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Cherry Carew on January 21, 2021. Reply

I play at a lot of casinos online, Bitzstarz is the best one all, the payout for me is the next day,
lots of free spins, But I just don’t like the wager so I don’t take any bones when I make my deposits. I did it once and got up to $3000 and they confiscated my funds because I bought spin over $5, so that was my fault. I will tell you it pissed me off really bad. this is the second time they did that, the first time I went to cash out and they confiscated my money trying to say I was playing on bones money but I wasn’t, so they gave it back to me after I got mad at them. that the only thing I don’t like about Bitstarz they are quick to take your money

SagarM on December 25, 2020. Reply

BitStarz is a good casino with a good payout rate and great customer service. They have good live tables and a good line up of games. I wish they had more Playtech provider games because if they did they would be the perfect casino in my opinion. They do give weekly rewards depending on play-through amount. The biggest issue I have with them is the comp rewards system they have. They give you automatic weekly spins depending on how much you played but it isn’t true when one of the reviews here stated that they give additional comp if asked. Most Casinos like or Leovegas generally give great comp points when asked as long as you are being reasonable. On those sites if you spend 500 or so you generally get around 50 dollars so with a 20x wagering on and no wagering on leovegas of around 25 dollars. Bitstarz is great if you have bitcoin to gamble and want a quick payout thats the main reason I was drawn to bitcoin but when i hit my personal daily deposit limit of 500-1000 dollars i expect some kind of additional comp as and Leovegas give you additional comp. The bonuses that they do give you have a very high wagering requirement. If you enjoy getting rewards from the casinos you play on there are better casinos to play on. since November I’ve deposited around 4000 dollars and even after that i have not received comp rewards from the casino. This is one of the main reasons I am considering switching back to Leovegas even though they have a slow cashout time.

Amber Arbeau on November 11, 2020. Reply

I have been playing for a while at Bitstarz. Normally I have no problems but the last month or so or when I am winning a bit on some games, especially Mega Moolah, I keep getting errors and then I have to log out and back in. This happens more than once in the same session. At times, it won’t allow me back in that game at all. What is up with that? This really is the only game i like to play in any casino I visit.

Cody on November 3, 2020. Reply

Started off winning a little bit, then lost quite a bit. They ended up giving me a Second Chance free spin bonus for my losses. Won about $10 off of it, the wager requirement was about $700 to be able to withdrawal the funds. When I cleared the wager requirement they informed me that there was a cap of $100 on “no deposit” bonuses. Which makes no sense because the only way you get the second chance free spins is if you lose what you had deposited. They took around $400 immediately out of my account and keep telling me it is a no deposit bonus. I will not be using them again. There are so many other legitimate gambling sites that honor there commitments to cash outs

Catraska on October 18, 2020. Reply

BitStarz Casino send me an e-mail containing this:

“Hi there, We like you. We really do. So much that we’ve added 20 Free Spins to your account, how many of your friends do that?
How to activate your Free Spins:….Enjoy! Bitstarz Team”

Then when i was in my “Bonus” section waiting for my 20 FS. There was no one, and then in the chat with them, they only say “Sorry, it was a mistake”.
How can i trust in a Casino if there are no capable to even control their e-mails.
A big waste of time, and a suspicious thing for me.

BitStarz Casino on October 27, 2020. Reply

Hi Catraska,

Thank you so much for reviewing us.

Now, we did have some issues with the system crediting free spins for players who weren’t technically eligible for them, and I’m sorry for that happening, but unfortunately, technical issues can happen in any company.

Furthermore, I see you signed up with us over 2 years ago and haven’t made any deposit yet, so you haven’t lost anything with us, as a matter of fact, you’ve gotten free spins for free previously and we never demanded any deposit from you.

So, sorry you got disappointed here, but we’re only human, just like you, and you haven’t lost a single cent.


Bryan. on September 10, 2020. Reply

I played with Bitstarz for couple of months. Lost $4202 in bitcoin. If you win, they hold the $. Claim you were paid by mistake. If you do play. Don’t use any bonus or free spins. They send bonuses even if you request them not to. Once you start playing. If you win. They only pay about $170 of any winnings.

BitStarz Casino on October 27, 2020. Reply

Hi Bryan,

Thank you for reviewing us.

Would be great if you could let me know what happened here because you can easily set your account not to receive bonuses, and we won’t give them to you.

