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Leash02 on July 3, 2022. Reply

I deposited and the money cleared from my bank account did not show up on my all slots account. I questioned the support team and was told my bank rejected it.

Soulz79 on January 14, 2022. Reply

Online chat service: 10/10. Absolutely fantastic so helpful with really good communication, I get better service & better communication from these guys than i do from people in everyday life.

Withdraw: Absolutely NO problems what so ever if you send through correct Verification documents. Withdraw takes 2 businessdays.

Promotions: Always better than every online casino.

Dreamgirl64 on August 16, 2021. Reply

I won over $26,000.00 at all slots. It’s been 11 months now and I have been told the verification documents were not acceptable and then locked me out of my account and confiscated all my money .
They then contacted just once stating they will refund all my deposits I made which added up to over half the amount anyway, but never paid me in the end.

Logesh on November 23, 2020. Reply

I have played all casino slot games over here and I had won lot of money and with in a week has been deposited to my bank account. Its really a trusted one.

Deb on May 15, 2020. Reply

All slots withdrew funds from my bank account that I did not authorize. I have had to send my bank statement 4 times. The say they received them and sent email confirmations but then customer service says not received. I don’t know if I am going to get my money back Their customer service reps are friendly but useless

Janis on October 2, 2019. Reply

Same here! I had many withdraws in the past but suddenly they say my account is not under my name !! Ridiculous anyway, I sent again all the documents . After 40 emails nobody answers me and they locked my account with my money . All the agent tell different things

Michael on May 15, 2018. Reply

One week they approved my documents and received them the other week they dont have any traces of them. They constantly finding way to not pay and bring you back to square one. Everytime you talk to someone from customer service they will have a diffrent stories for you on where your process is.

Michael giroux on May 12, 2018. Reply

I won 29700 from this casino over a week ago
I was beting quite big bets
Apparently my documents been approved and since then i didnt hear from them.
I was suppose to get some emails back from operations management
They dont and when i talk to customers service they answer me vaguely.
So far it feel like a scam to me.
Took my money and refuse to pay it back.

Malgorzata on July 28, 2017. Reply

So far so good,I’m a new player, won with bonus offer 1300, no questions asked, they will deposit my money in 2 days.
I’m impressed with this casino. Love it.

Julie Astley on June 24, 2017. Reply

I have been trying to get a withdrawal for a week and they refuse to give me the payout because I don’t have a debit card I used to deposit once they refuse to pay me The money so really I have $1000 sitting there and its not even worth playing it thru because I won’t get any money I win anyway so whatta joke I have tried to no end to work something out with them but they refuse to budge on the matter. You cant get. A photo of something that’s non existent anyway , so I have over $1000 sitting there that I can do absolutely nothing about !

Malgorzata on July 28, 2017.

Did they pay you in the end?

Andy on March 25, 2017. Reply

Im surprised at the extent of negative feedback of allslots. Ive played here for years and understandably lost a lot of money. It is a gambling site first and foremost! Right?? I have also won a little aswell. If you follow the withdrawl procedures correctly and sumbit legible copies of identification documents for verification I can assure you that you will receive your winnings promptly. Within 3 to 5 days for bank transfers (working days). My advice is to photograph the documents with your phone and attach to email with your username, dob and email that is registered to your allslots account. You may need to send 2 emails due to attachment size limitations on email. Ensure the card you photograph is the one used on most recent deposit and bank account details for eft is that linked to that card! Also, if you want no withdrawal hassles then never, repeat after me.. NEVER accept bonuses! There is no such thing as free money so don’t assume this is any different. If you play for real you can most definitely win for real and you will receive your winnings??

Dani on August 1, 2017.

All slots is horrible since fortune lounge took over. I had vip status which was cancelled shortly before the take over and now I’m lucky to hear from a host once every few weeks. All the perks…free spins worth more than minimum bet, random bonuses, valentines gifts, random gifts in the mail, all finished! This take over had me questioning everything about the new owners!!!

Shells on January 1, 2017. Reply

I’ve been trying for weeks to get a withdrawal from all slots. They’ve reversed the funds twice back into my gaming account. The first time I got an email stating I hadn’t supplied all the documents asked for. I supplied all, however I did not even receive an email stating what was missing. I feel like they are making this as difficult as possible for me to withdraw. I received an email 2 days ago after I sent yet another email asking what was taking so long. It asked me to get in touch if I hadn’t heard from them within 24 hours. I’ve done this, yet received no reply, again. Speechless really. Have not had this experience anywhere else & I wish I’d read these reviews before joining.

