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Jacob Park on November 1, 2020. Reply

I would like to share my experience at allreels casino in hopes of saving players the grief and stress that comes with playing on that site. I have currently been try to make a withdrawal at allreels casino for the last 5 days and the cooperation I am receiving from them is about what you would expect from a toddler.

I’ll start with this fun fact about this fine establishment, I requested my withdrawal before I was verified and had to go through the verification process. Prior to verification I was able to make 3 withdrawal request each day, $500 per request totaling $1500 a day, after I was fully verified I received an email saying my withdrawal request was canceled and in order to make another withdrawal request I had to lower the amount to $250 per request totaling $750. No explanation as to why my limit was cut in half after I was verified, but that’s just the start of the nightmare.

I received an etransfer for $250 that was for some reason rejected by my bank, (once the security questions on an E-transfer are correctly answered at a financial institution it can’t be deposited anywhere else, only that institution, so if your bank won’t accept it then it’s no longer good to you), so I immediately contacted the financial department, I received no response. I continued to send emails informing them that the transfer did not work and asked to have the money added back to my account or send another etransfer, finally I received a reply telling me it can take 3 to 5 days to receive the money and to please be patient. So after explaining to them that the transfer was no good I am told to wait for it to be processed, this was day one, the same day I received it. Day 2 I continued to contact them explaining that the transfer didn’t work and asking them to help resolve this issue and send me my money, no reply all day. Day 3, exactly the same as day 1 and 2, no response so I contacted live chat who told me to wait for the payment to be processed, after I told them I already received it and it didn’t work, at this point I canceled the transfer and the money went back to them. Day 4, same as day 1,2 and 3 ,no reply from financial department, live chat telling me the payment is being processed, me telling them it can’t be cause I already received it , it didn’t work and it was cancelled, then they just started replying with automated messages telling me to contact the financial department. Every conversation I have had with live chat I have shown them the cancelled transfer , the emails showing the financial department was not replying and all live chat said was wait for the payment to be processed and If I have any questions about withdrawals to contact the financial department and they will answer my questions. Day 5 is where I’m at now and still no reply from financial department, live chat still telling me to wait for payment to be processed, me still telling them the payment wasn’t accepted by my bank and I had cancelled it.

So here I am 5 days in and I am being told that I have to wait for a payment to be processed that I already received, that didn’t work, that I canceled, that I told them over 100 times didn’t work and had been cancelled, and told to be patient. I informed them in an email immediately after the transfer was not accepted on the same day I received it and it’s been 5 days and not a single person has attempted to help me resolve this issue, they have been lieing to me for 5 days telling me my payment was being processed when I was fully aware that wasn’t possible.

One good thing I have to say about this casino is, although they are rude and not helpful in the slightest there live chat is 24/7, that’s the only good thing about

AllReels Casino logo AllReels Casino on November 2, 2020.

Dear jacob,
Thank you for sharing your experience on this site.

Live chat can help you with any questions about the casino except for information about withdrawal. All questions about withdrawal of funds you can at any time to e-mail
Only the financial department can answer your questions about the payment.
The Finance Department is responsible to all players. Working hours of the Finance Department are from 9.00 to 18.00 GMT+3, daily.
According to the rules of the project:
– Allreels has the right to determine its own payment and withdrawal terms and maximum and minimum withdrawal amount for each procedure, which may differ depending on the withdrawal method, account status and other possible factors affecting the withdrawal process.

Disbursement limits are set by the Finance Department based on the activity of your game account, and they can also be increased.

You were provided with information at all times by e-mail about the status of your withdrawal.
Since you specified the wrong account number when withdrawing funds, Financial Department tried to send money several times to the right address, but the bank canceled the transfer. The funds were returned to your game account and you unfortunately lost them.

We always welcome new players and fair play from their side.
All your questions about the casino have been solved.

Please, if you have any questions or difficulties, please contact Live Chat 24/7 or e-mail
We are always happy to help you.


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