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Kirsty on December 19, 2022. Reply

Signed up, deposited and no credited bonus spins as advertised but wasn’t too bothered. Went on to win on some live games totalling £500. Requested withdrawal. Asked for verification documents – fine. I uploaded all requested. 5 days later I’ve sent 11 documents in total due to some being rejected by their systems incorrectly (one time email said reason was ‘issue date missing on bank statement’ when it wasn’t missing at all. Once they FINALLY approved all documents given they then went on to ask for additional document for my phone bill – have again uploaded. 5 days down the line, still not verified despite numerous documents sent. Has been pending verification for ages. Chat are rude – asked if they would be able to nudge the verifications team to look at most recent uploaded documents as I had been waiting a long time and after an hour of waiting on live chat for a reply they said they couldn’t help and ended the chat!! I have screenshots of all of this.

So, still not verified and withdrawal still pending and can’t seem to get a reply from them.


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