Nicola on January 8, 2017.

We are hearing u we have been trying to get 1200 out for over two months now and still waiting sent the documents in 6 times now and still nothing can anyone help please

Angela on February 1, 2017.

Same exact thing is happening to me right now! Told me to send in documents. Told me they received then got an email saying they didn’t receive and the money was put back into the account. I have a feeling this is going to be a very long drawn out process absolutely ridiculous!

Did you ever recieve your money??

Courtney on December 16, 2016. Reply

I’m waiting to withdrawal $600. They’re asking me for all this information too. One of the cards i used to deposit, i lost, so canceled the card and got a new one. But they’re saying i cant withdrawal the money unless i get proof from the bank of it being canceled. Which I did. I was on the phone to them while I was at the bank and they bank couldn’t prove it. So theyre saying i have to forfeit the money. I’ll be making sure i get the money

Julie Astley on June 25, 2017.

Did you ever get the money back ? Iam going through the same thing and they won’t payout the. $1000 because I can’t get a photo of the debit card used at the time

Josh on December 15, 2016. Reply

I have been trying to withdraw $2000 for 2 months…. For the last 3 days they have told me give it 24 to 48 hour then 5-7 business days. I call today to see how its going and they tell me my account has been locked and I won’t be getting the withdrawn money.

Jack ( cyberkilla922) on October 22, 2016. Reply

All slots casino have provided me nothing with grief and disappointment since signing up with them roughly 1 and a half weeks ago, I tried to withdraw $3000 from my casino account of which I have been waiting over a week to arrive in my neteller account . Over the course of the week the casino asked that I verify my identification to which I sent them a photo of each identification type they required , after sending identification off I confirmed with all slots live chat consultant that my documents had been recieved , to which I was told yes they had recieved my photos and proof of identity and the documents were being reviewed , then my $3000 would be deposited into my neteller account (which they also made me verify ).
over a week from the original attempt at withdrawing my winnings I recieve a email today saying they had not received my verification of identification and have reversed my withdrawal transaction back into my casino account , infuriated by the sheer arrogance of these people I sent 3 more copies of identification back to them to which I have not received a response acknowledging they had received them or any updates on when my money which I won fair and square would be finally sent to me … I’m starting to believe this casino is a scam and have no intentions on playing fair when it comes time to pay withdrawals and they do nothing but lie and send u on goose chases while they figure out new ways of keeping your cash in there pockets and away from the punter . Very discussed , will happily update everyone when and of my withdrawal is ever received

sonya on October 25, 2016.

I have experienced the same Dramas with them too, I was asked to send in Utility Bills with my name on it, Ii was asked to send in a Bank Statement with a Stamp from the Bank, Photo ID and the list went on and on, so after sending it in for the 5th time in between i have spoken to 5 Different clowns and each had their own little story, Last one i spoke to sounded so convincing saying all Documents were recieved my winnings as been swifted into my account his exact words were please allow upto 7days excluding weekends, So i contacted them 2 days ago again to be told there was no conversation retrieved on live chat saying the money was swifted, i asked Alex to my suprise was the one who told me that the money was swifted to my account, i take pictures now off the chats we have and yet they deny the facts!! I told them this will get only worse for them as i will take it up to the media, Than the manager tries to tell you how and how not to rely on gambling money to pay bills blah blah!!

Gordie on October 14, 2016. Reply

Trying to cashout $1000 . To no surprise of mine I get an email stating there is a problem! Saying I have an outstanding reversal? All deposits have cleared my bank account !! Here we go again !!!!! All slots run around!!!

Gordie on September 14, 2016. Reply

I cashed out $1000 about a month ago got my money in 2 days! I thought this is a great site! Now I’m trying to cashout $1500 ! I’m getting the biggest run around ever. Request of license passport credit card pics . Bank statements. I’m not impressed anymore ! They take $$$ with no questions asked but when it’s time to give back they play games to try and get u to keep playing. They even put $800 of my winnings back in my account so I would lose it . I withdrew it right away again. I like playing all slots but if I don’t get my withdrawl asap I’m done .

leah on September 22, 2016.

Did you get your money yet?

Gordie on October 14, 2016.

Yes I finally did 10 days later and what a headache to get it!!!!!

Hollie on September 6, 2016. Reply

Has anyone successfully been able to withdraw their money?

Diane on July 6, 2016. Reply

I have been waiting 3 weeks for my withdrawal of $5000. They keep putting it back in my account and asking for different documentation. What can be done about this – I have spent way more than that and I didn’t need any documents to give them money. Everyday I hear from a different person and I have to repeat the same story over and over. Going to lose it soon.

