Kambi reports positive progress in full year 2017 results

Online sports betting supplier Kambi Group plc reported continued upward momentum in its full year 2017 results.

Key performance indicators include:

Revenue of Euro 62.1 million (2016: Euro 56.0 million).

Operating profit (EBIT) of Euro 7.7 million (2016: Euro 8.8 million) with a margin of 12 percent (2016: 16 percent).

Profit after Tax amounted to Euro 5.9 million (2016: Euro 7.5 million).

Earnings per share for full year 2017 amounted to Euro 0.198 (2016: Euro 0.253).

Cash flow from operating and investing activities (excluding working capital) amounted to Euro 4.7 million (2016: Euro 4.1 million)

“I'm delighted to report Kambi ended 2017 on a high, with the fourth quarter delivering record revenues, a new customer signing and three customer contract extensions. We are entering 2018 with strong momentum.

“Our 12-month operator trading margin was 7.4 percent, a figure more in line with our previously communicated expected range of 6.5-7 percent,” CEO Kristian Nylén said.

“A consequence of a higher operator trading margin is lower operator turnover growth – when results favour operators, as they frequently did in Q4, players have less money in their betting accounts to play with. Despite this suppressing factor, Kambi operator turnover grew year-on-year.”

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