UKGC opens consultation on gambling with credit cards

News on 21 Feb 2019

The UK Gambling Commission has opened consultations on two “key” issues in its prevention of gambling-related harms strategy, gambling online with credit cards and, separately, on improving player control measures on all Category B gaming machines.

The UKGC backs the principle that  consumers should not gamble with money they do not have, saying “gambling with borrowed money is already well-established as a risk factor for harmful gambling.”

The new consultation seeks input on the implementation of credit card restrictions, potentially including an outright ban.

The other call for evidence invites gambling businesses to outline how they will meet the challenges set out in the Government’s Review of Gaming Machines and Social Responsibility Measures over the protections for players using Category B gaming machines.

Paul Hope, an executive director at the Gambling Commission, said: “We are exploring measures that could help reduce the risk of harm to consumers who use their credit cards to gamble online, and to those who play on all Category B machines.

“We want consumers, gambling firms and other interested parties to have their say and provide evidence that will help us make gambling safer.”

More on credit card consultation here.

More on Category B machines here.

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