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Robert Simon on November 4, 2017. Reply

I made a $50 deposit here with free spins daily I managed to play two sessions and received an email wanting papers.I did not make any attempts to withdraw money.They gave me 7 days to comply or they will close my account. For no reason they did this I refused to send them anything and I know it was just a attempt to make sure They had my money and now they discourage me by wanting papers.They are not a honest casino and if you don’t want to throw away your money stay far away from this casino.I have been playing for more than 10 years in different casinos and this is the first time My personal information has been asked for unless I tried to make a withdrawl.I did not win anything and was just having fun playing my free spins then they want papers.Never again and I contacted my CC holder to disput false charges as this casino did not honer there bonus

Daniel on November 12, 2015. Reply

I’ve tried a few online casinos and play the slots, black jack and roulette.
Generally I lose as I believe anyone who gambles inevitably does.
I tried because they were giving large bonus cash on deposits.
I deposited $250 and got another $400 bonus cash.
I only gamble 25-50cents max a press on slots and lost $650 in only a few hours of playing. Maybe got 3 bonus spins but never won anymore than a few bucks.
Made 2 more deposits of $150 and again maybe got 3 more free game spins.
Seems like you get a free game round every $100 or so which pays back maybe $10 tops.
Do not play as there games have a lower pay rate than others I’ve played even though they swear they don’t.

dope on October 8, 2015. Reply

I was playing on a slot machine and the bonus occurs, but the game kept loading. WHile my connection is always stable. After contacting the support, they didnt have any solution. The only thing they could offer is 10 euro in my account. This is not a proper compostaion for a bonus game at 1.25 bet. I’ve played quit a lot here in lost around 6000 euro’s.

Baz11nga on March 27, 2015. Reply

I deposited £10 and accepted the bonus they offered me, I played the slots and came up to around £200 but as i had accepted the bonus i had to continue to play until i had wagered the bonus 40 times. which i eventually did and had around £90 left. I decided to withdraw my winnings but got a small print stating that i only could take out £80. Fine! no problem! Two days later i get an email saying that i broke their terms and conditions as i put 2 large bets, thus all my winnings will be lost but i can withdraw my £10 if i send my ID. I am just glad that i did not waste more money or time on this scam site and i Urge everyone to stay far away from them.

blondeprice on March 17, 2015. Reply

Unhappy with the service from We got the free welcome bonus of £20 and played through the £600 minimum bet requirements with it. When we tried to withdraw the maximum £100 we got the impression they were looking for any possible reason to decline it. They found a loophole in the way the Ts and Cs were written and that was it; ‘sorry can’t help you’.

I don’t trust them and shall not be using them every again in the future; I shall be warning all my friends and relatives.

George on November 21, 2014. Reply

Casino had a technical fault. which meant when the dealer busted i got paid out as “push” so i only got my stake back. Also several hands i hit BJ and only got paid back my stake.

Complaint made to customer service. 3 days no reply. Got them on live chat for the umpteenth time only for them to say, “i am speaking to IT please wait” 1 hour later they are still waiting on IT.

The game wasn’t stopped it is still available to play and its broken. I have screen shots of the hands they didnt pay correctly.

No refund has been offered by them.

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