Some bonuses come with a max cashout, but those are bonuses given without any demand for a deposit, in other words, free bonuses. All other bonuses and your own money you’re free to withdraw as much as you want from, without any restriction.

Happy to clear up any questions you might have 🙂


Martin on September 7, 2020. Reply

We have been playing here for 4 months now and can’t find anything unlikeable about Bitstars. Avoid bonuses. This eliminates the biggest problem, after which one has to fulfil these bonus conditions later.
Can’t say anything else but that the selection of games is more than satisfactory and the customer support is ok. Money gets paid quickly and without problems.You cannot expect more from an online casino.

BitStarz Casino on October 27, 2020. Reply

Hi Martin!

I appreciate the very kind words, and for taking time out of your presumably busy day to write and post them.

As you said, bonuses are not for everyone, hence we give people the options to claim or not to claim them, everyone’s different at the end of the day 🙂


Syed Hashmi on August 24, 2020. Reply

Hey All!

This review is 100% based on my experience. I have been doing online gambling far enough to be called BigDog. I tried few sites before settling for one casino which is also reputable,licensed and provides instant cash out. I have been with them for approximately 4 years as a VIP. Just over a month ago I decided to give it a try at Bitstarz and I am telling you best of the best experience over all. I was able to reach VIP level in a month time ( ofcourse not that easy lol ). The perks and bonuses are amazing and astonishing. Just for example my birthday just passed on August 22nd and I emailed jokingly to my VIP account manager asking him where is my Birthday present and it was a joke on my end next thing I know after waking up I logged in to play there were 2 bonuses 1. $300 & 2. $100 and also I won some money in tournament $89 & $28 deposited already and also to mention 200 spins with $0.50 bet p/s. ( Thanks OLLE ).

I have never experienced such generosity and courtesy despite spending a much lot more at my other casino where I am also a VIP. Forget about a bonus not a single Bday wish. Apart from that I have had some big wins here and feel like the slots and tables are not tight as others and very often hit something nice which ofcourse I give it back while trying to hit even bigger lol.

I will definetely suggest and advise if any one wants to gamble and gamble responsibly Bitstarz is the place.

I can say on oath I am not affiliated nor been asked by anyone from Bitstarz but I feel so humbled by their gesture that couldn’t avoid sharing my personal experince in 2nd ever review for any product, merchant or any sites.

BitStarz Casino on October 27, 2020. Reply

Hi Syed!

Wow, not always I get a shout out in a review, thanks so much for that! 🙂

We try to be as fair as we can, and if you play like a VIP, you get rewarded like one.

Thank you so much, very humbled by the kind review and just wanted to let you know that if you need anything, you always know where to find me 🙂


JasonS on August 4, 2020. Reply

So far the best casino I played at. I needed support once and thought the worst when my deposit didn´t come through. But it turned out to be my bank’s fault. It is a website with some weird licence somewhere in the Caribbean which worst case might be bad news. But been playing for 2 months or so and so far so good.

BitStarz Casino on October 27, 2020. Reply

Hi Jason,

Thank you so much for your review.

So, the reason we use a Curacao license is that they’re allowing us to use crypto without any restrictions, which is why we’ve gone down that route. I think when it comes to that license, it’s only as good as the practices of the casino who has it.

I’d like to think that BitStarz lives on its good reputation, and although it’s hard to make everyone happy, we’re doing our best 🙂


nonameneeded on July 22, 2020. Reply

After thorough research to find out if bitstarz casino is legit and fair, I signed up and played for a while with the no deposit bonus and later for real money.
I had to learn that I am not allowed to withdraw winnings just like that. I must have wagered X times (40 or so) before I could think of cashing out. But that was not all. I am not allowed to bet amounts higher than $5 with bonus money and not all games count the same when it comes to meeting the wager requirements.
Needles to say that I did not make it. But Bitstarz was kind enough to point this out to me and simply refunded my deposit. From what I have read, at many other casinos the money is completely gone or your account deleted. Nevertheless, my winnings and my euphoria are gone.
Bitstarz Casino may be legit and all but they are no different with their terms and conditions than any other online casino. I think that Bitstarz also counts on players not reading the T&Cs before they play. It was fun anyway and customer service was friendly and helpful.

BitStarz Casino on October 27, 2020. Reply

Hi there,

I’m so sorry to hear this.