Gordie on September 18, 2016.

Same thing is happening to me right now! Did you ever get your money? Live chat has told me twice all my documents have been received and are currently being reviewed! Then I get emails saying they didn’t recieve my documents and they put withdrawal back in gaming account 3 x now. So fed up with this site…bunch of scammers ! Just hoping I gamble my winnings away!

JZ11 on April 18, 2016. Reply

Won a bunch of money but took forever to get paid out. Required to provide a whole bunch of documents and finally I got the money over a month later after a ton of hassle.

Aaron on April 13, 2016. Reply

Won over $1,550 without the bounus, and withdrew that amount. Was contacted for documentation needed for the withdrawal verification process; took a week to verify everything. Then when finally verified they said they sent it on the 5, and takes 5 days after to reflect on my account, but on the 6 day after they sent it, there are no records for my banks end about any funds pending or on hold from them. Contacted them about it, but they keep insisting it was paid . So now I have to wait another 2 days for their financial team to figure out why it wasn’t sent.

dino on January 22, 2016. Reply

thxs all slots they payed me $5000 in 3 days job well done

Simona on January 8, 2016. Reply

Won 3000 got 2000 sent by cheque trying win more now

Matt on December 22, 2015. Reply

I can verify that their customer service is pathetic. They don’t care about the player. Even management takes up to two weeks to reply to an email. A reply that would take 2 mins to write. Their online live chat is pathetic and mostly automated.

Lorcan on September 22, 2015. Reply

I have been trying to withdraw for weeks now, they are not helpful at all, they pretend to be helpful but really it’s just excuses after excuses. Takes my money in 2 seconds but can’t let me withdraw.

dean on September 21, 2015. Reply

Hi i have been playing allslots casino for some time now i find it can be very long process to withdraw funds compared to other sites i have had over 50 withdraws and being a vip i would expect no delays sometimes they get it right other times it takes weeks to be payed time for me to move on

Beck on October 7, 2015.

So they actually did pay you your money I was starting to think it was a scam

William on August 11, 2015. Reply

Yeah mate had the same problem when it came to withdraw they keep asking for documents keep posting them but they keep putting it back into my account and being a gambler end up gambling 3600 back at 5 dallor a push highest free spin I got was 65 dallors all gone in 2 hrs

K on July 31, 2015. Reply

Been waiting weeks for my withdrawal. No one was telling me why it was getting bounced back. Finally *I* had to contact them (You’d think a site known for its customer service would tell you why they can’t pay you.) I was then told to submit certain documents to verify my identity. Which I did. I did not receive any kind of varification that my documents were accepted, or met their criteria. I attempted another withdrawal soon after my documents were sent. A week later, my withdrawal was sent back again. And again, no one bothered to contact me about it. Literally makes me think they are just stalling and hoping that I’m a gambling addict who will eventually get frustrated and just spend (lose) the money back to them. It always seems convenient to me that it’s so easy to get your money in and so hard to get it back out. Either way, once I get my money (I should probably say *if* at this point), I will not be playing here again.

Jack on July 11, 2015. Reply

Allslots have a higher than acceptible withdrawal fee for swift method withdrawals

TomBerg on July 10, 2015. Reply

Can´t complaint at all. I won almost 1k, managed to play through the deposit and the bonus and requested a withdrawal. I sent them the documents required ( I knew they would ask for them beforehand) and got my money 5 days later. I think the latter could have been quicker as I used an instant payment method.

Tommy gunnz on June 13, 2015. Reply

Sent all my documents and they kept asking for smaller files etc!! So sent them smaller files and guess what the need more documents I was owed $800 put it through for withdrawal and they kept putting it back in my account? So decided to spend it all and deleted my account!!!

Ash on July 5, 2015.

Hey, I read yours and some of the other player’s emails about difficulties with withdrawls.

U have done us a huge favor by saving us from this site! I was about to sign up then decided against it!
Thank you.
Hope u are doing well at other such sites!

Elisha on June 11, 2015. Reply

2 weeks ago i had quiet a big win on allslots. To this day i still havent been paid out. I have sent my verification and identification 3 times to allslots and all i get is the same excuse backlog at processing. Im over the excuses. Time for some action to be taken.

Elizabeth on May 22, 2015. Reply

i had a wonderful experience at all slots! I signed up with 20 free spins, deposited 10 bucks and wAlked away with $600.00. No joke. The customer service was great and were very prompt and helpful with getting my doccuments in order to withdraw my winnings! I reccomend this site to anyone!!

