Regulators unite to analyse blurred lines between social and video games with gambling

News on 14 Nov 2018

Regulators from 18 European and American jurisdictions have signed a declaration on the blurred line between gambling and video/social games.

Regulators from Latvia, Czech Republic, Isle of Man, France, Spain, Malta, Jersey, Gibraltar, Ireland, Portugal, Norway, Netherlands, United Kingdom, Poland, Austria, Washington, Denmark and Finland agreed to collaborate after sharing their concerns on the risks associated with other digital entertainment such as video and social games.

Part of the agreement will see a combined effort in thoroughly analysing the characteristics of video games and social games which will enable informed and constructive dialogue with representatives of the video and social game industry.

“Concerns in this area have manifested themselves in controversies relating to skin betting, loot boxes, social casino gaming and the use of gambling themed content within video games available to children,” the declaration reads.

“Regulators identify, in such emerging gaming products and services, similar characteristics to those that led our respective legal frameworks and authorities to provide for the regulation of online gambling.

“We anticipate that it will be in the interest of these companies whose platforms or games are prompting concern, to engage with [gambling] regulatory authorities to develop possible solutions.”

Participating regulators believe this joint action will raise parental and consumer awareness regarding the transition and differentiation between gaming for leisure and entertainment and gambling.

The full declaration can be read here.

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