Optima pioneers AI tech to fight problem gambling

News on 20 Nov 2018

Spanish-based gaming technology firm OPTIMA is deploying the latest in machine learning and AI technology in the development of a new generation responsible gambling tool.

The foundation behind the development is primarily to identify the moment before punters pass over from entertainment into gambling addiction levels through the use of artificial intelligence.

OPTIMA, whose 83 operator partners include power houses bwin and bet365, is developing the tool on Oracle Cloud Technology, analysing the entire bet making process from the calculation of bets to how payments are processed.

Jacob López Curciel, CEO of Óptima said:

“We are working at a European level to combat problem gambling through machine learning and artificial intelligence. The objective is to prevent users from becoming gamblers, not so much by identifying the patterns but the trigger, that moment that makes one become addicted.”

Curciel acknowledges that identifying the trigger is complex as it could be anything from a specific promotion, outside influences, or perhaps the type of content the player is exposed to.

“Through artificial intelligence, OPTIMA seeks to detect what that key moment is and move it to a previous stage, avoiding crossing the threshold into addiction.”

The company has been collaborating with psychologists and other professionals on the development of the tool for the past five months and expects to deliver the finished product in the third quarter of 2019.

Being the first technology of its kind, Curciel anticipates the tool could be applied to other forms of addiction in the future.

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