But it’s important that when you play casino online, most bonuses come with a wagering requirement, and I’d like to emphasize that it’s not just BitStarz :/ so it’s important that if you don’t want to commit to that, it’s best to stay away from the bonuses.


Sammy on July 9, 2020. Reply

I used the 25 free spins as a no deposit bonus at BitStarz Casino and they did not bring me anything. But since there was no real money in the game, I didn´t care. When playing for real money I had more luck and it all worked out and also got the payout quickly. What was annoying though was that I couldn’t play all the games. Supposedly because I live in Australia.

BitStarz Casino on October 27, 2020. Reply

Hi Sammy!

Congratulations on the win first of all 🙂

Yeah, if we were in charge we’d allow players to play all games from any country in the world, but unfortunately, it’s up to the game developer what geo-locations they allow 🙁

I hope that despite not finding all your favorites, you found some that you like 🙂 also, if you need help finding an equivalent of one of your favorites, let us know and we might be able to help you look 🙂


Gerard on July 1, 2020. Reply

Tried Bitstarz after reading so many good things on the internet. I wouldn’t say it was 100% up to the hype, but even though I lost money, I didn’t feel stupid and cheated afterwards. This happened to me quite often when I put money in and was gone in the blink of an eye without knowing what just happened.
This one was fun, although luck was not on my side this time.

BitStarz Casino on October 27, 2020. Reply

Hi Gerard,

I’m so sorry to hear luck wasn’t on your side, but I appreciate your understanding that we as a casino have no control over the outcome.

There’s a big misconception out there that we can control the games and the payouts, but we can in all fairness not take responsibility for losses, and very importantly, we cannot take credit for someone winning big. Neither are things we can do anything about.

That doesn’t mean we can’t be happy for someone when they win or be sympathetic when they’re not as lucky, and I appreciate you giving us a nuanced review despite luck not being on your side.

I wish you a great day and best of luck wherever you choose to play 🙂


jackie O on June 9, 2020. Reply

World class casino with some world class wins for me this year. $2400 and 4250 were my best wins at bitstarz. Design wise quite ordinary but they pay out on the big games.

BitStarz Casino on October 27, 2020. Reply

Hi Jackie!

I’m happy to hear luck has been on your side at BitStarz 🙂

If you have any suggestions as to how we can improve the look of the site to suit you better, I’m all ears 🙂


LeDude on June 2, 2020. Reply

I live in Canada and after a long time of trying around I finally found a casino that I always like to go back to. Super support and an unbelievable amount of games. The fact that it is “only” licensed in Curacao doesn’t bother me at all, because the rest is as it should always be.

BitStarz Casino on October 27, 2020. Reply

Hi Ledude,

Man, I love our friends in Canada 🙂

As for the license, the only reason we have it is that there are no issues with cryptocurrencies which is a big part of our identity and business.

I think what matters is how you act as a casino, rather than which license you have. Sure, some might argue that some licenses carry more status, but I’d like to argue is that what matters is how you operate as a company, regardless of what a piece of paper says.

I wish you all the best of luck going forward and stay safe out there 🙂


garçondp on April 19, 2020. Reply

I play with this casino for more then 6 months and never have problems. The big plus is cyber currencies but you can also pay with other payments like with other casinos. They pay out fast and have a lot of games from many game companys. Normally I don´t like casinos from curacao because I don´t trust them but Bitstarz is really ok.

BitStarz Casino on October 27, 2020. Reply

Hi there!

Thank you so much for the kind review 🙂

I’m really happy to hear that you gave us a shot even though you had some not so great experience with curacao licensed casinos in the past. So thank you for giving us the benefit of the doubt!

I wish you all the best of luck here at BitStarz 🙂


Tommyb on April 15, 2020. Reply

Really happy with this one. I´m primarily a slots guy which is exactly why I chose Bitstars. Also, the payout speed is like it should be. No runarounds like at other online casinos.

BitStarz Casino on October 27, 2020. Reply

Hi Tommy!

Thank you kindly for the nice words 🙂

Fast payouts is something we take big pride in. We see no reason to try to prevent you from getting your legitimate winnings. You trust us with your deposits, so we honor that by making sure you get your money out as soon as possible too 🙂

I wish you a great day ahead and thank you once more for giving us such a nice review.



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