Jack on February 24, 2015. Reply

After depositing and playing here quite often recently I feel thatt getting any amount of play worthy of the number of deposits made has not happened. I have just removed the software due to lack of play for the deposits I have made which total over 25 within the last month so I can honestly say that I have given them a fair go. I played here at Allslots years ago and received some decent play per deposit but that was then. I am sorry to say that it does not bear any resemblance to that same casino. Too bad….

Shona Bennett on January 7, 2015. Reply

Allslots neglects to tell you that’s bonus’s are not free you actually have to wager a $$$ amount first- example my loyalty points were topped up and redeemed aswell as weekly free spins as I am a VIP gold tier and my account has been active for 3 years! This resulted in me receiving $14 from loyalty points. I then proceeded to play and win $2900 But .. When I went to withdraw my win allslots tell me that I have a $3200 wager to meet before I can collect any winnings!! Don’t be fooled by their “free bonus” or “Redeem loyalty points” as it is Not free at all. Aswell as your welcome freebies etc you still have to wager threw a certain amount.

Ernesto Tejero on January 8, 2015.

“neglects to tell you”? What about the T&Cs you´re supposed to read before signing up? One click away from the homepage you find the T&Cs page. There it clearly tells you that there´s a playthrough requirement of 30 times. Like this rule or not, but it´s not hidden and it falls under your responsibility to read that. And no…I´m not working for Allslots.

Steven cox on December 31, 2014. Reply

I have sent allslots more than 30 – 40 emails all of which I have kept as they are sending me 5-10 emails a week this is only so annoying as its to my working email and clogs my work flow each time they say I have been taken off the mailing list but this is clearly a lie. Anyone any idea who I can complain to next to stop this

siloahclot on December 16, 2014. Reply

Busted through a small deposit here so i cant contribute to the withdarawl issues that lots of others mentioned but i did want to say that i had a fun (short) time playing here — whether that counts for anything ;)

Sonya on November 13, 2014. Reply

All slots is great, i’ve had afew wins here and there but for the past few weeks off soending around$300 is beyond a joke
I barely get any free spins from all my favourite games i always play and to spend that majority amount off money and not getting anything out off it is really dissspointing and i’m thinking off not coming back to all slots again.

what on December 13, 2014.

i never had a problem with payouts documents were not needed before. been awhile since i played there so went back to play there when some money 150 went to withdraw it waited for it for it to go into bank nothing so i asked them why well guess what suprise suprise documents needed now. i sent in a copy of my electric bill oh wasnt good enough to small. bullshit i could even see it. dont play there no more never will again

Jarrad on November 4, 2014. Reply

WARNING – before this company will pay up anything you will need to give them the following personal information, which I find intrusive and suspicious.
– All bank details- number, where account is held etc.
– Scan of passport/drivers license
– Address
– Phone number
– Email
– Scans of two recent utility bills
– Scan of BOTH sides of your credit card

Only if you are prepared to give up all of this personal info (including the security code of your credit card) would i play this game. I won $800, but was not prepared to give them all of this info so i never saw it. They played coy when i tried to retrieve winnings then started spam emailing me trying to get more unnecessary personal information out of me. They had no problem taking my money but need the back of my credit card to give any back? Dodgy

Barry on June 5, 2014. Reply

Allslots is the first and only online casino that I have used. I have been with them for just six weeks. After depositing a relatively small amount I had a win and sucessfully withdrew $200. A couple of weeks later I had another win of $1400 I then tried to withdraw $700 and was asked for verification. They did not accept a mobile phone bill, so I sent again. There has so far been no reply. My money has disappeared from the Banking section. No money has been deposited to my Neteller account. A shame as I was enjoying the play, but no use if they won't play fair. I no longer expect to get paid, but will now spend some time exposing them, reporting them, and warning others. If by chance they do pay up I will return to this forum and let you know.

rebecca on May 28, 2014. Reply

Waiting three weeks and my withdrawal has still not been released! Always an excuse first have to send in documents ok i faxed them in the number isnt connected, so i emailed them in made sure they opened it on the phone. Then it took another week of them 'prioritsing my request' for them to tell me my bank wont accept it! So i changed it to cheque and it still hasnt been approved. Probably will never get it seriously dont bother! I tried becayse of someone else played and took money out fine but it has been terrible for me.

