takes forever to get payments if you get them at all!

gloria brunson berrien - ID:g on August 3, 2014.

I was of course very happy after I used the promo bonus, then made my deposits and won.. But ohhhh when I wanted to withdraw the winnings, that's win the crap hit the fan…I just can't understand why you all want to run this type of business and then don't want to pay up when your customer wins.. isn't this is the nature OF this business…?????. Thank you for my winnings.. please honor your own policy and standards.. pay the lady.. THANK YOU and God Bless..

Justin on April 9, 2014.

It is a pain sending the docs in to be able to withdraw but once you do it and do it correctly for me at least I have been paid out in the timeframe I was informed about when reading the terms etc. I deposited 250 and won 350. They paid me 600 no issues. I can't comment on these thousand dollar plus claim issues as I don't have the balls to gamble that big!

bms on March 29, 2014.

winpalace SCAM site!…i deposit,i played and when i want to withdraw they didn t give me my money after i sent the papers they requre 2 times live chat operators confirmed me that the papers are ok and good the finance team told me that are not good and ask me to send agen,and agen…and agen…after 1 month i steel didn t se my money(1000DOLARS)…DO NOT PLAY ON THIS SITE

aardappel on December 15, 2013.

Playing four years at least, the casino always accepts my deposits, but now that I have some winnings only 3000 dollars were approved and the rest is declined. What is your problem WinPalace? In the reglementations is something about installments? I never deposit in installments, so why does casino use installments? And when and how will you pay me the next installment? I am absolutely not amused by the way the casino treats loyal customers like me.

Jan on May 21, 2013.

I have been playing with win palace for years!!! Always depositing and never a withdrawal. The people were all so nice and I never had a problem UNTIL TODAY when I actually WON and wanted to make a withdrawal. Then all of the sudden I get a story of because I was playing on CASHBACK which I EARNED that I am only able to win 5x THE amount of my cashback. Are you kidding me???????? So basically you are fine taking peoples money but you will find every excuse NOT TO PAY WHAT IS RIGHTFULLY MINE??????????????????????????????????

Sue on April 22, 2013.

I am having trouble getting my withdrawals. I have one for $420.00 and another for $100.00. I was told that the check bounced when they sent it to my bank because the account number was wrong. I've been playing at the casino for a few years and my account number has never changed. So they still have my $420.00 and then returned my $100.00 from withdrawal status to my account. I never have a problem depositing money, but this is about the 3rd time that I've had a problem withdrawing my money. I love playing at this casino but I am very unhappy when it comes to collecting my winnings. I would appreciate something being done about this.

Aaron Ferguson on February 15, 2013.

I have had nothing but problems with this site….I won a 5000.00 hand.. (Not a jackpot or bonus, but a hand on the vegas slot).. It took FOREVER to get anything approved, I played around in the Blackjack tables and lost thousand, just to find out that even had I won, it wouldn't had been credited to my account. So essentially, they can allow me to spend it, but now win anything..And yes, I exceeded my "Playthru" requirements, and deposit, of course. Upon completing ALL req's, I was given excuse after excuse after excuse. Then, just a few nights ago, I lost Hundreds after hundres on one game, I find it amazing how someone can 500 PLUS consecutive hands…. Then, I was trying to confirm some rules with certain deposits I had made, and I was dealing with a man named "BRET"…. He was the RUDEST person I'v ever dealt with. SAying I was wasting his time, telling me I should thank him for the token he "graciously Gave me", though it was NOTHING more than my 'Cashback token'…Then, he actuallt started using profanity, I told him I wanted to speak to a manager, I told him I want him to save all communications on his end etc etc … He said remarks like, Would you prefer this in aniother language seeing you clearly dontr know what you're asking me or what you're doing, I have answered your question 8 times'… For me to yet again, clarify the question, for him to give finally6 a reasonably better answer, to then follow with , that's what I've been telling you…I said to please connect me to a manager, he said, "you know what, your the customer, will it make you happy if I say your right, FINE< you're right"..I said, I would like to speak to a manager please"… He said, really , this is the thanks I get putting up with you and trying to help you?! Fine, screw you expletive expletive…. He went to connect me to Manager, then instantly after said, your chat session has been disconnected.. "… SO, I have heard NOTHING back from management, they are in the BVI's….I own a home there and in St. JOhn, I think I might find intrest in seeing how "professional" this company really is. If I do not hear from a amanger who makes it right, I will proceed with a legal case. I Hvae already informed my business attorney, he has taken an aggressive look in to this, in fact, he would not like that I was even sharing this information…. I am prepared to spend significantly more money than my wins and deposits combined, just to show them they can't keep screwing with people. If they want to continue, they can take thier business outside of the Continental United States. Upon my attorney investigations, this company is SWARMED with complaints, harassment charges, and quite frankly, just blatantly screwing people with their money… I am very eager to see if they will rectify this matter, I am not even going to give more than five minutes of my time speaking with them though, if they cannot manage to see exactly what they've done, then I would rather SPEND money legally, then to receive money from them, if they do so while continuing to insult me. I really hope to be able to remove this post, but I do not anticipate such… DO NOT PLAY WITH THIS COMPANY BEOFRE YOU RESEARCH THEM. I would LOVE someone to find me a casino site , with thousands of comments and experiences, and factual statistics etc, you will not find one solitary positive about his company, all I can call it as of now is a complete scam.

Linda on January 27, 2012.

I requested a withdrawal on dec. 2, 2011, it was finally approved on the 12th, this is now jan 25th and still no wire transfer, I have heard all kinds of excuses and none seem to make any sense, it does not take almost two months for a wire transfer…I have withdrawn money from there once before and it took about three weeks, which at the time I thought was a long time. Also right after that they said my account was not eligible for bonuses or the comp points I had already accrued, there was no explanation for this at all…the reviews have been good for this casino so I don't understand what is going on with them……..

Winpalace Casino on January 27, 2012.

you don’t have a pending balance in Winpalace casino, your claims are not correct.