MGM in deal with new US football league

News on 11 Sep 2018

The publication ESPN reports that US land casino giant MGM Resorts International has penned an exclusive wagering agreement with the up-and-coming new football league Alliance of American Football (AAF), which plans to launch operations over a 12 week season early in 2019.

The AAF is reportedly developing an app which provides free streaming of its games, and in terms of the agreement MGM will offer its wagering product in conjunction with this, including an exclusive right to offer in-game wagering for the first three seasons.

The increasingly hi-tech nature of football will reportedly see AAF players wearing locator devices to enable their movements to be tracked for data purposes, which will help MGM set betting lines on the in-game action. The logical extention of that is a player reward system using the volume of wagers bet on a player as a measure

The AAF’s technological ability to create relevant data and quickly use it enables the league to provide this critical information to MGM faster than rivals, a AAF principal told reporters.

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