Maria on May 24, 2014. Reply

Stay away from allslots casino! There are many other casinos, good and fair, I have never a problem previously..
I won about 3000 euros. I identif myself with a bill and license. I asked from customer chat and I was told the documents are ok and I am paid. Then, after a week I ask for my money, but my documents was just "disapear".. I send the documents again and again. Nobody answer an email and in chat "everything is fine". Well then there was "techinical problem" and Visa wouldn't accept the transfer. It's been a month and i'm still waiting!
I don't believe i will ever be paid.


Jack on April 15, 2014. Reply

My experience here has been less than good, Winning on any slots has been rare and never have I been able to withdraw any funds so it is much like trying to draw water from a dried up well. The online chat service is a joke e.g.. I tried to close this account through online chat a couple of days ago but was talked out of it by the online chat rep after much discussion. I told him I did not want any bonus (bribe) which he was offering (100% match on next deposit) but he did say he would give me an award of free spins at VIP level coinage to play after excusing himself for a few minutes under the guise of talking to his supervisor for permission to play the new Loose Cannons slot if I gave them a chance so I finally relented and agreed but after our discussion ended I never did get those phantom free spins as promised. Hmmm I thought "is this really surprising?" I decided it was just par for the course at this place but I did make some deposits after this and as usual lost in a quick fashion. So a short while ago I contacted online chat again to request closure again but this time no rep would respond….Is this really the place anyone would like to play?……..I think not if they had seen what I have seen and this is typical of a particular online casino giving the whole online gaming business a bad name. They do all honest casinos a disservice just by their existence.

Katrina on February 21, 2014. Reply

Allslots casino is really good at taking your money and also making sure you lose! You might win a bit but you will indeed lose a ton of money! They will ask for identification when you want to withdraw money and make you wait. I've been playing there for about 3 years and it's impossible to win any of the money you lose. I would not recommend this casino to anyone.

Ron Jones on December 15, 2013. Reply

As a first time online Gambler iI tried to do a bit of research to find a Good Casino to play. I ended up at All Slots, under the (Jackpot City) umbrella. It was real easy to open an account and put money in. No special documents to provide at all. After about 5 months and two or three small withdrawals I was asked to provide documentation to prove who I was. Now, this is not anything new for many Casino's as I found out. First of all, All Slots stated to me that all players will eventually be asked for documentation proof at some point in time. When I asked why, they could only refer to a section under the terms and conditions related to Fraud Prevention and prohibited use of funds. So aside from the fact that all players will eventually be denied a withdrawal under this seemingly arbitrary condition, be prepared for a possible nightmare of additional requests. We all live in the age of technology and I do not receive any "Hand Mailed" documents, but rather receive all of my bills and statements through legal electronic format. Oops, All Slots forgot to add under the Terms & Conditions that "all players will eventually be asked to provide documentation in an effort to delay payouts and inconvenience the players so they will hopefully just gamble the winnings away". When I sent my proof of identity by sending copies of by electronic bills addressed to me, it was not acceptable. Documents had to be "Hand Delivered Mail". Well I can tell you that this issue took me no less than 10 days to clear up and countless hours of bitching which I think only delayed the process more. In the end I found an insurance document that was Hand Mailed to me but warning to others that you may not be so lucky!

randy moldenhauer on November 12, 2013. Reply

been playing allslots for about 6 years now, spent about $45,000 give or take. had to give them my id way back when I first started , to get paid on a withdrawl. told this was a one time deal for my info- drivers, bill, ect. won $400 recently and withdrew funds, now being asked a second time for info and getting screwed around, they even tell me im a VIP and told me I only have to give them this info once, now this is the second time, and I gave them my drivers, and an ama bill which is given yearly just before expiration and they are telling me that it has to be a bill showing it is from not more than 3 months ago, as I live at my mothers and don't pay the utilities she does in her name and my cell phone is pay as you go and doesn't have a bill I guess im just another investor like the rest of you. BEWARE BEWARE BEWARE of this casino they used to treat all customers fairly well in the past, but in the last 2 years as a VIP I have been treated worst than when I first started with them. I just wished I would have realized this before investing $45,000 with them as I don't think they deserve a customer like this foresure. still waiting to be paid, about 8 days now. Totally finished with these guys and any affiliated casinos.Even tried to lie to me and tell me they sent the money and Visa wouldn't accept the transfer. upset enough to tell everyone on the internet such as casinomeister ect, to warn others. A VIP- what B.S.

danielle on February 1, 2013. Reply

Stay away from allslots casino!!! After a small win almost a month ago I'm yet to receive the cheque they told me I would be sent . Customer service were in no way surprised and if anything annoyed that I was persueing them. This was my first time using online slots and my last thanks to allslots. The good reviews I have read all seem to be novel length and well scripted rubbish. They should pay their customers and not these morons to right their reviews.

John Fraser on January 7, 2013. Reply

Absolute disgrace been trying to get money back from them for months keep asking for proof of identity even though I have sent everything they have asked by e mail and fax .they just keep saying they didn't get the proof sent

Bill on December 8, 2012. Reply

I'm giving up on this casino. I've made many deposits and it seems this casino's payback is very low. I don't expect to be a winner often, but It's always the same story there. Every deposit I've made and when I play their slots, it's lose, lose, lose …. Seems like about 10% payback for me.

murphytrap on November 16, 2012. Reply

to those who have gotten cheques mailed out, is there anything on the envelope indicating who it is from or that there is a cheque inside? I have a mass mail room for mail and don't want anyone tempted.

frank b on September 25, 2012. Reply

years ago i played there , found it pretty good won some money never had any issues, haven't played their in a while , have a feeling there feeling the pinch of the economy so winning probably aint so good their but you never know

Mr J on September 7, 2012. Reply

Unlike a previous post i'm not bias or here to discredit other reviews. *Update* Allslots has paid every cent they owed to me which i think in the end was about $15,000. I suggest if you open an account, send in your identification prior to playing so you dont run into problems down the track. I have never had payouts so high from any other casino and the strategy I use on slots suits me at this casino very well. I have now played at most casinos and this one seems to be the only one that's played fair at this point in time.

Dianne Gaudreau on August 25, 2012. Reply

I've been with this casino for 6 months now.I played at all the top rated online casinos out there prior to "ALLSLOTS" and was wondering how they rated so well because I had no good experience at all with any until I downloaded "ALLSLOTS CASINO". wich has top ratting and well deserved!! They go above and beyond in there customer service, Sam ( VIP customer service rep) offered detailled info to claim my winnings sooner then later… need to withraw your amount which is $4000 max weekly, He took the time to explain everything and said " send e-mail fax right away with driver's licence or pass port" and a updatted utility biil, then wait for your confirmation e-mail of receipts of documents", then call us back and ask us to flush your account emediately" this way your withraw will not have that 48 hour wait time". My account was flushed one hour after I contactted them about my winnings……I am a gambling nut and I Knew I might gamble it all, so I took his advice, which I'm sure most casinos would not have there client's best interest at heart…..this Sam also mention to be careful with the balance until I can withraw it the following week. This casino is aware of good customer service bring more business, I'm sure they do well because more people play there the more wins and I have won many times crazy amounts which I chose to cash out only once because I love there games, great graphic's and so that alone is more fun then the money win, your paying and if you lose it was worth playing, with such great games and graphics your mind is stimutatted, not like some casino cracker jack tacky games which you pay the same and you fill unsatisfied and jipped. I STRONGLY RECOMMEND ALLSLOTS CASINO !!! it's only common sense to read terms and conditions…if your too ignorant, you lose, be wise and inform yourself before you play..dont leap first then blame "ALLSLOTS" then say "OOPS"

I wantted to add that I must have spoken to a dozen reps from there customer service in 6 months and I always came out feelling that they took care of me !

Mr J on August 2, 2012. Reply

An Update… By some god damn miracle have won back upto $13,000 playin slots. They asked me to identif myself with a bill & license before they could pay me ( never a problem previously) I sent in the license and told them i dont get bills sent to the house so i'll have to wait to get one posted. The next day I get an email stating that they have not heard from me and therefore if I do not contact them (by the same day the email arrived) they would close my account. I was FURIOUS & I faxed them the bill that came in. I searched & searched until I found their phone number and rang them telling them how angry I was (I dont think he could understand me) The next day I get an email saying they received my documents and so far they handed over $4000 (the max u can withdraw) but god it took a long time! (They keep your cash as long as poss)

Mr j on July 19, 2012. Reply

I was on allslots for about a month and won $14,000 (I should have taken it cos as gamblers do we keep going) I think allslots is fair but….. They are designed to use gamblers weaknesses to their financial advantage, For instance 1) You can re-withdraw your winnings for upto 48 hours which entices you to keep playing as oppossed to locking the money away. 2) They have a $4000 a week withdrawal limit so the money stays in your account and you keep gambling. If this casino had no way of getting the money back once you hit withdraw i'd keep playing, but the way it's designed, people with a gambling mentality are gonna lose in the end.

Vladimir on June 4, 2012. Reply

I'm sure, it's a typical internet SCAM. I had opened account on A few days ago, I've got email, my cash funds were converted to any "bonus credits" usable in (because "regulatory change", but no details!). On my claim, that I want to withdraw my funds, they wrote me from, they'll pay me back nothing because they have the right to terminate my account immediately and without notice under the Term & Conditions.

So is it not a typical internet SCAM? Licenced by government of Curacao and IP registered on Isle of man (Spinspark Ltd)???

kelly on May 15, 2012. Reply

Beware of this casino if you want to take money out. They are very happy to let you deposit funds but when you try to make a withdrawl then look out they want ID which for some reason they will only except photo ID being a driving licence or passport. I do not drive or go on holiday abroad so have neither so explained this to them and sent them copys of my birth cert, Marriage cert, Letter from HMRC with my name and address on it a letter from my hospital and a water bill.
I use other casinos and they have all accepted this and the actually ask for them before I made a deposit not just when I have won some money. This is not good enough for ALLSLOTS casino as they will only except a driving licence or passport with my photo on as they are obviously going to come to my home to check the photo is correct. Very very poor and useless live chat as they are very unhelpfull and do not bother to email them as they do not even answer questions they just reply we need photo ID.
They want me to go and buy a driving licence for £50 that I cannot ever use just so they might then payout my winnings. I can get a driving licence using my birth cert and a household bill but this is not good enough for ALL SLOTS CASINO.
They say its for security but if thats the case then they should ask for photo ID before they let you deposit.


RobertK on April 4, 2012. Reply

All Slots Casino is one of the best casino sites I have visited. I have won over 40K on the site with no withdrawal problems. They also have an excellent responsible gambling system in place. If I had to rate them I would give them a 9.5/10.

dudeluv on December 14, 2011. Reply

used allslots a few years ago, but had a bad experience with customer service, hence topped using them, agree that you must stick with the more well known casinos, where you can be sure of a fair deal.. im still looking for a good blackjack strategy site… sorry to go of the subject of this topic

annaki on October 3, 2011. Reply

Do not use this casino! Despite appearing on many sites with favourable reviews this casino will not pay you! I joined up, made my opening deposit and played through my opening bonus. When i went to withdraw my winnings everything appeared to go smoothly… however after a couple of days I was concerned that i hadn't been contacted to verify my identity so i logged on and tried to use the live help desk….which didn't work. There is no live help! It's ridiculous. I was told via email that i'd have to wait for a cheque to be mailed to me as they couldn't deposit the money into my credit card. I asked where it was being mailed from and they couldn't tell me! I don't believe i will ever be paid. It's been a month and i'm still waiting!

All Slots Casino on October 3, 2011.

Hi Annaki – sorry you’re having difficulty with your cashin at the casino.
If you post your account number here or email it to me I can follow up on this with the Support team.

Thanks – Marcia

Manuela on June 18, 2011. Reply

Be very cautious with this casino I started taking legal action against them, their practices are unethical and unreal, I don´t know how they have gotten away with so much. Needless to say their excuses are unbelievable, every time someone wins its a joke you never get paid they lure you but they never intendo to pay. They post names of inner and its not true, they go as far as to pay students to say they have won huge jackpots. Since I started taking legal action against them I have found quite a few people who have been scammed and their support is non-existent!

Mandy on April 30, 2011. Reply

At first I thought they were for real being an attorney I have been very cautions and actually became their client won a couple of small prizes on slots and got paid. The problem came when I had hit a jackpot playing slots saw the the winning combination than I was blocked out. When I tried to log back in I received a message stating that I had been blocked by the casino, I contacted them via chat and was told I used a credit card that was not mine, mind you I have used 2 cards and n both cards the names match. This is months after they had requested my documents and I e-mailed it to them so they could transfer my 400.00 euro winnings to my bank account. I have been making deposits for months, and widrawing winnings and now (cleint for more than 6 months) they decide to ask for my docs again all because I had hit a jackpot and they didnt want to pay it! I was little skeptical at first when I saw the names of winners posted on the site, now I can see its just a scam. If there was ever any doubt they should have never allowed me to make all those deposits! Be very cautious with all alots casino because it's without a doubt a scam, Im taking legal action against them if you have been scammed report them, don't just let them take your money and get away with it!

RAYNE on October 19, 2010. Reply

I don't see how anyone can say anything nice about them, the slots are impossible to win at and they have taken away all the good slots and support is lazy, lousy, uncaring,and sorry.

jackpro on September 14, 2009. Reply

never play blackjack here. I have not played other games on this website, but with blackjack, I cannot trust them. I am a regular BJ player in Vegas, but the way their software works, I really doubt if cards come fair for players. I have tried playing the game here for long time, just to make sure abt my opinion, but I am confident, their software cheats. Try your good luck somewhere else.

jeff nesmith on April 27, 2009. Reply

all slots /jackpot factory is a great site . I have had no problems . they pay you quickly . and have great slots to play

Jenny on September 9, 2008. Reply

I played at all slots for two months I thought it was a really good site but when I won and recieved my check it bounced and Im still waiting for my money

edward smith on January 4, 2008. Reply

All Slots are simply the most SHOCKING casino I have ever had the mis fortune to sign up to. How any one can say how good their customer services department must be somehow associated with this company?

I am still waiting for my payout for over 6 weeks now and they have taken great joy in ensuring I have had a torrid time to somehow recover what is due.

A huge volume of emails have been sent with limited responses to the questions I have asked. Promises of payment have yet to be met and they had sent me from one department to another. I have been a victim of hardship from this delay in receiving my winnings and they have shown a complete lack of respect.

Their customer services team are,

Lack respect
Lack support
Offer no advice
Offer no guidance
Insure long delays are part of paying out winnings
Insure the customer receives little or no support
Take great delight in frustrating the customer.

If I could wish anything in this world then it would be for me to in the position buy this company outright, shut it down and manage it how it should be managed. I wish them nothing but hardship and distress, just like they have given me.


Kenneth on November 3, 2007. Reply

I have had a VERY difficult time getting my winnings from this casino. I had won $1200 and when I called to see when I was to receive the money I was told 20 days, after 20 days it was 20 business days, then 30 days that went to 30 business days. After 30 business days I demanded that they wire the funds to my account and was told that I would have to pay a cancellation fee of $45 and that the wire can take up to 20 business days. During that process the check arrived and I called to see what they wanted me to do with the check (send it back, destroy it whatever). After another 48 hour wait I was told that the wire was cancelled, so I asked if I can cash the check and was told that it was cancelled too and reissue the check would be another 30 business day wait. Customer service does not seem to really understand that they are disrupting my life and I have no proof that I will ever receive anything from them at all. Future players beware that they are quick to take your money, but when the time comes to collect from them they will run you in circles. All the while telling you that they are a respectable company.

Paul on October 5, 2006. Reply

Had a great time playing but I have not been able to collect my money. After three weeks, about 8 calls, and as many emails I get the constant run around with there customer service. I have to say I am a very unhappy customer. They keep telling me its in the hands of there finance dept. and they will call me back within 24hrs. ,which, I never even received a call.

Heidi on July 25, 2006. Reply

I am new to online casinos but have been to a few other’s. All Slots was the first I played at and the one I will stay at. Costomer support is fast and friendly. Very generous with bonuses too. Fun place!

coldwind on July 10, 2006. Reply

i like all slots but did have a promble with a cash-in i e-mailed them and they told me to wait 48 hours which i did and still nothing happened so i waited a lttle longer and nothing and i wanted to play and thought why put more money in so i had them put 25 back into my account which they did real fast but i waited and waited for the rest to be cash-in and nothing happened even when i e-mailed them still nothing so i palyed it all off which they did do that fast put the money back into my account about 2 weeks later i finlly got a e-mail from them stating we r ready to give u ur cash-in. but i had nothing left to be cashed-in. i really liked the fact that when i asked them they did put the money back into my account so i could play but would not have done that had they been faster with my cash-in. i do like all slots and i think its a great place to play but they could be faster with getting people thier money then they are

L.Sanchez on February 14, 2006. Reply

a very good customer service,I highly recommend this is at good level, connection is fast .

pam on December 28, 2005. Reply

Bonus was given very quickly did not git to play very long until money was gone,bad luck?

gabe on November 10, 2005. Reply

All slots casino is the greatest casino I have ever played at. The customer service is so friendly and they were so quick to answer my questions. I feel like my patronage is really appreciated. I recommend All Slots to anyone who wants to really enjoy online gambling.

S Gallin on July 20, 2005. Reply

The best casino I heve played at & I have tried a few, excellent sign up bonus fast payouts very generous casino.

jim berry on February 4, 2005. Reply

Great place to win or lose,everyonce in awhile find that they e-mail me with a bonus for nothing, great support, many bonus’s, quick responces, 1 out of 10 i give them a 10

gloria costo on December 22, 2004. Reply

I have been playing at all slots for couple of years. they are fantastic, quick payouts, quick support and friendly people. A lot of games. Many bonus’s. You have to try them promise you wont go anywhere else.

Southrn on March 29, 2004. Reply

Great place to play at and fast response with their customer support. Enjoy playing there all the time. Great Software also, love the new Viper


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